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VilheimOfTorm 11-10-2012 04:48 PM

One thing I cannot stand on new TT
That bush right above the bottom lane turrets. It allows you to be ganked easily and non stop, and there is no risk in trying it.

I played against a Rengar, Garen, Jarvan and it was simply ridiculous.

They would all 3 jump in from that bush with speed boost, rengar passive, and Jarvan pull then kill one or both of us, take 2 or 3 turret hits, and get out.

I can not think of any way to counter this except for wards. Also you can say "build armor" but here is the funny part. They did it at level 3/4/5.

That bush allows far too easy access to champions under that tower with no risk involved at all due to turrets losing sight once you run back in.

The enemy team literally sat in bushes waiting for us to pass our turret, we could try to gank them but due to them being in bushes they got sight and could strike first.

In my opinion remove the bush, or just remove that access point. At least in the old TT you had to run between the first and second turret to get to the champion, alienating yourself from your team, or taking a few turret hits to hit someone under the turret.

Has anyone else had this issue? or found out how to counter it? Also I was not playing a squishy character, I was Yorick, and they still managed to kill me and my clone under turret and get out at about half life.

Zerglinator 11-10-2012 05:39 PM

Use Grez's on it. Or Sweeper.

VilheimOfTorm 11-10-2012 06:45 PM

I would be fine with that if i could get Grez or Sweeper by level 3. Them being in that bush effectively gave us only 1 minion camp to farm safely.

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