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Hitmanb0b 11-08-2012 12:34 PM

Votekick During Champion Selection
I believe we need a votekick option during champion selection. During my last matchup, in the first go around, someone had chosen corki, he didn't call adc or anything but he's corki so he shouldnt have to. He had chosen and been chosen for like 20-25 seconds. Plenty of time for it to be a done deal. Unfortuantly iklee had a different idea. He picked an adc, called adc, and then locked in in the space of about 4 seconds. Somehow he thought this was alright and that he should be the adc. Needless to say Corki left and got shafted with a lockout of queue.

The next go around I got teamed with iklee again. I clearly called top and picked Teemo. After about 5 seconds, iklee called top, picked riven, and locked in. see a pattern here? I wasn't about to leave and get shafted with a lockout so i stayed and got my butt handed to me because she then completely screwed up top lane with two of us there. (we didnt have a jungle otherwise i would have just gone support bot). We ended up winning but only because it one of them left and they got a 3-1 surrender vote.

tl:dr We need a votekick option for idiots trolling in champion selection. Maybe make it 3 votes to kick someone that way a majority has to agree and it wont be abused. Also the person that got votekicked should get the same punishment as someone who leaves during champion selection.

Atomic Shaman 11-09-2012 02:06 PM


Needed this for a long time. People leaving the queue, getting punished for dodging all because some jerk who starts some junk in the lobby. This is a team game after all; when someone looks like he/she isn't going be a team player right from the jump, the team needs a mechanism to remedy that.

Even if it takes 4 votes to kick and we have to go to the end of the line. At least we won't have a horrible experience dealing with a jerk that'll probably end up in the Tribunal system after the game anyway.

People who find themselves kicked over and over might start to think about the choices or statements they make, and that is good for the whole community.

Kug 11-09-2012 07:43 PM

This is a very important quality of life issue that should be implemented.

As I sit here waiting out my punishment for leaving a game with an obvious troll.

CasieMarie 11-10-2012 05:35 AM

Love it! The only problem with the vote kick system would be this - me and my friend (or friends) decide to troll in a game. We are on our scrub accounts so we don't care that we have 400 elo (or its not a ranked game) and really don't care what happens in the game. How many people would you need to vote them off?

I would suggest that you need more than 50% of all players that are not in queue with the individual who is getting kicked needs to vote the person off the island so to speak. I would also suggest that the result goes to the tribunal. Its had a lot of success with other types of incidences. If someone calls for a vote kick, people have 20-30 seconds AFTER champion select is completed (to prevent people from using it as a tool to get more time) to vote kick or play.

The results then could go to the tribunal like this:

A log, including all of the chat (with time stamps), along with the order (again with time stamps) of the champion selections is sent to the tribunal. You can - if the vote was successful - vote to punish or pardon the supposed troll. In the alternative - if the vote was not successful - you can vote to punish or pardon the person who called for the vote kick.

Furthermore, this information should be carried over into any other reports for that game (assuming the kick vote fails)

people should be harshly punished for abusing the kick vote option without a good reason - i.e. they don't want to play against x champ so lets just vote kick one of our guys and dodge queue without reason.

What, pray tell, do you guys think?


iKayEssBro 11-12-2012 01:32 PM

The only way I could see this working is if the player being kicked doesn't receive a time penalty. Too many ways to abuse this system to be too harsh on the player being kicked.

Sending every vote kick to the tribunal might flood things a bit, so I'd propose only sending a player to the tribunal one they have x amount of kicks. That way there's justification.

Xillius 11-13-2012 09:00 AM

yes punish the person you do not believe in. you have never played with them in your life and he obviously deserves to be punished because you do not think he will live up to your expectations.

NO! This is a terrible idea.

poipo32 11-13-2012 02:43 PM

Im tired of seeing someone take someone else's pick such as ADC when the other is already locked in something has to be done to permit queue dodging without consequences. One game 4 of us were arguing as to who would queue dodge the ADC Heimerdinger... I ended up not playing for 30 minutes because of that, then while I'm well locked in as Jungler some other player goes and decides he is the one jungling... I ended up not playing at all that day.

BTW: Stupid character minimum had me retype my whole post and I don't type fast, make it so the message stays in memory at least!

poipo32 11-13-2012 02:55 PM

Something has to be done about trolls and people who don't understand english. Example: Some guy just says:" bann darius ._. " so the team leader proceeds and bans Darius, he then says:" nooooooo!" Turns out he cannot articulate himself enough to be understood and he wanted to play Darius so he proceeds to troll and pick an already taken team slot when he has to pick. Now I ended up queue dodging after much arguing as to who would do so, turns out I was the only one who would only get a 30 minutes off the queue. Now there was this Heimerdinger troll in solo/duo queue who was on our team another time, someone ended up queue dodging and I was rematched with another team, said Heim ends up on the other team, when the countdown reaches one Summoner 2 of the opposing team queue dodges, we figured it was because of the Heim, well then guess who ended up on my team next match up, the Heim so in the end my brother queue dodges that game.

We ended up not playing that day a single ranked game.

Snapper2 11-13-2012 02:58 PM

i disagree with this. being at a low elo, when i'm one of the first 2 picks and all 3 people below me say "mid", "jungle", and "top" and then first pick takes ADC everybody expects me to support. This IMO is dumb of them and they should fill the roles like the rest of us do when they're later in the picking order. People would ban me because I don't always give them exactly what they want because I pick first.

Reiji Ozora 11-13-2012 06:00 PM

This is what the report option is for. If people just vote kicked other people for playing the way they didn't want to, you would get legitimate builds/champs getting kicked too. (Like AD Malzahar, which although uncommon, is still a legit build as the AD and armor pen transfers to his voidlings). Still, a ton of people are not aware of this and therefore might call such a person a troll and vote kick him.

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