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Malefic Vision 11-05-2012 07:08 AM

@Riot, "If Elo was gravity, I'd be good.
But it's not, and I suck."

- Syndra 2012.

Syndra has so many problems and so may opportunities I really don't know where to start, and I don't dare to think I could address them all in one post, but here we go.

I guess we start with the first skill, the Q. Let's compare it to two similar skills, a Karthus Q and a Veiger W.
It takes longer to cast than a Karthus Q, but deals about the same damage in a wider area. It then has double to cooldown.
It is much easier to land then Veigers W, but deals nowhere near the damage, and has a slightly lower cooldown.
Karthus Q is meant to be spammed for harass and for farm, while Veiger W is meant to be a well-timed nuke for clearing whole waves and enemy HP bars. Syndras Q tries to sit somewhere in the middle of those two roles and fails miserably. It also fails to give vision, which basically every skillshot of this nature does except this one. Epic fail.
As Urgot knows all too well, as a tanky adc sort of thing, doing two jobs half-assed is just worse than doing 1 job really well.

Now take her W. I really like the mechanic of this spell, throwing the Qs around, picking up minions etc, but the novelty wears off.
It has an intense slow, which would be great if Syndra had some real damage to back it up, but she doesn't. It's also needlessly hard to land. It's not hard, it's just harder than it needs to be.
Also, if you don't have a Q up, and you pick up a minion, you sacrifice some of her already pathetic damage. This mechanic is pointless, make the damage the same, or bigger.

Her E is franky a joke. I like the fact that it is a mini-Janna ult, and that u can pull of some long range stuns and damage, but it's just too clunky to be of real use in any sort of high-level play.
It requires exact positioning and timing, along with a Q in the right place, and you can't possibly know where you need to shoot it until that split second moment when every other CC ability in the game can be thrown down in the moment it's needed.
But, unlike all that other CC, Syndra has to walk around and move before she can use her CC to it's full potential, and by then the opportunity is probably lost.

Her ult? Oh my god. Boring. So, so boring. I can't even explain how lame it is. Maybe it would be cool if you could stack up alot of Qs and smash someone with them, but you can't, because they expire so fast and have such an inconvinent cooldown that doing so would just be wasting your main source of damage, and not really getting any meaningful reward for doing so.

Her passive is garbage. All the add ons are nice, but they should just be a part of the skill themselves, and give her something worth having.

Currently Syndra is better as a support, where she doesn't have to push the lane to harass and puts some of her amazing utility to use. Even still, she's just a worse Zyra support in every way.

Syndra needs every buff. She needs damage, she needs another passive, and she needs a rework on the way her skills function.

It's such a cool champion and champion concept that is going to waste with crappy mechanics, boring gameplay, and stale-feeling skills.

Fix it.

Fix it now.

Malefic Vision 11-05-2012 07:13 AM

No responses, community thinks Syndra is completely ok is fine for competitive play? I really don't think that is the case.

She also has a nice rack, I'd like to see it more often, buff for fotm pls.

Tempestphile 11-05-2012 07:15 AM

wait, is it me, or zero gravity means you float

so if you are in elo hell, you in fact float around like a uncontrollable helium balloon?

so how is that good?

itsWind 11-05-2012 07:15 AM

she is like leblanc, that is her niche. She probably wont be competitive any time soon, but she is very good at 1v1ing.

The best hope for her is stomping solo q's and trying to force a 30 min surrender

Malefic Vision 11-05-2012 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by Tempestphile (Hozzászólás 31067132)
wait, is it me, or zero gravity means you float

so if you are in elo hell, you in fact float around like a uncontrollable helium balloon?

so how is that good?

She controls gravity, so she can be wherever she wanted in Elo if it correlated to gravity at all.

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