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Braeus Faustus 10-08-2012 07:37 PM

Youmuu's on Ashe...
So, after nearly 600 games, I've only just recently started learning to play an AD carry. That ADC is, of course, Ashe. So far I still probably have less than 10 or 15 games as Ashe against other actual players. But in one of them, I built Youmuu's Ghostblade, and one of my teammates said something along the lines of "Youmuu's on Ashe? wtf?"

I asked him what was wrong with it, but I got no response, and we ended up winning the game anyway. But I do know that most guides and standard ADC builds ignore Youmuu's, usually in favor of a Bloodthirster, a second Phantom Dancer, or a defensive item like Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil. I was just wondering, why?

As far as I can tell, Youmuu's offers only good things to Ashe, and most other ADCs, for that matter. It builds out of an Avarice Blade, which can offer a bit of extra gold and damage, and grants extra damage (always nice), critical chance (always nice), armor pen (always nice), CDR (Ashe typically doesn't get any CDR items, but as far as I can tell anything that lets her use her ult more often is a good thing), and an active that increases her move and attack speed, making for better chasing and kiting, albeit only for a short time.

The Avarice Blade and armor penetration alone seem like it makes it worth buying to me. Everything else just seems like a bonus. But, the pros seem to think otherwise. Could someone please explain why they don't bother with this item on Ashe or other ADCs?

Fiveofswords 10-08-2012 07:49 PM

well if you are good at la****ting you dont need/want the gold fromt he avarice blade...while you have avarice blade you hurt your early game which was already kinda weak, cause you are spending a little extra money on income...not on solid stats (yes i knwo avarice blade gives some ad but not as much as the same money in something else)
the ghostblade can be fine for an adc, whatever...except the active is really supposed to be for a melee...it resets on melee hit not on ranged it. But anyway its probably not as optimum as the standard infinity edge/bloodthirster/phantom dancer even after you get it.
But anyway...yeah...the most improtant part porbably is that you hurt your early game...ashe's early game should be hard enough to survive, even without going on item adventures liek this...but if the enemy team is passive enough i suppose you wouldnt even notice that.

lastchancexi 10-08-2012 07:58 PM

Last Whisper (which you always build on Ashe) allows you to ignore much of the armor penetration. Avarice Blade is actually pretty terrible, because you need AD and attack speed to really take advantage of critical chance. Crit Chance is a late game stat, while gp5 is an early game stat.

Teamslash 10-08-2012 10:11 PM

The primary reason to get Youmuu's is the active, which is slightly better for melee champs than it is for ranged champs. Attack speed can be acquired from other sources. Movement speed is usually not an issue for ashe (she should be behind her team). It's not bad per se, just not as desirable as other options (you don't need the gp5 because of her skill and the last-hitting you should be doing). Boots,IE (especially with its synergy with ashe passive), BT, TF xor PD are all more important, and you'll need the last two slots to adapt to enemy builds. Last whisper is your counter to high armor items, for instance.

You get Youmuu's only when you really need a(nother) Ghost.

Warrrrax 10-09-2012 08:49 AM

Youmuus is basically a cheap hybrid between Inf Edge and Phantom Dancer, in that it accomplishes the same goals for a melee champ.

It adds some AD, some crit, some CDR which is usually more helpful to melee champs for gapclosing, some armor penetration for overall damage boost, and the clickey which adds AS and movespeed to allow them to chase.

It works because a melee can get the ghostblade, buff their autoattack potential significantly, AND have room for decent tankiness and defense. Champs like Xin, Yi, etc just don't have the room for Inf Edge and PD. Too expensive.

But someone like Ashe is SUPPOSED to spend all their cash on offense. Furthermore, an ADC typically takes pokeshots at stuff, instead of sustained attacking. Hence, a BFSword to Inf Edge is the best way to get a lot of 1 shot damage, which is most desired. Especially with Ashe's passive.

After getting the big poke damage, then she gets crit and AS to make her autoattack really uber. That means PD. Then a bloodthirster for sustain and even more AD, and more crit from there.

Ashe doesnt really benefit strongly from CDR either, and as mentioned they will prefer a last whisper for some real armor pen.

So basically Ghostblade is kind of the abbreviated version of IE/PD/LW, which makes it a bit out of place for her. She is better off just getting the Real Deal.

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