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Lyfi 11-09-2012 04:47 PM

Feedback, as requested
Hello all, this is probably my first post in this part of the forums but the changes to the map have given me a reason to get active.

I started playing about the time Morde came out and remember playing the beta version of Twisted Treeline with the different brush. While playing, I kept coming back to Twisted Treeline while everyone else hated it.

Please note that I'm not claiming to be professional, not at all! I freely admit I am bad at this game but love playing with friends and seeing how to play champions. A few months ago, I taught two friends how to play on Twisted Treeline and they hit level thirty on that map alone. Needless to say, we have put our time in and knew the old map well.

This new map, however, claims to be Twisted Treeline. While I am not sure it is to twisted, it certainly feels like the old map. Note, 'feels' does not equal 'same'. Skirmishes, a smaller map and a more frantic pace is what I got from Twisted Treeline and that has carried over to the new map. However, it is in beta and has room to get better.

Some of the changes that are going to happen sound as if they are going to be fixing some of the minor issues the new map has, such as altars forcing fights a bit too early. Jungles changes sound great and may I say the non randomized jungle camps are a blessing! Items may not be quite there yet but the upcoming mass item overhaul should get that in place. Personally, I'm happy with the speed shrine being removed and some new... thing taking it's spot. Something else in the jungle maybe? Sure, sounds great!

There are a few things that I do miss from the old map however, but maybe they are bittersweet memories that might linger just to show how different this face of Twisted Treeline is. The upper jungle in the past map was something of a pulse pounding nightmare if left unwarded, open to be invaded and allowing for insane plays of juking and escaping. Is that a strength or weakness that is it gone? Not sure to be honest but that is one of the things I do miss, the unknown in an area such as that.

This map may be different but is of the same stock as the older map, directly related and it shows. With the speed shrine being removed, I am confidant that the current Twisted Treeline will grow to a more balanced version of what we all played on for so long. Will it equal up to our memories of triple Smite teams that grabbed red buff at level one? Or fighting the heal/poke team of Janna, Soraka and Ezreal? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how much feedback we give to allow Riot to tune the map better to create something that will withstand the test of time.

I can safely say that for me and my friends, this new map is a success and I am willing to give feedback and test. Thus far, it has been great and even if some of the changes repulse me, I will test them to give a honest impression and I urge everyone else to keep an open mind and try to help shape the map into what potential is has. Will everyone enjoy it? Nope, and that is the way of things. Know that Riot cannot make everyone happy but just keep giving honest impressions that may have some worth. Let Riot know that Teemo is haunting our every waking moment and it holding our dreams hostage. It is up to them to figure out what to do with it. Take care out there and I hope to see many more new faces on the Twisted Treeline!

Snoop Nome 11-09-2012 05:03 PM

I'm glad you're giving it a chance!

A lot of the points you've brought up are echoed by the hardcore old TT community, and we're going to try our best to address them. The goal right now is to spit out fast iterations from patch to patch, so things can change quite drastically very quickly. The experience you're getting right now may not be the same you get after 1.71, and when you come back a month later, it'll be a difference experience again.

Lyfi 11-09-2012 06:16 PM

Thanks for the reply! And the constant vigilance on these forums! It means something to have someone try and explain thoughts and how they got to where we are now.

My thought is since the remake, it is something new and different. Chasing after what some are asking for is a fool's errand, as blunt as that is. With a new layout, altar's, and no wards, this is a monster all it's own. By all means, keep making changes both big and small! We will test them with glee!

Don't get me wrong, I am very much in favor of this Twisted Treeline! But understand those who do not and trying to see thing their way is something I too get. The changes look to make a better experience and that is what we are all after, a game that if one loses, they can be content that did good. Not their best maybe, but had a back and forth match with tension the whole way.

As long as this Field of Justice is in flux, my group of friends will get a few matches a night and talk over out thoughts. Those, I will mull over and relate here. It is interesting to be a part of beta again and this time, I have others that enjoy the map with me! Teams and items, all these will not be set in stone for some time and that excites me! That feeling of the unknown, before the professional scene and third party websites, it calls out! To stumble out blind and learn slowly, to shed what used to be common knowledge? Please! Sign me up!

I have loyalty to fun. Not a single map nor champion but a good time. As long as that is delivered, I will keep playing

BooJuicyJuice 11-10-2012 08:36 AM

It feels like pushing the lanes aggressively and forcing fights at caps are the way to go. I love how the pace is so fast and action-packed. This new change (to me anyways) is a vast improvement over the 'passively lane/focus cs' style of old Turtle Tree Line. Change is good!

cobonthecorn 11-10-2012 09:42 AM

Without the complexity of the old jungle and buffs (minus rng camps of course) this new map wont realy be the same. I also love how half of the community feedback is selectively ignored to avoid talking about having both maps, in favor of comments on how Shadow Isle is so much better than Twisted Treeline, and as such, there is NO room for both maps.


Lyfi 11-10-2012 12:08 PM


Without the complexity of the old jungle and buffs (minus rng camps of course) this new map wont realy be the same. I also love how half of the community feedback is selectively ignored to avoid talking about having both maps, in favor of comments on how Shadow Isle is so much better than Twisted Treeline, and as such, there is NO room for both maps.
The issue being some do not like the new map and refuse to see what it could become with work and feedback. Riot has shown that they are willing to listen to a point. That is the key, if something is demanded that is pretty obvious it is not going to happen, it will not! If a map is replaced, then that shows the older one was not fit nor salvageable. Is there room for two threes maps? Riot does not think so and I may agree. Issues being there is too much crossover, they are too similar in how they play and the pacing. If both populations dip, is Riot going to pull support from both maps then?

I do agree on some of the jungle being taken out reduced some of that unique tension but again, feedback will help sculpt the map into what all of us should agree is not terrible. Also, keep in mind subjective and objective ways to looking at things!

davidmcdavid 11-10-2012 01:42 PM

Good points, adding two more camps top, one on each side of Vilemaw, would do alot to making jungling on the new map a more fun experience, also give some reason to go up there at all.

PurpleURP 11-10-2012 01:47 PM

would adding more jungle camps to the top jungle be possible nome? I think it would be a great idea, possibly some buffs. This would make top jungle a place to go again as right now the only reason to go there is to escape or attack vilemaw, which is a mid to late game endeavor. This would also allow you to decrease the respawn timers on the mid camps making for even more gank/roam potential for dedicated junglers

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