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anu mara 10-06-2012 07:05 AM

normal ELO advances too fast
I'm sick of wide winning streaks/semi-streaks... Only to have to then lose far to many games in streaks because my whatever elo system you use normal games has far too much of a delta-gain for a win.

This is consistent I get a lucky composition, some people on chat, or a little bit of luck. Match making goes WTF this guy magically got a TON better. No I didn't get magically get a lot better your match making system is just fritzing out, and adapting too fast. I've played at about the level I'm at for the past year, and have no intention of going beyond the casual level I'm at.


TLDR: match making doesn't account for luck, whims, and other humanity factor... Then screws you by advancing or devancing you too fast and too quickly.

pro4never 10-06-2012 07:12 AM

Define winning streaks or losing streaks...

Luck is likely a large portion of what you're seeing. The 'elo plummet' caused by being truly out of your skill range would involve like dozens of losses in a row (outside of lucky rounds where you're carried).

Simply winning/losing 3-5 in a row doesn't throw you out of your approximate bracket, just reflects the luck of matchmaking and your personal skill level that play session.

Play well one day, winning streak, next day you don't play as well so you go losing streak... because you're right at the cusp of your skill level as far as difficulty goes.

Working as intended.

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