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Tempestphile 10-29-2012 07:33 AM

I weep for you RiotNome
More and more people in GD and TT complaining that the new TT map sucks, after all your teams hardwork

I just feels sorry for you, wants you to know new TT is a great map

And 1 more thing

If you spent all that time on balancing Dominion, there are tons and tons more people in here who would love you!

Infirc 10-29-2012 07:36 AM

i Share the feeling but, most of the "treeline" playerbase that is complaining aren't actually treeline players, theya re Sr players posing as treeline players on their smurf accounts, sicne there's no treeline tab they can have 1k Sr games and 2 treeline games and still pass by a treeline players, the actual treeline playerbase that played the map is actually map is quite happy with it, just ask any of them.

Tbh i didn't play Treeline any longer but i kind of hung out at the forusm so i more or less know who of them played and who of them is Posing

As a rule of thuumb every thing related to summonner's rift that gets called by name instead of Acronym (SR) is posted by an Sr player, possibly a sheep, as wella s those post that are, uhh Sr what's that?, pretty foolproof method of catching posing Sr players.

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