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Enjuine 10-08-2012 07:50 PM

How to not win at League of Legends: Soraka
Soraka has gotten a bad reputation in the past for being toxic to gameplay. She tends to force both sides of the lane to be passive or just prevent any aggression from actually resulting in a kill. This is true and it creates annoying gameplay, but it isn't actually a problem from a picking perspective. I'm here to tell you that Soraka is the worst support in the game. Note here that I'm including all champions, not just typical support champions. Support Renekton is vastly superior to support Soraka.

What is the problem with Soraka? Well, let me pose a hypothetical lane matchup. Caitlyn/Leona vs Tristana/Soraka. How is this lane matchup going to go? Caitlyn/Leona isn't really in danger of being killed barring extremely aggressive action from Trist (flash+ulting someone back into a tower) because Trist, and really any AD, doesn't possess enough CC to lock someone down for a kill and Soraka just doesn't help with this. She is the only support who doesn't.

If Leona ever catches Trist, shes probably fine. Soraka can help her tank the damage long enough for her to jump away. If Soraka gets caught she will probably be stunlocked until death, but since she doesn't need to lasthit, she can stand back far enough to not get caught. Using this, Trist/Soraka can survive the laning phase, freefarm, and Trist can outperform Caitlyn lategame, resulting in a likely win for the team, assuming the other lanes at least pull even, right?

Wrong. Because there is more to it than that. While supports are almost always the weakest champion on the team lategame, they are still significant in fights. Under reasonable conditions, no anticarry (except Olaf/Poppy) is going to be able to kill a Cait with a Leona protecting her. Anyone who tries will be locked up by Leona and shot to death before they even reach Caitlyn. Cait is essentially free to shoot the entire fight with little worry. Trist may have longer range and better steroids, but she will spend less time actually shooting because she needs to kite. Soraka can help Trist tank an anticarry, but she can't actually stop them from attacking her. If they are Physical, she can probably tank through the damage/CC long enough to pull out a win, but it will be close, and she might not be able to safely return to the fight. If they are Magic, like Diana or Akali, Trist is just dead unless a third person helps to peel (Good luck to the rest of the team fighting 2v4).

At this point, you might think "OK, Soraka isn't good late, but then you can just take Vayne/Kog, a real supercarry, and just have the jungler or someone else peel when the time comes. Soraka can just help them survive laning, and even if she is dead weight lategame, its ok." This is sort of true, and it can work, but you are having to work around her weaknesses for no real payoff because plenty of other supports can do the same thing.

The key problem is this: If Soraka gets stunlocked, she is probably dead, and even if she survives, she now has to waste a bunch of sustain healing herself, and doing nothing for the AD. Taric/Sona/Alistar/even Karma all heal themselves as much (or twice as much in Ali's case) as their target. This means they can afford, in most cases, to take some hits for their AD. Did you know Alistar has a shield? It's called Alistar. You don't get to just walk past an Alistar and hit the AD. He would be a good support even without a heal. But he can afford to eat damage all day because he has one, and it heals himself, which, contrary to what you might think, is actually better. It's the same reason Fiddle works as support. A 3 second ranged fear is ridiculously good. and Fiddle can afford to eat harass because of his innate self sustain. A support doesn't need to shield the AD, or heal the AD, or interact with them in any way. They just need to make sure they can farm, and this is much better accomplished by threat-of-death than health/mana sustain. In short, there are better options for helping an AD "survive" the laning phase.

The problem goes deeper though. It's not just that other supports can do the same thing and be more useful later. It is that you cannot win lane with Soraka. You can fight it to a draw and have a better carry late, but you can't just stomp all over anyone. If your AD gets a pentakill in a level 1 teamfight, you can't properly captilize on it because you can the only support in the game that cannot lock someone down in any way. When you pick Soraka, you have slotted yourself definitively into a defensive role. You are hoping for, at best, a draw in the lane. There are some champions who are good early, bad late, or the opposite, and while there are often alternatives who are strong all game, those picks can still be fine if you play them right, but Soraka has a uniquely nullifying early, and bad late.

TLDR: You don't win early. You lose late. You are a useless pick.

This right here, is supporting correctly.


Note that this would be fine even without the kills. Even just sitting behind a Leona lasthitting would be fine, because freefarming is good, and Leona wins late.

KirbyCake 10-08-2012 07:50 PM

solo mid soraka main
yes, I agree buff soraka

Pulsefire Vi 10-08-2012 07:53 PM

The reason people hate Soraka is because she babysits the AD carry.

An exchange goes between Ezreal and Corki. Ezreal has Soraka support. Corki has Janna.

Because of Janna's shield and CC. Corki loses 1/3 of his HP.

Ezreal loses 2/3s.

Soraka hovers her mouse over Ezreal, pressed W, and suddenly he's at full HP. As if the exchange never happened.

Vance Landow 10-08-2012 07:53 PM

Okay, I didn't bother to read anything but the first two lines of your post, but Soraka is actually a goddamn monster in the early game laning phase. Just because her theme is being a supportive healer doesn't mean you can't smash someone's skull in while you're doing it.


perry mason1 10-08-2012 07:55 PM

I've had this opinion for some time. It just isn't justifiable to pick Soraka as a support when so many better supports exist.

Eerds 10-08-2012 07:57 PM

Oh my, but I must play her because of her gorgeous look!! ):

edit: If a magic person tries to kill Trist, Soraka will silence them and Trist will own them

Also, if you build a little Ap on Soraka she will wreck your Hp bit by bit

Henry Plainview 10-08-2012 08:00 PM

delete soraka!

Close Game Life 10-08-2012 08:02 PM

Soraka + Cait/Graves/Sivir - anyone with great shoving ability really

Shove towers like mad and chip away with AoE damage, never run out of mana doing so.
You can lane aggressively in a different way compared to Blitz or Leona supports.

As for the gank vulnerability because you're shoving... that's what wards and counterganks are for, and then it isn't about the bot duo as much.

Anyway, I think Soraka's fine the way she is. Her skillset just doesn't work well with carries like Tristana

Doctor Swole 10-08-2012 08:04 PM

how to win against soraka in lane. bring ignite. win lane

ElementzPRO 10-08-2012 08:04 PM

Soraka should not be viable.

She is badly designed and not fun for anyone. The best idea would be to rework her or remove her from the game.

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