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Dewtrocity 10-07-2012 11:12 PM

Is this Cho Gath build good?

I like the part with the health regen + pot into 2 gp10 items and boots but after that it says to get a Wits End to help clear the jungle faster, I was wondering if this is really needed or if at the point when I have enough gold for one I could clear the jungle with my silence, rupture, and spikes just fine. Also should I max my Silence or Spikes first in jungle?

Ginko 10-07-2012 11:17 PM

If they don't have a lot of magic damage, then don't get a Wit's End obviously. Also if your team is really squishy, you should ignore the Wit's End completely unless you're really far ahead from successful ganks. I would build Cho classic tanky-jungler:

boots, philo & hog, then Aegis / Frozen Heart / Force of Nature depending on your team's needs and state of the enemy

Not really sure what Cho maxes in jungle, but I assume you only need one point into Q (ganking as jungle cho isn't about damage, it's about disruption and CC). I would max Silence to prevent their carry from blinking or something after you land your Q. 2-3 points into spikes is probably a good idea for better clears as the guide suggests.

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