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Grand Viper 10-23-2012 11:25 PM

Tremors in Noxus! [Closed RP - Ask for Invite or Morg Thread Really]
Udyr flew out the window. The beast man grunted, landing on his feet. His chest was gashed from the powerball, the blood flowed freely from his wounds. The beast man snarled, and allowed his body to be enveloped by the flames. He cricked his knuckles, "Do you really think you can kill we, armadillo?"

He cracked his neck, and dashed at Rammus, "Then feel our wrath."

One would note, if they were more observant, that the blood from his nose had not yet fully stemmed, despite how long it had been since it first started.

Grand Viper 10-23-2012 11:28 PM

((Oh balls. I dun goofed hard. OH WELL.))

Armored Rammus 10-24-2012 12:57 AM

((lol, no worries about posting from your main))
The Armadillo, for once, was furious beyond recovery. After the way he was treated, he was not going to let it slide. Then again, he never let anything like that slide, champion or not. Manbeartigerpheonixturtle or not.

Rammus cracked his knuckles and gestured at Udyr to come at him. There will only be one left standing. It is worth it to note that there is a non-negligible crack due to a surprise attack from Udyr moments ago.

"OK." Rammus was in a battle stance, his anger focused on the moment. The tremors were not to be triggered without his consent this time.

AskUdyr 10-24-2012 09:54 PM

Udyr reached down, grabbed the sides of Rammus, and held him out at arm's length. The armadillo's arms would be too stubby to be able to punch back or kick the beast man. He raised Rammus above his head, and slammed him into the streets.

The armadillo's spikes pierced the palms of both his heads, letting him grip the armor of the armadillo better while giving him more leverage. If he had a better sense of pain, this should have made him let go of Rammus the moment he pierced his palm. The wounds were, however, being plugged by the spikes of the armadillo.

Armored Rammus 10-24-2012 10:20 PM

Before getting slammed, however, the Armadillo had other plans. Sure, he was completely taken by surprise with the sudden grab. How about...
A single tremor... on Udyr himself. Would Udyr be sturdy enough to endure such a massive shockwave? Because as it stands, even buildings don't. Hopefully, that should allow the Armadillo not to get slammed anywhere.

AskUdyr 10-25-2012 02:17 PM

Udyr's bones rattled. His flesh resonated from the vibration of the tremor. Blood shot out of his nose and ears, and possibly a trickle or two from his eyes. Instead of releasing the armadillo, however, he tightened his grip, "Heh..." If it were not for the fact that he impaled his palms onto the spikes his grip would have been lost the moment the tremor went through.

And slammed Rammus into the roadside, his Bear aspect strengthening the force of the slam. "We know what is going through your head. You must think that because your tremors are able to destroy architecture, we must fall to it as well. We are Udyr, even a fortress would envy our endurance."

Despite his boasting, the blood that flowed did not stem. Udyr kept his grip on Rammus and lifted him up from the ground again, readying to smash him once more. The Armadillo would need to figure out how to free himself from the beast man's grip. He was fine with death, and this fight would go on until he died. If he was able to use his tremors, and if they vibrated his bones, how then would he make Udyr drop this logical course of action?

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