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Hospital1ty 10-11-2012 07:08 AM

How do I keep from losing?

Sereg Anfaug 10-11-2012 07:32 AM

That's just a reality of low ELO, or really anything other then high ELO premade 5s. Seeing as I'm 750 ELO, I obviously haven't figured out how to carry a losing team either, even when I'm personally doing well, which is probably less often then for you.

However, my best suggestion would be to find a lane that's doing well and get them fed, especially as the jungler. Abandon the feeding lane, because eventually they're going to stop being worth so much gold to whoever's killing them, and if you do try to gank for a lane that's far behind, you'll often end up giving up a double kill or worse. Once towers fall, be ready to protect the weak lanes while they free farm, and punish anyone who comes after them too deep. This is alot safer then a gank between the outer towers, and you'll often be able to coordinate with other teammates by this point.

Try to control objectives, and punish anyone who's out of position(provided you can be sure they're not baiting). Do what you can to disengage dangerous teamfights, and engage advantageous ones, and if you win one, immediately capitalize with a dragon, baron, turret, or inhibitor, depending on the stage of the game, what's most available, and what's most worthwhile at the time.

Above all, do NOT criticize your weaker lanes. Rather, encourage them, and try to keep your team chemistry together. If you lose that, you will lose the game.

Rezo 10-11-2012 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by KDEALWITHITNERD (Hozzászólás 30115517)
Now I figure my actual ELO should be around 1300-1400 or somewhere in there. I'm pretty ok, but not amazing. I would be very shocked if it were much higher than that. I'm looking at my match history and trying to see how I'm losing games and what I can do to help and here's what I've come to realize.

1. In the last 8 ranked I'm 4-4.
2. Of the 4 Losses, I only contributed directly to one. (We lost bot badly, I was ADC)
3. 1 of the losses I was 6-1 mid and we surrendered at 20 because bot fed their vayne 12-0.
4. 1 I was jungling solidly with lee sin, but bot and mid were both being dominated. Our morde mid was 0-9 to before he managed a kill.
5. Of the 4 wins, I contributed significantly or was the only one doing anything in 3 of the games.

So my questions are:

- In situation 4 as listed above, what do I do when multiple lanes are getting bootyraped and I'm jangling? One game all three lanes were losing and everyone was yelling for more ganks.
-What do I do when I'm personally doing well but another lanes feeding like hell? Switch lanes? Abandon mid?

tl;dr: What can I do when it's a race between myself and the enemies to get fed the most first? I'm smashing mid/top/roaming ganking and bot/top/mid/jungle is feeding (as in 0-5+). What do?

Right now 1300-1400 is less than pretty ok. I don't know what happened I stopped playing rank for a while came back recently after decaying down to 1400 (it wasnt that much higher before the decay around 1500) and its like the bracket skill level dropped or something. Some people have told me that its like that in all brackets right now that its because the season is over and people just goof off more now.

As for your questions...for the first question without knowing the details of bot and mid the answer is usually to help bot. More details would be needed to give a more reliable answer though. Who is morde going up against mid is it the mid thats getting the kills or the jungler? Is mid a champion thats more difficult to gank? is his flash down? What about bot is your adc an adc that has trouble recovering after they have fallen behind (Tristana for example) also got to take into account the support you got to really determine how much of a power disadvantage they are in. How power is the adc going to get? if its a vayne getting fed then forget helping morde. Doesnt necessarily have to be someone getting fed either for example say jax is free farming on top..not getting any kills but getting plenty of cs without slowing down thats something you want to hinder as well.

Theres a decent rated jungler (2k) Cardboardowl im pretty sure thats his name if you go to channel cardboardowl he offers free advice.

fretfulally 10-11-2012 11:44 AM

If you want to move to the darkside and lose self respect, play eve mid, darius jayce rengar and carry.

Hospital1ty 10-11-2012 01:28 PM

All good opinions. Bump for more opinions! What's everyone think?

ArtDZ 10-11-2012 05:36 PM

Well theres no magic way to win all your matches unfortunately.

In situation 3, If your winnign so hard mid then push your lane or let your jungler hold mid while you do something about the top/bot. I've won a fair amount of games when bot fed by ganking for bot as mid or top lane.

As a jungler, just be sure that if a lane is hopeless you help the lanes doing better get fed. Try to get the feeding lanes to play defensively even giving up some of the CS/Exp.

If your losing all 3 lanes you can try to make one or 2 lane come back a bit but its probably hopeless.

Mynt 10-11-2012 08:34 PM

90% of the time, you will not be able to control whether you win or lose. 10% of the time, if you nut up and play it out, you can change defeat into victory.

The difference between a high Elo player and a low one? 55% win rate vs. a 45% one.

Howard09 10-11-2012 09:39 PM

I'm in 1300-1400 elo.
Trolls half the time, AFK a quarter.

best thing to do - Duo Queue with a friend or someone with a close elo to you. Most people ask for partners in the chat.

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