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Bounty Hunter239 10-06-2012 05:59 AM

Janna or Jax?
Which one should i pick?

CTkiller 10-06-2012 06:00 AM


every support out performs Janna

Dracid 10-06-2012 06:15 AM

that's like saying eggs and bacon or lasagna? Both serve different roles and it depends on what you feel like doing.

Janna is a good support if you know how to play her.

Jax is a BEAST top lane. His late game is undeniably strong if you get there and know how to build him. Also a fun jungler to :)

xSector 10-06-2012 06:18 AM

they are only 1350 ip. who cares

JuniorFisherman 10-06-2012 06:21 AM

Jax because POW, POW, POW, POW, POW on turrets :)

Eletale 10-06-2012 06:23 AM

It's really sad, but in her current state Janna has joined the ranks of the "supports extremely overnerfed by the balance team". Taric costs the same and it's more effective if you need a support.

D U N K E D 10-06-2012 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by JuniorFisherman (Hozzászólás 29939259)
Jax because POW, POW, POW, POW, POW on turrets :)

Like a truck

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