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Astral Cardbox 10-25-2012 12:33 PM

[Alternative Petition] Make "Old Twisted-treeline" into a new map
Just one little suggestion.
This is pretty much a mirrored version of this other petition .

By the ammount of "thumbs up" that other petition got (plus plenty topics on the forums), it's pretty obvious a lot of people miss old twisted treeline.
There is nothing wrong with the new map per-se, but it's just not the same.

Hard truth is that after all the hard work Riot put on the new treeline they are not likely to make it "a new map"... so how about doing things the other way around?
There are plenty places where the "old twisted treeline" could go... let's say... Plague Jungle.

Just take the old map, fix it a little bit, and release it as a whole new map.
People who loved the old twisted treeline will be happy.
People who love the new twisted treeline will be happy. (or don't care)
And it would imply VERY little work.

Besides, it would give LoL a little bit of variety, with 5 maps to choose from.
(instead of only 4)

Ragnarokio 10-25-2012 12:34 PM


Thomas500 10-25-2012 12:34 PM

Well said. Signed.

Kabeff 10-25-2012 01:16 PM


nurf the noob 10-25-2012 01:27 PM


Twilight Monkey 10-25-2012 01:44 PM


gods shortbus 10-25-2012 01:47 PM


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