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Tynq 10-06-2012 08:07 AM

am i a n00b for
wanting to be ezreal for halloween

mistmann 10-06-2012 08:15 AM

no way i want to be teemo

Nerull187 10-06-2012 08:39 PM


Gavran 10-06-2012 09:35 PM

n00b no, but that's kind of a lame choice. Man up and be Tryndamere. Bonus points if you scream for a while anytime someone insults you.

Malkontent69 10-06-2012 11:31 PM

I plan to make a cardboard barrel and get shortpants and a rope so I can be Gragas. Trust me, it's a fitting costume :D Some friends of mine plan on going as Tristana and Teemo. I think it'll be adorable.

NoneLikeRob 10-07-2012 12:48 AM

I'm hoping to be able to afford to have my daughter (10 years old) and i go as reverse annie. I imagine a good Tibbersish bear costume will cost an arm and a leg though, then to find an Annie dress that will fit over it will be hell.

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