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SawySavvy 11-09-2012 04:17 AM

[Video] Janna hints/tricks and tips.
Now that the season is almost over - i feel it's time for a lil update towards my Janna spotlight. It's my simple guess that the new patch will introduce quite many ''new'' Janna players due to the new skin and i think its welcoming news.
I do however think that those ''new'' Janna players should be prepared and not jump into a new role with a new champs without any basic knowledge.

So i went and made a Champion Spotlight for Janna that i strongly think would help those who are willing to learn. I did however feel that quite many things in the video got forced to be left out due to time limit.
That's why i now have made a ''part 2'' for that spotlight. Basicly it's a video where i just display a few pointers and helpfull advices etc towards Janna and supporting overall at bot lane. (And i avoided using a TTS this time...Seing that some of you did not approve of it last time).
It's hope the video will be helpfull to atleast someone out there :) And i hope you can enjoy it.

Best seen in 1080p HD, fullscreen.
The video link: Janna hint/tricks

And for those who are interested in the champion spotlight that i made:
Link: Champion Spotlight: Janna, The Storms Fury

I have also made other LoL related vids such as music videos and covers. Feel free to check out my chanel if you're interested! My Youtube Chanel

Bladesingr 11-10-2012 08:27 AM

Bump! Really enjoyed this video! xD

SawySavvy 11-14-2012 01:13 PM


ryzeonline 11-15-2012 12:35 AM

I'm "ryzeonline" on youtube, and I just commented.

Really well done video man. You really nailed the details that set a great player apart from a good one, and I love your positive attitude.

Thanks for sharing, and keep ryzin'!

SawySavvy 11-16-2012 06:43 AM


Originally Posted by SpiritSentient (Hozzászólás 31438477)
I'm "ryzeonline" on youtube, and I just commented.

Really well done video man. You really nailed the details that set a great player apart from a good one, and I love your positive attitude.

Thanks for sharing, and keep ryzin'!

Thanks for the kind feedback.
I think it's in the ''true'' supprot players nature to actually have a mindset that is calm and respectull - and thus positive.
I do my best to follow my own hints ^_^

Abeem 11-16-2012 08:49 AM

Makes me wanna play Janna again. I haven't in a while. LOVE the Janna Hints/Tricks video.

Qsario 11-16-2012 12:19 PM

More hints from someone who has played many hundreds of games with Janna:

If you want to ward the bushes bot lane and suspect an ambush, try dropping a tornado behind yourself before you go near them. Many, many times I've gone to ward that first bush and been jumped by both enemies, only to have a fully-charged tornado come from behind and save me. This sort of zoning works any time you have to go into a dangerous area and works really well when your tornado is likely off-screen for the opponents.

When fleeing through the jungle and they're far enough behind you, you can take advantage of it and let the tornado charge a bit. Especially if you aim it forward, along the path you will take, so they have nowhere to dodge. I remember a Gragas who was using his body slam to run after me. He finally landed it and stunned me... only to get hit by a fully-charged tornado from behind that let me beat him to the turret.

Personally, I consider the tornado Janna's best defensive tool (zone control / protection) and the shield an offensive tool (NEVER forget the +AD steroid, especially when your ADC is attacking a turret).

Also, your shield can be used on Ez AFTER he ults and it still applies the extra damage and gives you an assist. You can also shield turrets if they're going to kill a diver (and give the turret extra damage...)

And you have a ton of CC to punish turret divers, especially if you can use your ult to pin them to the wall, shield self, slow them, tornado them and maybe even drop an exhaust for good measure. I've had double-kills against foolish divers.

Qsario 11-17-2012 12:12 PM

Oh yeah, about dragon: Remember that your shield gives +AD, so giving it to the ADC will also help speed the kill (assuming that doesn't leave you dead if you're tanking). I personally try to think of shield as an offensive tool that goes on whoever is engaging the enemy. At max ranks, you're giving away a BF Sword with that shield, so it's not something to forget about ever.

Your shield reflexes are good. Caitlin is another good one to block because her harass is telegraphed so nicely. Not to mention the Ez ult, where you always want to either shield your Ez, or shield whoever gets hit by Ez. Don't forget that you can set up custom keybindings to help shield. I have S bound to shield self (I think it's marked as "use skill 3 on self" or something) and target champions 1-4 as ZXCV, so E+Z will shield the first ally, etc. Very useful in lane so that I'm always ready to drop a clutch shield. Being able to hold down S to get up that shield ASAP has also saved my own life on more than one occasion.

SawySavvy 11-19-2012 10:21 AM


Sereg Anfaug 11-19-2012 10:55 AM

*wonders how it might be that gold ranked players would somehow be unable to learn a new champion, even in the already unlikely situation that they haven't played her before*

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