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Sakuri Ono 10-30-2012 12:33 AM

Increase in 'vanishing cursor' glitch?
Been wondering if anyone else is getting nailed by this glitch more often. :-\ I used to only have to deal with it once a week or so. Now it's happening nightly; tonight it even happened twice in one game. It really doesn't make me want to play Dominion much these days since spending 4-5 minutes of the game completely crippled isn't fun for anyone. XP

For anyone who doesn't know what I mean; in Dominion sometimes, seemingly at random, the cursor will just completely vanish. If you manage to blindly move it over a turret it'll turn into what looks to be a vertical line with several flags jutting out of it. No matter what you do it'll refuse to turn back into a normal cursor until it feels like doing so. Which can be as 'fast' as a few minutes to as long as the entire game.

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