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megaslayer321a 11-11-2012 08:05 PM

help me with my roles
Hi guys I'm looking for some advice to generally make my self better at the roles i do play I don't really play ranked but am looking to get into it soon probably when S3 starts my two most used roles are either Solo Top or Support.

So apart from buying wards, keeping my teammate alive and trying to poke when ever i can how can I over all improve my game play.

Ty for all help any one may give in advance.

Cheunger 11-11-2012 08:44 PM

I can relate to you because the two roles I'm most comfortable playing are solo top and support. I'm fairly new to LoL as i only started playing earlier this year, but my advice for support role like you said is to keep your lane partner alive and ward like crazy.
When I play support I ward throughout the whole game especially in the high traffic areas (baron, dragon, middle river, etc.) In team fights i usually focus on their squishy or low health champions (ADC, perhaps support or AP mid) or their champion that has the highest damage output.
Solo top I usually play defensively by staying close to the turret and not being too aggressive. I usually only engage if they turret dive me and then I can usually get a 1 for 1 trade or even sometimes a kill and no death or a double kill if im lucky. I think the main thing for the solo top is to sustain your lane and allow your jungle to gank at appropriate times and if you win your lane then you can start roaming around and help your other lanes and snowball from there.
Hopefully i've helped a bit even though i'm not the most experienced player but like you i'm still trying to learn the game and figure out what im best at and what i can get better at.

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