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Threkmar 10-11-2012 09:16 PM

Serious VS Casual Gamers PVP Requirements
As a player that has been frustrated on many an occasion while playing pvp. Here are some of the issues I have run into teaming with "casual players" and possible solutions I have come up with. Let me know what you think and any other possible suggestions or issues.

Issues Playing with Casual Gamer Teammates:
1. No recognition of the importance of farming and once ahead in kills farming is completely abandoned
2. No recognition of the importance of taking dragon for gold boost
3. No recognition of the importance of red/blue buff
4. Focusing the wrong champions during team battle
5. Abandoning lanes and allowing towers to go undefended and fall to simple minion waves
6. No recognition of the importance of baron
7. No recognition of the importance of proper jungler farming/ganks
8. No recognition of champion roles/lanes/builds

Possible solutions to separate the Serious and Casual players

1. Separate non-Ranked PVP for Serious and Casual players
2. Required certain number of games played in last thirty days to play Serious Que
3. Required passing of farming practice tutorial with certain number of minion kills in certain number of minutes
4. Required passing of quiz related to advanced game tactics such as champion roles, last hitting, proper builds, etc.
5. Required certain number of intermediate bot wins to play Serious Que
6. Required number of PVP wins to play Serious PVP Que
7. Banning of troll/feeder/afk players for several weeks from Serious Que

I think that some of these solutions would do well to be implemented in order to address some of the issues above. There is nothing more frustrating than playing your heart out while your teammates keeps saying things such as:
"its just a game"
"i don't play to win"
"we don't need baron"
'I have to go in ten minutes so lets make this quick"
"this is my first time playing this champ"
"this is my first time in pvp"
"how to i play my champ"
"whats last hitting/ lane freezing/ animation cancelling/ cs/ farming/ baron/ buffs"

What do you guys think about this and what other solutions or issues do you know of?

Friesguy 10-11-2012 09:45 PM

They already have this. It's called Draft Pick.

jloysnenph 10-11-2012 09:57 PM

This is the main reason ranked is restricted to level 30's.

It helps. Somewhat.

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