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KillerStriker 10-04-2012 04:04 AM

ELO scoring???
How is ELO scoring determined?

Whenever I win a game, be it a quick win, a long game; if I have a lot of kills, maybe no kills, or no deaths: I go up 11 points. Every time, it's never anything but 11 points.

Yet every time I lose a game, under any condition, I always, always, go down more than 11 points! Normally 14. How in the hell is anyone supposed to raise their rank, when you go down for a loss more than you go up for a win??? It doesn't seem to matter what happens in the game.

. . .If I would just get a competent team, then winning practically feels guaranteed. That's all I need: just a competent team. They don't have to be all-stars. Just a competent team, is fine!

There's so many trolls and. . extremely poor players. I don't understand why players who play this badly, are even ELO ranked as high as 1000, even! It's like a guaranteed loss when one of them is on your team. How are they even there????

It's just so demoralizing, to play an ADC, barely scrape your team through to a victory in late game, then the next game, get trolled, or have an AFK, and end up lower than you began!!

How does this rationally even make sense?? If someone is AFK, red-named, then the match shouldn't even count for as much as an actual game. It should be half as much, or something; it certainly shouldn't count as a loss for more than what a win would count for!!!!

Aimee 10-04-2012 04:31 AM

Well for your elo to go up, you need to win more then you lose... So it makes sense. If you won more then the small 11 would add up. If you lose more then the 14 will add up.

KillerStriker 10-04-2012 05:08 AM

. . .if I won more, and each game added or subtracted 1 point, then I would still go up if I won more games, and down if I lost more.

KillerStriker 10-04-2012 08:58 AM

oh good: I went up 12 in my last game. 8-1-8. I still don't understand how it's decided what change I get to my ELO. Or why it's still not a 14 even when I play this well. :/

trackmaster 10-04-2012 03:43 PM

It's based on average team elos. I've had as little as 5 for a win, but we averaged about 50 more elo per person

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