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gambitflash 10-28-2012 03:11 PM

Build advice for xin
Hi guys,
How's it going? Lately I have been selecting Xin as my champ alot.I have gotten a steady stream of wins with him and I am almost about to get out of negative win loss ratio (yes I sucked and lost so many times cuz of afks,noobs sometimes myself etc. and I probably still suck,but improving steadily now) Well I made this thread because I need some help.
I build xin like this

Start with boots+ruby crystal+long sword (this combo gives prospectors stats minus the 10 ad) > phage > brut

Next up if I am dying alot I go frozen mallet > ghostblade > black cleaver
If not its ghostblade > black cleaver > frozen mallet

Sometimes I directly go to cleaver from a brut then ghostblade after.The game is often finished at this point.Rarely if it goes longer I end it with a sunfire cape.

This build has given me quite alot of durability and a good burst.I absolutely destroy squishies with it.Now here's the problem: high health targets or tanks,if there are 3 or more high hp champs how do you kill them.I need a damage item for them.I know cleaver has to be replaced for them,but with what.A bloodrazor is expensive,infinity is also expensive although I could try,not so sure about a sanguine blade.

TL DR : I need a damage item to replace cleaver against high hp champs for Xin

A Slime Appears 10-28-2012 03:58 PM

No last whisper?

gambitflash 10-28-2012 05:11 PM

Don't you need some ad to backup all that penetration from last whisper? With cleaver its understandable since it gives ad and atk spd along with penetration.
I always think of last whisper as an item that ad ranged get after ie+pd to cut through armor.But they get loads of ad and crit before getting it.

GET REKT FGT 10-28-2012 06:17 PM

You want Last Whisper regardless for those who build armor; in your case, especially champs like Rammus. Black Cleaver is good, however you need to actually attack a few times to actually benefit from it, meaning anyone with CC or more armor than what Black Cleaver reduces basically screws you over (i.e. Rammus, Darius, etc.)

And it should be gotten on any AD champs regardless if they're melee or ranged (with the exception of Darius) once someone starts building armor. If you see someone or a few people grab a Chain Mail, you should be already grabbing a Pickaxe on your way to a LW.

Catnium 10-29-2012 12:44 AM

LW works on Q
BC: debuff works on Q however Q does not stack debuffs because it does not proc on hit effects and xin usually opens with Ewq so basically LW should put out more upfront damage during xins opening burst

Warrrrax 10-30-2012 10:28 AM

You really should start with Pros Blade. It costs 950g and gives you 800g of AD, 500g of health, 200g of lifesteal. That is extremely efficient, statwise.
There really is no reason NOT to take it. Its dominion so running out of space is fairly unlikely. No item you rush to is going to give you more than the 50% bonus stats that Pros Blade gives you.

From there, always get Brutalizer to Ghostblade. Its the most important item for Xin, giving him AD, Attack Speed and Movespeed to chase enemies, CDR for a quicker re-Charge/Q and availability of Ult, and armor pen which actually comboes with his new Passive.

From there you can do whatever. Frozen Mallet is fine but its VERY inefficient and Xin already has a good Slow with his Charge and is very likely to re-charge a few seconds after engagement. So I hate to pay 800g for the snare.
I go with Inf Edge eventually for pure asskicking damage, and Aegis then Giants Belts for pure defense, remembering that Health is better for Xin's effective health over armor/MR because of his ULT. With its low CD, ult is usually available and boosts his armor/MR hugely which complements high health.

A Slime Appears 10-30-2012 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by gambitflash (Hozzászólás 30796009)
Don't you need some ad to backup all that penetration from last whisper? With cleaver its understandable since it gives ad and atk spd along with penetration.
I always think of last whisper as an item that ad ranged get after ie+pd to cut through armor.But they get loads of ad and crit before getting it.

As it was said above, if they get armor, you'll need it. If they get thornmail it's basically required or you will just get roflstomped by anyone carrying it. Unless you are the only autoattacker in your team comp or you are in a low enough elo that people are too stupid to get thornmail, then the other team WILL have it.

Rapid99 10-30-2012 02:47 PM

Well... you could try this at least... Xins scariest thing on dominion in my opinion is his straight up DPS in a fight and/or duel. Ever fought against a Xin with something like Yomumu's + Infinity Edge? Then you'll know what I'm talking about. I'd say go IE if you're looking for damage, Xin's got a really responsive swing timer and nice base movement speed to top-off his gap closer and knock-up so you usually get a few decent attacks off before your enemy has the chance to create some distance.

Also... build lifesteal. Even Prospectors Blade + 1-2 Vamp Scepters can improve your survivability greatly in certain situations, so don't be afraid to try it out.

The best thing about going something like Infinity Edge on Xin Zhao is that it makes you tear up squishier targets in an instant and agaisnt people that buy armor you can just buy a Last Whisper and you're good-to-go (a luxury you don't get with Black Cleaver).

Again, Xin has so much innate damage I'd call it a waste to not be taking crit, or at least IE on him. I'd even say Frozen Mallet may not necessarily be a good core item since xin has pretty good sticking power to begin with thanks to gap-closer/slow and Three Talon Strike + high base MS and if someone has made a play that allows them to get away from that then Frozen Mallet probably wouldn't have helped. By all means, build items like Phage, Hexdrinker, Glacial Shroud etc. if you need defenses but first and foremost Xin should be building for damage.

Cless 10-30-2012 09:11 PM

I kind of like sticking in a Nashor's Tooth in his build somewhere after the brutalizer/ghostblade. I love having 40% CDR on Xin so I can gap close forever and be super annoying with my constant knock-ups. Also, it gives a nice boost to his 3-hit lifesteal.

Oh I've encountered the ghostblade + IE Xin a bunch when playing Ez. After I reached a point in my build, I built a Frozen Heart and just laughed as Xin tried to autoattack me and I just killed him repeatedly. Those days are now over...goodbye attack speed debuff essence flux =(.

GeneralDirection 10-31-2012 03:32 AM

Most of the time I get Phage early, hang onto it for awhile, and turn it into Entropy later. The true damage activation is fairly relevant against high armor/hp targets.

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