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DaystarFire 10-28-2012 12:44 PM

Best champion to carry with at 1000-1150 ELO?
I've been considering many possibilities as for the best champ I have to carry games at this ELO (normally, I do fine, don't die too much, possibly shut down my lane opponent) my team always does incredibly bad, however, and just completely throw he game for me. These are my best picks/ the ones I've been thinking of carrying as:


Irelia: She feels very strong, but the fact that I haven't had as much practice with
her as with other champs, and the fact that she can get shut down pretty easily
makes me hesitant to pick her.

Jax: Very good if fed/ farmed, but I rarely get fed/farmed on him to the degree of
carrying my team.

Jayce: I was doing great with him, but since the nerfs I feel like a very squishy guy
that just can't compete with some of the other top picks.

Riven: quite strong, but the falloff late game is something I really feel when my team

Rumble: Haven't tried him yet, but it feels like he'd be very strong with his ult and
his ability to build tanky and still deal tons of damage.


Karthus: He always feels like I can do stuff, but my team normally loses too badly
or my ult to make a difference.

Katarina: Haven't tried her yet, because she's so weak in everything but damage.
Otherwise, she's one of by best champs.

Orianna: I never feel like I can carry hard enough.

Ryze: strong champ, but my team always seems to lose the game for me too

Vladimir: If I'm not shut down early, my team feeds to an incredible extent, if I am
shut down early, they still feed.

So, out of all the champs I stated, who do you think can carry a game to the point of bringing my team back into it after being 20 kills down?

XxxLumberJackxxX 10-28-2012 12:59 PM

If you learn to play any of them youll be fine. Chances are your mechanics arent as good as you think they are.
Try jax and Karthus. both should ge tyou some good wins

Sereg Anfaug 10-28-2012 01:31 PM

Better yet, don't limit yourself to top and mid lane. I've carried as ADC, and set my team up to carry as jungle and support.

Fill for your team, ensure their cooperation from champ select, and start the game with good team chemistry, rather then starting off with "top, mid, or feed".

Now, if you're in the last picking order for your team, it's definitely worthwhile to request mid or top so you can counter, or at best don't get countered. But if you're one of the first two pick orders, you're better off filling ADC, jungle, and support.

As far as the champions you listed, be very careful with Karthus, as he has alot of bad matchups. He can certainly carry, but he may not get to that point. Orianna is generally a pretty safe and effective pick, provided you can play her well. If you can't, don't. Ryze is also a fairly safe pick, and since he scales off mana as well as AP, he can be built much tankier then most mids without sacrificing damage, making him very useful in alot of situations. I also recommend owning and learning an assassin type champion, whether that be Kat, Kass, Fizz, LB, or Gragas.

All of your picks are situational - don't think you can pick one every time you get mid and be fine. Learn to use your available champs as you need them, to counter and avoid counters, but also to fill your teamcomp and make sure it isn't lacking something, whether that be damage, durability, CC, peel, split push, poke, global presence, or whatever, or emphasize one of those(usually split push, poke, or global) as something multiple champions on the team excel at.

I don't play much top, since it's my weakest role, so I don't have advice for you there.

For support, and jungle, have a good selection of champs that can fill several roles, whether that be initiation, gap closing, peeling, or assassination(moreso jungle then support on this last, obviously).

For your AD carries, just have a few you can play well and that synergize with common supports, like Kog or Twitch with Nunu, Sivir with Taric, Ez or Urgot with Soraka, Ez with Sona, etc. There are other combinations that work, of course, but be aware of a few of them, and be able to play both passively and aggressively depending on your lane partner and opponents, and jungle pressure.

Hope that helps.

DaystarFire 10-28-2012 08:15 PM

What I'm looking for is a way to carry a team of total idiots back to a lead, and then a win.

That did help though.

What is a good amount of feed for 2, 3 or 4 people to take dragon? And what level is best for roaming as mid as what mid laner and how do I ensure that I will actually get kills/my team kills in a gank without causing substantial damage to my mid turret?

Fifth Scheme 10-28-2012 09:12 PM

For this ELO range, you want champions that can guarantee kills aka assassins. Below are my two mains.

I play Katarina if I feel that I'm up against a team that will be hard to beat early game. I've carried a game with 10+ kills down and won, including scoring my first pentakill.

I play Akali when I feel that I can snowball my lane early and help my other lanes by roaming. Late game she is easily countered by oracles and tankiness so not always the best choice.

For top lane I play Akali, Jayce, Cho'Gath, Nidalee and Darius.

For mid lane I play Akali, Fizz, Diana, Katarina.
If we already have an assassin top I will play Ziggs, Anivia, Orianna, Gragas, or Swain.

DaystarFire 10-29-2012 01:15 PM

Hopefully I can try out kat in ranked later this week. Does the time of day affect the skill of my allies? And in what way (I.E. does earlier make them better, or what) does it affect their skill?

Mufasafied 10-29-2012 02:07 PM

ap sion smash

Bytchine 10-29-2012 02:41 PM

If blitzcrank isnt banned, great support to carry with! I found ive won multiple matchs with his grab!

DaystarFire 10-29-2012 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Bytchine (Hozzászólás 30826576)
If blitzcrank isnt banned, great support to carry with! I found ive won multiple matchs with his grab!

Aside from the fact that he's perma banned, :P

meimaguy 10-29-2012 05:30 PM

You want really pubstompy champs. I've had good results with Morde. No one knows how to handle your passive and they tend to eat your e while trying to farm.

But I think the 2 biggest things that have gotten me past 1.1k were working on my mechanics (cs wins games) and adopting an aggressive attitude. You need to be able to roam and win other people's lanes for them. Kat is terrific for this - no one ccs you for some reason. Twisted Fate is good for winning other people's lanes. Mao has strong ganks with his cc. Really, anyone, provided your mechanics are good enough.

Edit: in rereading your post, you mention your team failing a bit. I cannot stress this enough. /Win other people's lanes for them/ It is less the champ you choose and more the attitude behind your playing. Also, learn to look at yourself and see when you're responsible for a loss. I doubt that it is always your team's fault.

Last Edit: Roam after you've pushed your lane if you have the health/mana for it. Dragon after you've had a successful fight bot or you know where all of the enemy team is. And gank through the bushes in lane. No one at 1k Elo expects you to be in the bushes.

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