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Rovos 10-08-2012 09:30 PM

Support aggression
Expecting a rage thread?.. we'll you'll be disappointed.

Anyway I wanted a little advice. In general what is the accepted playstyle for NA style supports? In general I play Soraka or Taric I don't like sitting in bushes or anything. I like to get up and reasonably dirty with my lanemate while still keeping my us standing so as to not create a passive lane. Sometimes it seems my lanemate will learn and kind of work with me.. many times though we seem to be off balance a little bit and either one/both of us die or I end up having to sit back and baby sit. Any suggestions?

Another question, who is generally the best aggressive style support? Maybe I've been doing wrong all along. If I want to play an aggressive style support maybe I should consider non-supports? I've seen some people play Zyra support and others like her. Is that a possible answer?

Is there a place I can see the differences between NA EU and Asian styles of play maybe side by side or with some sort of break down. I find the world championships a little too jumbled looking for more straight learning.

Thank in advance and see you out there.

Edit: Also to mention, because I play aggressive I get some static from team mates but also, I get a lot of honor mentions from it. Been getting some teamwork and honorable opponent mentions.

Teamslash 10-08-2012 09:52 PM

Since you're usually avoiding CS, you want to make your carry feel comfortable with having all last hits be readily available, so you need to stop harass that may oppose his last hits. You also want to distract the enemy carry by zoning them away from such comfortable locations. Your aggression level is determined by how far you can accomplish those ends without putting yourself in too much danger (not running out of mana, not having them turn on you and instagib, not getting ganked, not taking unnecessary minion damage, etc).


Soraka: Infuse is a free ability, abuse it. Ideally, you want them eating bananas in silence, because that's the only option you'd willingly let them have. Starcall or w/e pushes your lane... wait on it.

If your lane is pushed to their turret and you feel like you're playing silence/banana whack-a-mole, then your lane is winning hard w/o taking jungler intervention into account. You'll see the damage in exp level and enemy CS.

Taric: The enemy should feel that to attack your carry is equivalent to dying a nasty stun-caused death. Healing your carry can allow them to be more aggressive, which also leaves them in a better farming position.

Neither Soraka nor Taric are big for kill lanes since they can't force the opponent to get out of position away from their turret, just punish for bad positioning.

If you're looking for kill lane supports, I'd suggest something like Blitz/Naut/Alistar.

If you're looking for zoning supports, I'd suggest something like Janna.

Fiveofswords 10-08-2012 11:53 PM

since support shouldnt be attacking minions...you should be harrassing the enemy as much as possible...otherwise youa re wasting time.
Of course, sometimes its dangerous to get too close so you might back off...you also dont want to blow CD on spell that may be improtant. Its a judgement call...but most supports should eb built rather tanky.
Lux is an example of a support that can really go nuts with aggresion and still perform quite well as support

Rovos 10-09-2012 12:23 AM

Thanks guys for the feedback.

Well I typically harass the enemy with Infuse/AA or keep my lane mate full with it. As far as Taric goes I can't seem to get stun timed well for a kill, typically end up using it to keep them from chasing my partner/keep someone to getting away. Sometimes what happens too is that they see a support like me in lane so they start pushing hard.. knowing that I only have so much mana or cooldowns and little damage compared to who I'm with. In that case is when I find playing Taric or Soraka hard because I sometimes feel useless.

Fiveofswords 10-09-2012 12:52 AM

The taric stun is an example of something you really dont want to use unless the situation really demands it..keep it handy in case your jungler attempts a gank, for example...or use it defensively when your carry starts getting focused. Yeah taric has good support spells but hes not very good with the support harrass department.
You want to put as much pressure ont he enemy as possible without dying..if their life starts getting down a bit then it will halt whatever aggresive intentions they may have had, and allow your adc to last hit in peace. Of course your range and movespeed are critical components to this abiltiy you have to harrass. Soraka has pretty good range, harrassing with her should be easy

xbabytigerX 10-09-2012 03:18 AM

I min support when I do rank and I find nunu useful.in lane agression with his E to harrass either the support.or carry to make them spend mana. Blood boil helps ur carry do poke and last hit at the same time.

vortical42 10-09-2012 05:41 AM

I've actually been running into some really nasty support Nidalee lately. Paired with the right partner she can completely shut down the enemy farm. She's not super tanky, but her spears hit so hard that most enemies will be too afraid to really engage her. Alistar is also very good, but he and Blitz both tend to get banned almost every game.

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