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Bjornsyde 11-11-2012 11:19 AM

Wildfire Support!
I've recently started getting into the support role and have picked up leona, nunu, soraka, taric and now zyra. i can obviously find some amazing in-depth guides on all of them except zyra. this is where you guys come in. i've been contemplating 2 different ways to build and rune her.

A) support carry
mag pen reds, armor yellows, mr per lvl blues and ap quints.
with a 9/3/18 mastery set up and of course with a more aggressive/ap build.

B) support
armor reds and yellows, mr per lvl blues and gold quints.
with a 1/8/21 mastery set up and a straight support build with cd red/aura items.

if anyone can direct me to a streamer/video/guide or help me with some solid "i play zyra support in high elo" knowledge on runes, masteries and build that would be awesome. thanks!

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