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TurkeyBaconSub 09-30-2010 03:08 AM

League Judgement: Dr. Mundo
Candidate - Dr. Mundo


Observation -
Upon hearing of a test he must undergo Mundo immediately thought about his tests using himself as a guinea pig, laughed heartily and slurped up the tendril of drool always seeming to reside on his lips. "Mundo go when Mundo ready" he says aloud yet to no one in particular. He meanders aimlessly with no real intention of following his instructions.

However, upon seeing the chamber doors and the inscription "The truest opponent lies within" a spark of genius (possibly insanity) erupts in the doctor's warped mind. "Mundo always like hurting Mundo for science" and he chuckles again. Effortlessly throwing his cleaver into the air and drooling like a child at the thought of more experiments.

He stares at the doors for a moment, then suddenly in an act of madness headbutts the solid rock with such force that they open immediately. He walks slowly through the doors and darkness takes over his surrondings.

Judgement -
In what seemed to be no more than an instant Mundo found himself reliving one of his favorite childhood past times. Experimentation on the animals of the neighborhood. Cats, dogs, anything he could get his hands upon. His experiments always ended with the animal mutilated and deceased. He heard himself laughing, although he sounded innocent, inside he knew what he was capable of. He wasn't sure if he enjoyed the tests or the grotesque ways that he killed the animals in the most.

Almost like someone fast forwarding a video he is now face to face with his bound and gagged parents. They seem to be in large amounts of pain that would certainly make most people cry, yet... something is weird, something is different. Most people would be in tears and agony, yet they are not. Although his memory of this event is not perfect, much like his memory of the rest of his life, this is not what he thinks he remembers.

He picks up a smaller cleaver than the one he seems to always have a death grip on and hurls it at his mother, it lands directly in her forehead and she slumps over. Being content with the noise the cleaver made upon impact he walks towards his father, "Come to Mundo" he beckons as he reaches to remove the cleaver embedded in his mother's skull. Upon removal he draws the cleaver high in the air ready to end his father, but suddenly, his fathers hands are no longer bound and they reach up and stop the young Mundo from delivering the fatal blow.

His father locks eyes with him and Mundo feels a slight drool run from the corner of his mouth.

"Why do you wish to join the league, Dr. Mundo?" His father asks.

Laughing hysterically Mundo barely is able to reply "Mundo Will go where he pleases."

His father studied him, knowlingly peering into the eyes that hold some of the most insane thoughts and ideas known to Runeterra. "Why do you wish to join the league, Dr. Mundo?"

Mundo stops laughing and tries to contemplate this for a moment. "To cause as much pain as Mundo can. Mundo only see death, Living is boring. Pain and suffering make Mundo happy."

"How does it feel exposing your mind?" his father asks.

"Mundo think it feels like this" He delivers the fatal blow to his fathers skull revealing the illusions mind, but as soon as the cleaver connects he is alone standing in front of another set of doors. He slurps up some drool, makes unintelligible noises and enters the League of Legends.

Sylph 09-30-2010 10:20 AM


Kliktu 10-13-2010 06:02 PM

AWESOME!!!!! Ah, if only I were truly as demented and homicidal as Dr. Mundo and lived in a society that applauded such things! Instead, I will be studying Biology for the purpose of destroying what ails humankind. I will do that while pursuing my secondary dream of becoming a hugely muscular man!!!!!!!!!! RROOOOAAARRRRRR!!!!!!

Tenshiro 10-18-2010 01:50 PM


KrashKourse 10-18-2010 02:09 PM

Mundo reminds me of, Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde

AstorSapolsky 10-18-2010 02:13 PM

Oh don't use this one as a soapbox for your own. :(
Both are well written. This one relies on using some meta humor (using his lines, but particularly the content at impact of the cleaver), and doesn't really show too much conflict. Still, for the deranged doctor maybe there is no conflict to be had, only memories to show and hope he feels for them. Maybe they thought he would show some emotion at killing his parents again? Nope. So this version can make plenty of sense as well.

I'll mention Tenshiro's for the sake of not making a EU account: it is different, it reveals secrets, it shows the inner working of his true mind. Well done.

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