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pdugg45 11-08-2012 10:34 AM

Rannked duo
Good afternoon guys,
pdugg45 here fresh from a ban lol I have been getting better about that lately and I now have a honor penant, but enough of that I wanted to try and find a duo partner to help me go the distance in ranked. Im currenetly at 1276 (1278 being my high) and I'm try to get to 1300 then 1400 and so forth. I main jungle maokai and skarner being my top two junglers. I need a duo with amazing awareness. Knows how to help ward and how to finish games. Feel free to look me up on lolking.net to see my stats and add me if you want to duo! GL in your next game regardless!

P.S. I do have skype and I'm about enjoying the game so I don't want ragers lol.

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