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naotasan 10-06-2012 02:45 PM

Add a new "Spectate Live" page
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I've been thinking about this feature for quite some time but I have no photoshop abilities so I will have to rely on my vocabulary and friends for help to describe this one.

Please tell me what you think of this and give me your opinions!

Basic Idea: It is my suggestion that it's time to add a new page-type to the list of features up top. We will call it Spectate Live and move the current "Spectate Live" we have to that page along with a number of other features I have brainstormed. It could incorporate things such as "Featured Streamers" into this new page - something no other game has.

The Look: I tried my best to write this one out but I believe a picture best describes it, or at least I can use the picture for a reference.

(Picture credit: Digikid13)

In this picture, the help button is decreased in size and moved next to the settings button and then replaced with the "Spectate Live" page button. The new "eye" button will bring you to the new "Spectate Live" page which has a number of features.

The Features:
I will try my best to describe these features without an image reference. Eventually if I can't find help I'll just MSPaint it myself.

Basically, on this "Spectate Live" page it will change the current page to a new one (Similar to clicking Profile or Shop). On this new page will be [at the very least in my idea] a list of games currently running organized beyond the limit of 5 games.

On the top center of the page, we keep the original Spectate Live look that grabs randomly high ranked games from ALL play lists (Twisted Treeline, Dominion, and Normal Summoners Rift, my thoughts about Proving Grounds being added to the list are still under development and discussion on this could be good)

The Spectate Live feature will also be updated to show Summoner Skills that the players picked as well as what the game type is (No more "Normal=Dominion". It should be Dominion=Dominion for example).

Once that is set up, below there are up to FOUR more Spectate Live options.

Instead of grabbing from random high ranked games, each Spectate Live box would offer games for a pre-selected game-type. For example, the first one would be just alternate games [Dominion/Twisted Treeline/Maybe Proving Grounds] and the second would be only normal Summoners Rift games.

(If the Dominion Community gets ranked, it could change my idea, so this is pre-season 3 ideas)

Now that's only two, and I'm leaving room here for ideas. With a total of 3 spectate live boxes, below could be "Featured Streamer" list and have the two with the most viewers, or to be extremely nice to those who are unpopular, two random but online streams.
Hell, this page could even be transformed later to be able to watch any current tournament being hosted by Riot (World Championships being watched in the game client anyone?)

I also remember Riot saying something about having weekly games between top teams similar to how American Football and Baseball currently air on television - this page could be used in a way where the streams are also located here.

The amount of promotion Riot can do for its community from this one page would set every other game back a few years and Riot would be raising the bar far out of reach of other competitive games.

If anyone is willing to help with Photoshop so I can explain my ideas clearly, please feel free to let me know!
Also, check out my other thread about updating the friends list here

Polljolly 10-06-2012 09:35 PM

I just thought of an idea, if people could select a champion and then the interface would show games with that champion being played. That would be cool for people who want to see high level or just other people play a particular champion.

Malah 10-07-2012 07:23 PM

Yes, please! It's rather annoying that whenever some new esport thing is going on, I can't watch any of these matches. And, even when not, there are rarely Dominion matches and I've never even seen a TT match to spectate.

naotasan 10-09-2012 02:06 PM

There's so many directions it can go.
All of them positive.

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