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ZenithZephyr 10-10-2012 03:53 AM

@RiotNome Status of Twisted Treeline on the priority list
Oh hallowed RiotNome,

A lot of people (including myself) picked up Twisted Treeline in order to get War Hero Janna. However, I did not expect to have so much fun! I've been a hardcore Dominion player since release, and TT has been a nice change of pace.

Unfortunately, some of the concerns of the TT community came to light very quickly.

The biggest problem is the ability to turtle indefinitely due to:

a) The incredibly long range of the spawn laser.
b) The position of the turret so close to the fountain (and laser)
c) The ability to kite the minion into the laser.

Some of these are easier to fix than others. Are any of these issues on the radar?

In RiotNome's name I pray,

Timestop 10-10-2012 03:31 PM

Bump. Was about to write this thread, but I googled it first.

Been playing TT since I started in 2010, and it's always been my favorite map. Far more skill-based than Summoner's Rift in my opinion. The jungle fixes are priority, and preferably the turtling via OP lasers, and the map will be balanced from there.

Actually played against RiotNome in a solo queue match the other day and didn't even think to ask. Would be lovely if he responded.

Goggris 10-10-2012 04:32 PM

You do realize that they aren't going to make any changes before Season 2 ends, and that they probably have a huge backlog of changes for ALL maps ready to disperse for Season 3 (as has been hinted many times by a few reds). Any publicly available information has already gone out, and you'll need just a teency bit more patience!

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