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Roalr 10-06-2012 07:21 PM

Negative attitude at champion select
Hello Riot,

I have read your concerns about a voting system, I came up with something that I believe meets your demands:

The Voting System

At the beginning of a season, every player is given 3 vote tokens. A vote token can be used to start a vote to kick a player out of the champion select lobby. Once a player has been kicked out of the lobby, an option for reporting him will be made available. The report will be presented at the tribunal, and it will include a copy of the pre-game chat and the list of champions and their summoner spells. Furthermore, the kicked player is forced to wait a few minutes before queuing again.

To prevent abuse of the system, the following rules would apply:
  • A player may only initiate 1 vote per day.
  • Members of a premade are not allowed to initiate a vote. However, an other player on the team who isn't part of a premade may start a vote.
  • All the players on the team must agree for the vote to pass (4 votes required, like surrendering).
  • A vote token is removed from the player who initiates the vote. If the reported player is found guilty at the tribunal, the token is restored to the player who initiated the vote. At any given time, a player will have in his possession a maximum of 3 vote tokens. If the vote does not pass, the player who initiated the vote loses his token with no chance of getting it back until the beginning of a new season.
  • Players who participate in the vote do not lose a token, it is only the player who starts the vote that consumes a token.

Riot's Concerns


In ranked match, a team could artificially use the voting system to selectively match make with team that they perceived to be weaker, or to use the system to give them an “edge” in match making. Some examples are: “the other side banned my favorite champion, let’s use the vote system to queue dodge” or “they picked my best champion, let’s use the vote system to queue dodge”, “the other side got some high elo players, let’s dodge use the vote system”.
By giving a very limited amount of vote tokens to players per season, they would have to carefully use their tokens and would be far less likely to use them to abuse the system. Even if they did, they would only be allowed to do it a very few times per season.


In regions that are with culturally, racially, religiously or linguistically diverse population, this system may enable a form of discrimination. A majority can vote kick a player who is not from their country, do not speak their language, do not believe in their religion, or do not belong to the same race. Think about our EU servers, how many countries falls under the EU server region?
Refer to answer above.


There is a concern for voting percentage. A 4 man SR premade could kick any one they want regardless if the 5th person is a troll or not. This is especially true in regions where ranked team does not exist, and “premade” still exist. Same concept applies to ranked TT, a premade can out-vote the third player with impunity.
This situation will not exist if premades aren't allowed to start a vote.


There is also a concern that this system’s operational effectiveness is limited. Trolls are not dumb, once they found out such system exist, they will just be “nice” during champion selection and start trolling right afterwards.
This can be said of many systems, however, it does not make the system pointless. I'll give you an example: some players start playing with the intention of doing their best, however a situation arises, and they get mad, they then decide to troll their team and it eventually leads to a loss. The system used to deal with that is the report option and the tribunal. Did the troll get around the system for that particular game? Yes, but not for long as he will eventually be judged. The same goes for my voting system.


Time limit on champion select. If we start a vote on one side, and let’s say each person have 10 seconds to press “vote” button. That’s 50 seconds per side for a SR game without any other champion select functionalities getting triggered. The whole champion selection process could take much longer than the current system. This will affect player experience (since many consider the ranked champion selection process is too long already)
Why give each person 10 seconds to vote? You could simply give a global 15 second timer for everyone on the team to vote. Also again, by severely limiting the amount of vote tokens given per season, this would not be abused.

Note: I reposted it in this sub forum because it didn't belong in general chat
Original thread may be found here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2635367

Lachlanthegreat 10-08-2012 11:46 PM

The person that thought of this system is heading in the right direction, however i think to help with your concern of premade teams it could be made that the system is only usuable in ranked play so that only 2 people can be grouped togeather at most and it is ranked i think where the problem really lies. I just had a problem in a ranked game where someone at the bottom called carry but it was taken by someone above them and instead of choseing a different role they decided they would carry as well which i have seen more then once before. Because of this i had to leave meaning i recieved a half an hour ban, even though all i did was spare my team from defeat, and the offendor got off to just go and do the same thing again, which is why this system would be a huge improvement.

kavinh the third 10-09-2012 09:37 AM

problem is your essentially having people report a player in the lobby before the game actually starts. yes u need all 4 players and it's limited to once a day but that's not uncommon at all in lower ellos where they believe that tier list bs actually applies to them and won't hesistate to vote kick someone who plays something unorthodoxe like say a karma or a zilean even though they aren't by any means weak in that ello.

kwitz 10-09-2012 09:58 AM

I hear everyone's concerns but something needs to be done. it is getting old having to drop from games just because a couple kids want to ruin it for everyone. the other day i had to drop out of three different games and they said how they were laughing so hard over skype. these people need to be punished. stop trolling at character select.

Pierce7d 10-09-2012 01:50 PM

TBH, I wouldn't even care if I got kicked from a ranked game because I picked Zilean. This couldn't happen to me multiple times in a row, because people would run out of vote tokens, and the odds of all 4 allied players wanting to kick me because I played Zilean are extremely low. If that's really how they feel, let them kick me. If there's no queue penalty on getting kicked, then I wouldn't care.

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