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Lord Ryushishin 10-08-2012 06:53 PM

Tips for Novice Jungler
So I been finally trying to pick up the art of jungling.

Any tips or tricks I should know about to improve upon my Jungling ability?

I know having a record or memorization of spawn times is one as well as knowing the enemy jungler's weak spots is another.

Junglers I have in mind in learning are Cho, Olaf, Jarvan, Rengar, Mundo, and possibly Lee Sin if I decide to Unlock him. And yes, I do like Tanky type Champions. Aside from Lee, I do have some experience playing all the Champions I listed in Lane. Jarvan > Cho > Mundo > Rengar > Olaf in terms of my comfort level.

themaddscientist 10-08-2012 07:02 PM

I don't recommend Cho in the jungle because he is very easy to counter-jungle. I would suggest if you're learning a new tanky champ either to start with Maokai or Malphite. Malphite has good clearing time because of his W passive and active, and Maokai is a force to be feared at all parts of the game, all the time. I've had a lot of good luck and fun with playing, and stomping with Maokai in particular.

I am unfamiliar with most of the other champions having only played Mundo once when I first started playing, but I would experiment to see who you like the most. My simple guideline for a champion is that they need to have good ganking potential, some CC, and should realistically be relatively tanky. Good luck finding a good jungler you like.

summoz 10-08-2012 07:15 PM

I'm only 1450 ELO at the moment and i main jungle.

The main thing that helped me improve is warding. Every says this like its something you have to do, and its true.. Prioritise wards over gear. When you go back, buy 2 wards each time.

Place them at the buffs. If you're counter jungling, place them in the enemy buff camps.

Seriously, just ward. You're far better off knowing where your oponent is so you can counter his movements.

(ie. You ward your blue. Your Jungle oponent tries to steal it. You are helping bot lane so you can call for your Top and mid to stop your blue from getting stolen. While thats happening, you can go into his jungle and steal his blue.) Once you've taken it, you ward his Blue. When you see him at his Blue, you can take his Red. Countering his movements, taking his jungle and just being a general pain in the ass.

A smart jungler will know when you are taking your buffs so place your wards wisely so they're not wasted.

Next thing is something that you should get into routine of doing. It's hard at first and requires a sense of concetration but after a while you get used to it. Keep buff timers.

You may already know this but Red and blue timers are on 5 min spawn timers. Drag is on 6.

(ie. You kill your red buff at 2min30s which is normal the first leesh at the start of each game. Type in chat "0730OR. 0730 is when it will spawn next and OR means "our red".)

Practice doing this for your blue and red buffs, as well as dragon. When you start getting used to doing this and you're warding/counter-jungling your oponent, keep timers on there buffs aswell so you know when to expect them to collect there blue etc.

You might know that your mid oponent will be going to get his blue at 0730 so this would be a good time to either try steal it off him or help your mid laner push his lane and get some good damage onto his oponents tower.

Always try to counter your jungle oponent. if you can't due to pick order, then work out what your team needs. Most junglers are tanky bruisers. Use www.championselect.com to counter your oponent. Don't just select what has been upvoted, actually skim over the comments as some aren't hard counters and require certain skills or situations that allow that champ to counter.

Take what you will from this, you may even be a higher ELO than me, but this is what has helped me win most my games (100 wins - 60 losses).

PS: Lee sin & Mundo are OP as phuck in ranked. Good luck killing a farmed Mundo and have fun trying to counter Lee sin.. his mobility is a joke.

TeknoWizard 10-08-2012 09:38 PM

The best thing you could do is to play as many junglers as you possibly can. If you play them, then you notice how the best ganks are pulled off, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how fast they clear. If you have first hand knowledge of all this, then you'll be even better off when it comes to fighting against them.

Also, learn the times for when their first cleared buff will respawn. Until I watch it die, I normally do:
And ward it up 30~ seconds before I think it spawns.

Notorious P I P 10-09-2012 07:06 PM

The biggest problem i have in the jungle is getting my team to help at dragon. Just as they need your help in lane with ganks you need them early to get the first dragon. The biggest advice i have for you is to pay attention to dragon and your lanes. As often as you can afford to give blue to mid it will help them win the lane. Wards have already been mwntioned so i wont beat a dead horse.

As is this whole game, teamwork is a must. If a lane is having a rough start help them out. Get your team to help with dragon. Sorry if its not what your looking for but thats the information that helped me get better in the jungle.

AlmightyFork 10-09-2012 09:41 PM

Wolves 1:40 to blue 1:55 to wraiths to wolves to red. Base gank ward. Gank again. Counter blue 7:00-7:30.
Counter jungle, kill all creeps but 1 little one.
Get the start down fast, and you will do fine. Ping your ganks. Let your allies pull them out. Gank bottom before asking for dragon help. They wont come if people are in lane and first tower is up normally.

summoz 10-09-2012 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by AlmightyFork (Hozzászólás 30066985)
Wolves 1:40 to blue 1:55 to wraiths to wolves to red. Base gank ward. Gank again. Counter blue 7:00-7:30.
Counter jungle, kill all creeps but 1 little one.
Get the start down fast, and you will do fine. Ping your ganks. Let your allies pull them out. Gank bottom before asking for dragon help. They wont come if people are in lane and first tower is up normally.

Quite a good guide for a beginner. Would probably start of cloth 5 pot for this though.

If you're planning on going for a lvl 2 gank (which is OP as phuck), then go boot 3 pot.

Amatzikahni 10-10-2012 12:28 AM

My personal two favorite junglers are Amumu and Rammus. They're both very susceptible to counter jungling but their ganking and teamfighting potentials are amazing.

El Jobo Loco 10-10-2012 07:34 AM

Great advice so far. Taking timers is tough but doable. Memorizing first clear-times is vital to controlling all sides of the jungle and will help immensely. If you're spotted out by a ward, you know you gotta start clearing with an oracles. Ping ALL possible enemy movement between lanes when you see shifts on the mini-map and move yourself accordingly to help against possible roaming ganks that don't come from the other jungler. Your teammates need map awareness, but they are also restricted to timing last hits and dodging harass so the extra pings will keep them sharp.

Learn alternate ganking-routs. Don't just shuffle straight down the river every time. A good example: If you suspect a river-ward at dragon/baron, as Jarvan you can spear-toss-pull yourself over the wall and into the brush to get around it. Or enter jungle through baron pit or dragon pit by going over the wall. Lee Sin can do the same thing with ward-dashes. Monkeyman and shako can stealth between bushes to stay hidden while closing distance.

Best is to get your teammates to engage fights first. If you ping and they do jack-$#!t (common, ROFL) unil AFTER you charge into lane, you're not catching anyone. Biggest problem ganking is when your teammates don't run distractions, don't get any harassment damage earlier, don't help until they see you've taken all the burst damage onto yourself while they cowered in the back lines. Malarky goes wrong real quickly like that, and then they try to pin the blame on you, when it is their own fault for not working with you as a single moving attacking cohesive unit.

Save your gap-closers for AFTER the initiation. Mao has a root and a slow, Lee has a slow (I think?), Jarvan, Olaf, etc, Noct has a fear. Use soft CC right away and then if they look like they might escape, use the gap closer/hard CC to lock them down for the finish. If you blow the hard CC too early they can weasel out of ganks easier.

Learn ALTERNATE first-clear paths. Everyone gets a little blue back from the camps now, so you can get away with starting wraiths/red with all junglers, which is good for avoiding lvl1 invasions.

Learn to anticipate possible invasions by asking teammates to spread a net of vision out across the river while waiting for camps to spawn. Watching does not mean needing to fight, though. Just knowing the enemies intentions, you can alter your plans accordingly. They want your blue? Fine, start red instead, or start their blue instead. Easy peasy.

Remember that manaless junglers like to wraiths/red/LVL2 GANK, so clear your blue, then waste a few seconds keeping an eye out for an enemy gank. Counter-ganking habits are a great thing to build. This is built into knowing your enemies tendencies and knowing clear-times.

Understand that you WILL almost always be under-leveled and under-gold compared to lanes for quite a while. This is normal. Itemize accordingly. Gold-for-5s are great for this reason. Support items are great for this reason too, cuz they're cheap and help out the whole team a TON. Shurelya's is awesome for initiates, Aegis is great utility, Randuin's and Frozen Heart are phenomenal for slowing all enemies down. Zeke's for auto-attack heavy teammates.

Hmm... I'm sure there's more. :)

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