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LordZZX 10-07-2012 12:47 AM

Looking for an active and dedicated 5v5 team
I'm a ~1500 elo player who can play any role above par. I don't play support very often because I can't carry as support, but if necessary I can. Generally I have to carry my team every game and I'd like to get onto a 5v5 team so I can trust my teammates to make good game decisions. I could go above 1500 if I put in more ranked games. I am extremely active; basically I play all day everyday because I'm off of school at the moment. Add me ingame or post here. My name ingame is also LordZZX.

And I am looking for an active team only. I want to at least get to gold, but getting a dedicated team willing to practice together and possibly scrim would be a huge plus. I'm willing to play some normal games first to tryout if the team is that serious, but I'm also down for just getting straight into the ranked games.

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