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DpG Akyalas 10-22-2012 04:57 PM

Main Support / Jungle. LF 5's competitive both ranked and Tourny's...
Name: Ryan
Summoner: Fatalimpactt
Age: 23
Time Zone: PST
Education: College Senior

Greetings community, I love playing support and I have virtually all of them. My secondary role is jungling, and I main Alistar, Malphite, and Amumu jungles. My current elo is without question terrible because supports can make plays, but cannot carry games. I regularly play normals w/ players who are diamond ranked+ and have 1500+ wins and hold my own. I'm interested in finding an active team that wants to run existing strats, push lane strats, and any innovative ideas we can come up with as a team.

I look forward to forming a team with those interested or joining a team that already has pre-existing synergy.

S3 is where it's at, lets start preparing for it.

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BrueStreak 11-14-2012 06:35 AM

Hey, my friends and I have a four man group together and we need a support player. We've been queuing as a four man premade, but we've been stuck with either a random at support or swapping one of us into support to give the random a better selection (it can suck being in a premade with four people you don't know telling you what to do or forcing you to play somewhere you don't want to play.) I feel like we have decent synergy, but it's hard to practice full team comps with only four players. We would like to play ranked 5's in Season 3 and being able to get into any tournaments would be amazing as well. All of us finished Season 2 with tops in the 1285-1400 elo area, solo queue is tough even on pro players, try watching them climb back up after the reset. Anyway, my point is we need a support, two of us are in the PST as well, two of us are not. The four of us try to play daily starting anywhere between 4:00 and 7:00 pm PST and we usually go until 11:00 or midnight. If you would like to queue with us and see if it ends up working out or if you would like to talk to me/ask me more about the team feel free to add me in game. Summoner - Ace Levy, I am a college student as well, age 23 and we are all in a similar age range (no Hotshotgg orphanages here.)

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