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Shinmen Takezo 10-09-2012 09:31 AM

Tryndamere too strong or too weak?
I am Tryndamere player, I started playing Tryndamere when i was level 3 and have played him since then, I'm level 30 now!
I'm constantly going ? - 0 with Tryndamere, many games in a row.
People are always telling me Tryndamere is too OP and others tell me he needs to be buffed.
Example - "Tryndamere is too OP, use a champion with some skill"
Really hurt my feelings ;-; I cry every time.

To me, right now Tryndamere seems fine, He isn't that strong or that weak.
For example, If you shut me down early game, it will be hard for me to come back unless the game drags on for a long period of time.
Also, even if i do real good early game, I can be easily countered with thornmail and other items, Also if you focus him he can't do anything ;-; I know this from experience.

Example: Lets do this in green text :P
>Be Tryndamere
>Be 13- 0, Fed.
>Team fight! Time to get more kills
>Run in, get focused
>Dead in 2 seconds.
>Ekune:"I tried to press R but :<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"
>True Story

All his skills are fine to me as well.
His Q might be a little bad but if you max it out first it's OK.
His W is a great slow for when they are trying to run away or when you are facing them head-on, I barely use W to lower their attack though honestly most of the time i use for when they try to run away.
His E is great for entering a fight or escape.

People tell me that Tryndamere is weak because if you CC him, he become useless.
I use Ghost and Cleanse to counter this, doesn't always work but when I am getting chased by 4 people spamming summoner spells on me, like exhaust and such.
It works well, Undying Rage+ Ghost + Cleanse + Spin + Heal + Teammates(Maybe) + Sacrafices = Superman.. Maybe.

I probably forgot some stuff but I've never been good at writing so ;-;.

So what do you think about him? Is Tryndamere too strong or too weak

Meowth QQ 10-09-2012 09:55 AM

It's not that he's weak as a character, it's just that compared to other top laners he can be very weak.

Things that attribute to this:

A) His free damage on abilities isn't as strong as jax,darius,jayce,olaf,riven, etc. meaning he has to build damage to DO damage, wheras a lot of these champions can build bruiser and do the same if not more damage. trynd is by all intents and purposes a melee carry (like fiora and yi to a lesser extent), not a bruiser.

B) he needs a lot of farm to start dealing a LOT of damage, but in general the person you are laning against is going to be dealing more damage than you early and will be harder to kill. It's also sometimes difficult to get this gold because it's super easy to bully tryndamere. (his lane strength comes from sustain from q)

C) UPTIME IN TEAMFIGHTS!!! what I mean by uptime is how long trynd can stay on a target in a teamfight. I agree that hard cc counters trynd quite heavily (even if you build cleanse). as is the case in current meta it's not unusual for teams to have multiple hard cc, sometimes even on the other bruiser! sure you do a lot of sustained damage if you can stay on a target for a long time, but if you think about hard cc, slows, phage procs, active abilities on items, and the fact that adc can often just blink out of trouble THEN flash (I'm looking at you corki, ez, graves); it means tryndamere doesn't have a lot of uptime.

d) his ult is horrible; whats that you got double stunned during your ult? well that was a waste of time. meanwhile olaf is killing all of YOUR carries while you are rooted in place.

I really like trynd but i think he is weak compared to other top laners. his strength comes from being able to bait 1v1's that you know you can win. but even then in some situations smart players will just jump away or flash out of their near death.

IMO he needs BUFFS. his q needs to be improved slightly (not to how it used to be), and he needs one of his abilities to break hard cc and slows (like an inbuilt cleanse), on a long cooldown of course.

mistmann 10-09-2012 10:46 AM

i love tryn, but it takes a special player....

like teemo, except tryn cant be played 5 ways... only one thats pub stomping

Quick Rawr 10-09-2012 11:11 AM

It's the fact that he is easy to shut down in a teamfight if you know how to play him and his laning phase is fairly weak against a LOT of popular top champs. In the right match up, he's fantastic. And, if you have solid CC on your team, you can really wreck a teamfight.

The issue with solo queue Tryn is that you typically don't have the right team to support the pick, or the person you're playing against knows Tryn and rips him up during the laning phase.

Malkontent69 10-09-2012 11:16 AM

I haven't actually played Tryn yet, but if you have to ask whether a champ is OP or UP, that probably means that they're balanced just right. :)

Sephïroth 10-09-2012 11:18 AM

Tryndamere is now a niche pick. If you play against a team with low CC, I'd pick him up every time. I play him every now and again, and its just really frustrating when you can 3 hit them but you can't even touch them.

SentinelOfPain 10-09-2012 01:14 PM

I like to jungle Tryndamere a lot because then all of his problems in laning almost instantly vanish. Tryndamere has intensely strong ganks, especially with red buff. If you're ganking a lane and your partner has cc, you're almost ensured a kill. I like ganking lanes with Rivens because she's mobile and has a nice amount of cc. Even if I don't get a kill, the enemy burns flash and more often than not exhaust just to keep me from killing them.

Also unless you get counter-jungled, Tryndamere doesn't have to worry about being bullied. You can farm and gank then once you hit 6, you dive turrets. This literally becomes your job, you dive, take damage, pop your ult, and walk out with a kill or an assist. In my opinion, no one does this better than Trynd.

After about level 13 you might have wriggles, beserkers greaves, and zeal. I like to build bf sword after that and once I do I just deal out massive amounts of damage and basically play as a conventional Tryndamere from there with some exceptions.

Other than being the damage dealing role, I will fill in sort of as an off tank. Keep in mind I have no off-tank items, but because of my ult and potentially life steal, I can live longer than I should and get away pretty easy with spin and flash. Normally I would suggest cleanse, but when everybody uses two ignites on me, their exhaust, their flash to come get me, and their ults all while over extending, I prefer what I have and honestly it wouldn't matter if I had two cleanses, they were going to get me anyway. The point is, I bring them to my team after they use EVERYTHING so they can't escape or stop my team.

When you play Trynd, you have to think a bit differently.

mnun 10-09-2012 06:37 PM

Please don't ever attempt green text/ "meme arrows"

No but really, Trynd is amazing in the right hands, not too strong not too weak

TeknoWizard 10-09-2012 06:55 PM

Jungle Tryn is really fun. However, anywhere you play him, you need to not just be getting kited.

VanillaCrunch 10-09-2012 07:09 PM

Just come in after the tank has gone in and E to their ADC.

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