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Ozann Grey 09-30-2012 12:33 PM

Backyard tournament!
OK, I'm back, and I would like to try this again, as it was a lot of fun, and I think I've figured out ways to keep the arguing down. So let's get started.


So with this you will be the only one in charge of you and your team, that way I won't have to worry about it and drop the ball on other things.
So how this will work, is there will be 5 v 5's 3 v 3's and 1 v 1's. *will explain down further* So what will happen is you can make a team or team up with

other people to make a team for 5 v 5's or 3 v 3's or both, and on tourney day if you don't have enough people for it then you are booted no questions asked, so

I would suggest maybe 6-8 people per team, then the 1 v 1 is kinda easy, you just say you wanna do it and then wait for your turn to fight, pretty simple. Also

I will try to have moderators 1 for each team to make sure there is no foul play arguing ect.

5 v 5

Pretty simple, there will be a lot of 5 v 5 teams in a bracket format and you and your team will have to fight your way to the top. You should have more then 5

people on your team in case someone has to leave or whatever. There will be 1 capt per team chosen by the team, and 1 moderator, chosen by me. theses matches

will be played on SR on tourney draft mode.

3 v 3

Same as 5 v 5 but on TT tourney draft

1 v 1

THE TRUE TEST OF SKILL! The deciding factor to that burning question inside your head "Am I noob or am I pro?" Fight your way in grueling 1 v 1's battle your

enemies, your friends your leaders and leave them all lying on the battle field as you fight your way to the top to show the world, or at least your friends how

much better at the game you are then them and how much less a life you have!!! Will be played on PG blind pick


Will be volunteers and can't play in 5 v 5 or 3 v 3 unless other mod's want to play with them and set up an altogether new team of just mod's, they can play in

the 1 v 1 though. There job will be to go in team chat with there assigned teams, and just make sure there is no uncalled for fighting with that team and other

teams, and to make sure no foul play is involved. However if a mod is found giving a teams plan away they will be booted from the tourney. The team will also be

required to have there mod in ALL team related chat.

If you would like to join, or have any questions post below, if you have a team already have the team capt post below, his in game name, his team name and his

team's in game names, and if they are doing 5 v 5 and/or 3 v 3's. If you want to do 1 v 1 just post your in game and and say 1 v 1. And if you would like to be

a mod just post your in game name and mod.

Ozann Grey!

Edit: If I can get 8 plus teams to do this I might be able to get Riot to sponsor it.

Jaxnarb 10-01-2012 06:03 AM

Hey there!

A couple of buddies and I are interested but I got a question.

Is there going to be a prize?

Ozann Grey 10-01-2012 12:59 PM

Hello, so at the moment there are no prizes. Thought about talking to riot about something as I can not afford to do prizes for a little while. But I was going to wait and see the response I got and if I could get enough people wanting to join before talking to riot. I hope this does not deter you and your friends from joining.
Ozann Grey

Fraenir 10-01-2012 05:19 PM

im in. the names for the people on my team are


i can add more if needed

Ephik Phail OP 10-01-2012 06:38 PM

when will this take place?? if its not soon then i'm in with some friends.

Ephik Phail OP
Crick the Sage
Great Tsuna

cabamm 10-02-2012 12:25 PM

Call up "Project: BigMother"

Mikulo yasuda~~~~~~~~~ - 3s team
Littlebigbaby ~~~~~~~~~~~~ - 3s team
Sadness Assassin
Major D Major
Wurls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - 3s team

~Will edit, rough team makeup~

Whitey22 10-02-2012 04:19 PM

Me and some friends would like to join the 5s bracket


AwesomeBroDude 10-03-2012 08:43 PM

Do you have a tentative date?

MagicMan2014 10-05-2012 01:50 PM

I might be interested, do you have a time and a date for the tourney. Preferably weekends

xMaSFrost 10-05-2012 02:48 PM

We would like to join if most of these games are played in the weekends Fri, Sat, or Sun.
We would like to join the 5 v 5 Bracket.
Our team is:
IV Drammaster IV
i am Fedz (I may have misspelled)
~~~~~This post will be Edited for future needs~~~~~

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