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Luparis 11-04-2012 05:11 PM

(Semi-Closed RP) The Crossroads - Chapter One: Be afraid of the Dark.
Life in the Shadow Isles was always a hard, fearful thing. If you could call anything on those dreaded, misbegotten slabs of land "living". If one dared to, then you could say the most fortunate were those of the Darkeye Manor; a place isolated from the rest of Valoran because its lord, Magnus Darkeye was a well known, and equally hated mercenary that made quite the reputation, and fortune serving any force who could afford his services.

Hiding out on the Shadow Isles assured Lord Magnus that once his tasks were over, he would be safe at his home. For none would be so foolish to travel to the heart of heall to simply kill a mercenary warlord. But then... none ever thought any foolish enough to live there either.

For the first several years the Manor endured hardship after hardship on the Shadow Isles, and eventually, with a little luck and effort from Magnus, as well as some powerful magics. The Manor became secure. Mostly. Perhaps the unliving devils of the warped and wisted nature of this dark, ill place had finally come to accept the people of Darkeye.

Or so Magnus finally convinced himself. Until the day his beloved Alicia was stolen right out from under him. As he and his blessedly pregnant wife strolled leisurely through one of their indoor gardens, a strange feeling came over the pair. An overwhelming sensation of calm spread over them, and even as they could only help but smile and walk the ethereal path of ghostly flowers towards the unknown... they felt terror. For the Shadow Isles were never calm, never quiet, never as they seemed.

After several minutes of silent walking aimlessly through this garden, Alicia began to get ahead of Magnus. He slowed, uncontrollably, afraid as she turned from his sight behind a wicked tree that seemed to reach for him. He swatted at it, backing away, and found himself dizzy and his mind blank; too blank to scream for Alicia who was now humming a certain tune. No matter how far she got the hum was the same noise. His senses were becoming duller by the moment, weakening, slowing, until.... darkness.

This was weeks ago, now, and Magnus has fallen into a horrible, terrifying rage. His servants, and soldiers flee the very sight of him, and cower when mentioned. All fear that he will order them out into the Shadow Isles to reclaim his wife and their unborn child. He locks himself away, mostly, writing letters to the furthest reaches of Valoran promising thousands and thousands of gold, and items of power. His most beloved belongings are being auctioned off to any who can discover her whereabouts.

As this letter reaches Valoran, you learn of this absurd story. Or, for some, they hear the sweet sound of gold when Noxians spread word of the price on his head. The contract is unclear, and vague at best. However, promises of 20,000 gold pieces to destroy Darkeye are very certain.

Darkeye Manor is located in a dismal field, far from the trees and hills of the Shadow Isles, in a grassy plain of indigo colored grass, with an endless sky of prismatic little bugs lighting the way as they fly around, a plethora of strange, serene plantlife; mostly flowers, swaying on windless breezes. It, itself, is a well defended place with stone walls of twenty feet, one entrance accessible through three seperate gates - and once inside, the manor consists of three tall towers, one taller than the others, where Magnus resides, and a dome structure - quite massive, that is for housing and other things. This structure stretches beneath the surface of the Isles, and descends into caverns of questionable nature.

Now, it is for you to decide, as you arrive via boat to the shores of the terrible Shadow Isles, what your path will be. Will Darkness await, or shall Light guide you through the Shadows?


Necromonger 11-04-2012 06:11 PM


muggtonp 11-04-2012 06:19 PM


((You might want to say that the RP is closed, unless it's actually not :P))

ElMelloi 11-04-2012 06:29 PM

(( Update: Elysia Flame-Head's character alignment is now True Neutral, changed from Chaotic Good, due to my vision for the character. Originally I was about to basically write a novel on Elysia simply "showing up" on the Isles, but in Rome.... ))


AskKarthus 11-05-2012 07:49 AM

(( Shurelia profile.
I'll be keeping Karthus tame for this, until I've been given licence to do otherwise. I will also go by Karthus' old lore for this. Using his new lore would make him too familiar with the Isles.

Karthus arrives at the manor, and keeps a respectful silence due to the situation. He seems eerily at home on the Isles, and awaits either a tenant, or someone else to arrive.

ElMelloi 11-05-2012 09:15 AM

A certain Flame-Head made her departure from a ship, originating from a port town several miles away from Zaun. Everything about the Isles made her uneasy; the terrain was warped like some twisted nightmare. Everything seemed coated in indigo, and every breath she took seemed to remind her that one mistake here could make that breath her last.

"I must not fear...."

She chants this silent mantra, empowering it with a mind-affecting magic designed to ward off this overwhelming sense of dread. "Fear is the little death that kills me over and over."

For this yordle who seemed tinier than most yordles, the manor seemed to grow larger with every step she took towards it, but she would not let herself be intimidated by appearances any longer. She speaks to finish her chant before she lets herself inside the manor, "Without fear, I die but once--"


...but all thought processes, along with Elysia's stride, grind to a halt upon sighting the League champion a few meters away. Thankfully she only just barely completed the spell, lest the spell would probably have failed, causing an emotional amplification instead.

Although she initially hesitated to walk closer and wait with Karthus, she saw no reason why the Deathsinger would melt the flesh off of her bones (or something). He was the last champion Elysia summoned before reaching these Isles, after all, and the duo performed quite well on the Fields of Justice beforehand. She almost leisurely strode next to him and sat down without a word.

The presence of a League champion at Darkeye's manor put her mind at ease, as it seems obvious that he's here for the same purpose she is. At the same time, though, this meant she would be working together with a champion. ... In this situation, she is too tense to speak unless spoken to.

AskKarthus 11-05-2012 09:50 AM

Karthus Takes notices of the yordle's stature and suppresses a chuckle. He then greets the her, "Salutations little one. I do not believe we are formally acquainted outside of the occasional League match, summoner. I am Karthus."

ElMelloi 11-05-2012 01:14 PM

Without standing up, she gestures "namaste" in response to Karthus's - perhaps unnecessary - introduction as she looks up to meet Karthus's gaze. Although she is quite certain Karthus did not ask for any of the information she's about to share, she enters a monotone exposition regardless. Besides, if Karthus really is here for Darkeye's request, it would be good to know.

"Summoner Elysia 'Flame-Head' Maillot," she introduced herself as she'd already said "hello" through her gesture, "adjudicator representing Ionia on the Fields of Justice. Outside of summoning, I specialize in protective magics and especially illusions... and with the latter, I do street performances for practice."

Elysia straightens out the worn gray cloak on her back as she stands up. She has never broken eye contact with Karthus, except to keep awareness of what's around her.

"I've come to answer Darkeye's request. I can assume that's why you're here as well?"

leirynot 11-05-2012 02:59 PM

((Takuma, updated his personality and appearance a bit, adding a cloak and making him hate Noxus and Zaun more.))

A small ship arrives and drops of one passenger wearing a grey cloak, then the crew quickly pilots it away. Takuma walks slowly up to the manor, looking around as he does so. So far the Shadow Isles had yet to impress him, he actually found them somewhat suiting to the dark emotions that lurked within him. He walked up to where Karthus and Elysia were waiting and leaned against the wall, not saying anything.

((I'm assuming they're outside the door of the manor.))

AskKarthus 11-05-2012 03:26 PM

"Pleased to make the formal acquaintance, Elysia. I am here, partially, in response to the request," Karthus says with an eerily calm voice.

Karthus also greets Takuma upon his arrival, "I have yet to become acquainted with you; hello, I am Karthus."

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