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Odinn 10-13-2012 10:41 PM

Bjorn the Spirit Invoker [Revision II with poll]

Deep within the Kumungu jungle resides an ancient tribe called the Ujarak. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Kumungu, these people forged a deep connection with the spirits of the wild. It was to this tribe that Bjorn was born with an unusually strong bond with the spirits of the wild within the jungle. By the age of 10, he could tame even the fiercest animals within the jungle using his strength of spirit alone and six years later, he became the most revered shaman in his tribe, when he perfected his ability to call upon the strength of the spirits, creating corporeal manifestations of the animals, and manipulating the medicinal powers of the trees within his own body, relieving his people of the most grievous sicknesses and wounds. One night, as he was conversing with the trees, He felt a purely evil existence being unleashed into the world in a far away land. He felt the infinite darkness within its soul seeping into his body. He had visions of it driving a great scythe through a robed young man. As he fell out of the trance, he turned to see many of the people in his tribe overtaken by irrational fear. Try as he might he could not rid the people of the evil latched onto their spirits.
A few days later, he felt another unnatural horror emerge from the same place. He felt masses of souls dissipate as it slaughtered all who witnessed its arrival, and the nightmares it plagued the people around it with. He struggled against the evil, fighting not to become a conduit for the evil's expansion. After the evil force subsided, Bjorn was overcome with worry. He feared that his bond with the spiritual would one day destroy his people, and if not, the evil spirits he sensed would. He began to wonder where the hellspawns were being produced. This fear turned into rage when he sensed the spirit of a tree being assailed by a most unnatural power. The tree's fury and self loathing, the raw violence it indulged in when it realized it could not return to its rest. Bjorn could not understand what kind of people would participate in such wicked practices, creating such blatantly malevolent existences into the world, and tampering with nature in the most inconceivable ways. Bjorn decided to leave his people, in order to save them from the calamity he feared would be upon them if the madmen were not stopped. The Invoker, arrives at the league of legends in order to destroy the sources of evil that made the place their homes, and perhaps, to return the Twisted Treant to rest.

Bjorn is a hybrid fighter adept at controlling the pace of the fight by giving his team advantages over relatively wide areas.


Bjorn uses spirit to cast his abilities. When his spirit gauge is over 30%, his basic attacks do a percentage of his ability power as magic damage (A higher percentage with totem in hand). Each spirited basic attack consumes spirit. Spirit constantly regenerates.


Bjorn leaps to target location dealing area of effect damage upon impact and slowing enemies within a moderately wide radius. Enemies caught directly in the center of the shockwave are stunned. (think Heimerdinger flash grenade).
Upon landing, Bjorn jams a totem into the ground, channeling his spirit into the pole, activating the area of effect buff associated with that partiuclar totem pole. Damaging enemies within the radius of the totem pole's buff causes the totem pole to absorb the enemy's spirit, increasing the totem's duration, Bjorn also gains increased spirit regeneration by standing within his totems' area of effect. Only 10% of damage is absorbed from minions. Bjorn can have up to 3 totem poles out, but jamming two totem poles of the same kind destroys the first one.
(Totems also have spirit bars, indicating how much energy they have left in them before they run out and crumble. Totem buff areas are about the range of Karthus' "Despair" skill)


Bjorn Selects a totem and stamps the ground, channeling his spirit into the earth and creating the totem (they pop out of the ground and are made of stone). He then picks up the totem. Depending on which totem is summoned. Picking up a totem increases Bjorn's attack range. Switching totems reduces cooldown on manipulate totem.

-Totem of the Serpent

When jammed, this totem generates a slow and damage over time area of effect debuff

-Totem of the Oak tree

When jammed, this totem generates an area of effect health regeneration and armor buff for allies

-Totem of the Bull

When jammed, this totem generates a magic resistance and movement speed buff.

E, Manipulate Totem

Depending on the totem last summoned, Bjorn's E changes. Ranking this skill up gives Bjorn +2/4/6/8/10 passive health regen.

Totem of the Serpent

-Bjorn incorporates the sensory properties of the serpent, gradually increasing his range of vision for a short time, and revealing any enemies afflicted by his venom.

-Alternatively, Bjorn can target a jammed totem, consuming some of its stored spirit and his, causing it to emit a spirit wave, damaging and revealing enemies in its buff radius.

Totem of the Oak Tree
-Bjorn drains a target enemy's spirit, damaging it, and replenishing his own spirit gauge.
(Think vladimir Q range)

-Alternatively, Bjorn can target a jammed totem, creating a projectile shield around its buff radius. If a projectile destroys the barrier, it absorbs the energy of the projectile in question, converting it into spirit

((note that this only blocks one projectile spell), such as Jayce's shock blast, but not continuous beams i.e. -- lux laser)

Totem of the Bull
Bjorn shunts his opponent, damaging and ministunning them. (kinda like a Nautilus basic attack, passive proc'd)

Alternatively, Bjorn may target a totem infusing it with a bull familiar. (initiating a skillshot from the totem) The bull rushes toward target location, knocking back any enemies it collides with (think rammus' effect of impact from powerball) before reverting back to totem form. Uses a significant amount of the totem's spirit.

R, Spirit Armor

Bjorn strikes the ground with a mighty blow, conjuring all 3 totems and donning the spirit armor of his spirit familiars. The horns of the bull, hide of the oak tree, and tail of the serpent. Activating this ultimate refreshes Bjorn's cooldowns, fills his spirit gauge for the duration, and grants him increased armor, magic resist, and an increased % of his ap on his basic attacks. The totems float around him until jammed. During this ult, he can use his W to place two totems, and his Q to place a third. His E also gains extra effects during this ultimate for the totem side skills.

Totem of the Serpent
-Snake totem pulse also poisons enemies within buff radius

Totem of the Oak Tree
-Oak spirit barrier becomes impassable terrain to enemies

Totem of the Bull
-Bull totem rush knocks enemies back farther.

Jam Totem

-Slightly increased stun duration.

Images of Bjorn


Bjorn's Ultimate

-Tweaked passive and abilities so that all abilities were viable choices at level 1.

Odinn 10-13-2012 11:00 PM



RandomPecans 10-14-2012 11:54 AM

Well, this is awkward. Here I am with my notebook, ready to post a champion concept that uses totems as the main mechanic, and the first thing i see on the forums is... disappointment :C

Odinn 10-14-2012 12:35 PM

Lol, I'm so sorry XD.
You have any suggestions?

GreenJ 10-14-2012 02:30 PM

This seems AMAZING! I would love to play him. I am guessing he is a Shaman, am I correct? I love how you give so much information as well. One thing, you may want to put a bit more clarity in the descriptions and maybe take away some of the mini abilities inside the ability, because there's a bit too much stuff going on, don't you think? Other than that, this is amazing!


P.S. Review mine? http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2679740

Odinn 10-14-2012 03:18 PM

Well,The thing about his E is that you're only supposed to use it once every few seconds, longer still if you're not switching totems. But the good thing is that his ult refreshes his cooldowns, allowing you to use the miniabilities' synergy with eachother, as well as the totems. For example, you could use bull totem rush on a snake totem, which puts it in the viscinity of enemies, then ult, and switch to the totem of the oak, so you can E the same totem, trapping the enemy. I feel that synergy would be lost. It's not so hard to do.

Odinn 10-15-2012 10:39 AM

Bjorn's Ultimate

Darth Darbius 10-15-2012 08:27 PM

I like the totems

Lucky Medic 10-15-2012 10:09 PM

This guy seems like a very interesting champ to play, but I think that he needs a few things.

1. I think he might be a bit better if he were kind of tanky? It seems to me like it would be a little bit unfair to have someone like him supposed to be able to go toe to toe with people, seeing as he carries buffs/debuffs around. Hybrid support sounds pretty cool. Being able to prioritize WHAT type of buffs or debuffs you prefer over the other. Maybe armor be AD and AoE regen be AP?

Also, he needs a consistent way to gain spirit. Basic attacks kinda like fury? Or have it just increase passively over time, and if he's in the brush he gains spirit faster?

I hope any of my suggestions help.

I also LOVE the way this champ looks. I'm guessing you drew it yourself?

Either way, I put it down as maybe cause of what I thought was missing or could use work on. Other than that, I say he should join in.

Odinn 10-15-2012 10:24 PM

Thanks for the input, His spirit was actually supposed to regenerate passively, and yes, I drew him myself. He was originally meant to be a fighter, who had heavy influence on team fights. I was thinking that his Q (the only method of putting down totems) would be on a somewhat long cooldown, (somewhere around 10 seconds or so). If someone wants to play him as a support, they would have to invest in Cooldown reduction. His passive was meant to encourage him to build tankily, and into AP. By not having to spend much on AD, he can build decent damage output and tankiness by focusing on AP and Defense.
His spirited basic attacks were supposed to expend spirit.

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