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Malkshakevanilla 10-22-2012 08:52 AM

Please help me with Teemo
Hello everyone. I recently bought Teemo with ip and I really like him. However, my fellow players say I'm not good with him. So if you could tell me how to play Teemo like a boss. I would really appreciate it.


Azerax53 10-22-2012 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by Malkshakevanilla (Hozzászólás 30514653)
Hello everyone. I recently bought Teemo with ip and I really like him. However, my fellow players say I'm not good with him. So if you could tell me how to play Teemo like a boss. I would really appreciate it.


Teemo needs speed.The more speed you give him the deadlier he'll be. Not just attack speed but also movement speed so he can kit well. His poke is pretty OP. You need to be using your shrooms for wards and slows. A strategically placed shrooms will make your opponents start raging.

Malkshakevanilla 10-22-2012 11:52 AM

Thanks. You helped me a lot.


Wonderonous 10-22-2012 12:03 PM

Don't make him ad. He is best overall as a hybrid top solo or ap mid lane solo. I personally only play him hybrid top, it is all about playing smart. If you want add me in game and I can give you some pointers and stuff and play with you and whatnot.

iamshanka 10-22-2012 12:46 PM

First thing u need to understand is, with respect to his passive invisibility, large range q, move speed w, slow on ulti. These abilities are given to teemo coz he is very squishy. So in laning phase and team fights u need to maintain ur range and deal as much dmg as possible by moving to and fro without getting attacked. Also bulding teemo ap will grant a lot of ap dmg with e and ulti considering, u dmg an enemy anywhere on the map even if u sit at base. Now isnt that awesome. With shrooms dont plant everythin at one place. Anticipate where enemies might walk and place them with certain distance apart.

jmgr4y 10-22-2012 12:56 PM

Most important thing as teemo, you're one of the BEST split pushers in the game. Your mushrooms are so valuable to both you and your team its ridiculous.

When you go to push a lane focus on a few key things:

a) where are the enemies? if you can see them all on the map, you know you're good to push. Not only is teemo one of the faster champions at taking down turrets (as ad, ap, hybrid AND on hit) but you absolutely CAN NOT gank him without oracles.

b) do I have enough map control? as teemo with a little bit of cooldown reduction (blue buff, nashors etc) your shrooms should be EVERYWHERE. There should be no route the enemy can take to get to you without you being able to see them coming from a mile away. Map control WINS GAMES.

c) if I'm pushing a lane will my team lose team fights/objectives/the game? If you see 5 enemies pushing mid and they're to your base turrets, chances are you should not be split pushing. Also if you go to push bot and baron is up and its past the 20-25 minute mark, its like giving them a free baron, which will lose you the game 90% of the time. Same with pushing top past the 15-20 minute mark. Map awareness is soooo key in this game and its the main difference between a "decent player" and a "very good player"

jmgr4y 10-22-2012 01:04 PM

As a side note to Teemo, you absolutely shut down the enemy auto-attackers. That annoying trynd who just popped his ult and started destroying your ap carry? Blind him and laugh as his whole ult is wasted and he just ends up dying to your poison or a mushroom as he's trying to escape.

Knowing who to use your blind on and when are both very important factors to playing teemo well.

If you're not building strictly ap (dfg, rabbadons, rylais, etc) its best not to just blow your blind for damage unless it's a 1v1 or a similar situation where your team outnumbers them. You really want to save your blind for that annoying vayne who's gonna melt your whole team. Prioritize high damage targets for your blind and like I said before dont waste your dart on the enemy ap carry or tank unless you're using it strictly for the damage but remember out of nowhere comes tryd and your blind is on cd? free kill on teemo or whoever he decides to focus.

The absolute best time to use your blinding dart in team fights is when the engagement has happened and it's too late for them to dis-engage, target the highest priority auto-attacker (keep in mind just because someone is AD doesn't always make them an auto attack champion (like corki or riven for example)) and make sure that you use it WHILE THEY'RE TRYING TO AUTO ATTACK. Your blind alone mitigates so much damage and wastes so much of the enemy's time trying to deal said damage that it basically amounts of a free kill for you and your team.

Your blind wins team fights, so use it wisely.

Malkshakevanilla 11-14-2012 08:21 AM


first time Vayne 11-14-2012 03:15 PM

These are all valid points, but Teemo's capabilities go so far beyond them. He is arguably the most intricate champion in the game, capable of shutting down whole teams if played well enough. And against popular opinion, I do not believe he has a reliable hard counter.

However, he is incredibly difficult to pick up and play well because he violates several general premises of the game. That must be gotten used to, but can be exploited in-game.

You can tell I'm a fan and totally biased.

Find me in-game, and I will make you into Teemo badgerbunny-God. XD

Desolit 11-14-2012 04:42 PM

Someone mentioned Move Speed on Teemo. It's not that viable, One of my main top lanes is Teemo and having movememnt speed just isn't need.

You have a move speed steroid on a 15 ish second cooldown, you don't need more. That counters almost any slows you'll have and makes kiting that much easier.

You need AP, AS and AD. Frankly AD teemo is viable, but not the best.

When i play Teemo Top lane i go hybrid.

Two Dorans blades for the HP and the damage (puts you way ahead of msot top lanes)
then depening on the lane i have three items i go for.

If it's mainly an AD bruisde, i rush a Phage
If it's mainly an Magic champ, i rush a Witt's End
If im way ahead in either i just rush my Malady, then get my Phage.

Early game teemo is when you you shut down, or be shutdown.

If you're facing a champ with high CC go with Merc Treds and make sure you do not et hit with the Stuns/Snares.
Slows are harder against teemo because of his Move Quick.

THe main this about temeo is to make sure you're constantly moving.
Run up, autoattack, run away. Repeat.

Ward the river.
This saves a couple hundered gold in the long run as properly shroom'd rivers is better than any ward.
- Place one in the bush, One in their tribush, couple in the top bushes in the lane, and mushrooms along the sides of the lane where the minions don't go (soas not to waste them if you don't want them to be)

Don't be afraid to use your mushrooms to help you push lane, they make for really easy last hits,and are arguably one of the best lane pushes there are, even with very little AP.

Make sure to stay back in fights, blinding the AD carry and then going to town on them, that's your job, that's who you should be focusing everything because of your blind.

People often don't realize how viable Teemo actually is in lane.

One last piece of advice i have, Put up your E (poison) first, and always. Follow up wiht Blind or Move quick, depending on the lane.

Hope this helps

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