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Jmaf 09-29-2012 07:02 AM

Help i'm a bad..
So I have around 600 games under my belt or so.. I originally was mad because i thought the only reason I was in my 900 elo rating and dropping down to 800 was because i got trolled into a bunch of bad habits. Now I admit I would like some help.

things I do now that made me less nooby

I can last hit! omg omg omg!. This is the one thing I do extremely well for my elo range often I out cs my 1400 elo friends. However I have no idea when to freeze or push the lane.. I would like help learning lane control/when to harass..I play passive often due to fear of getting blown up.

I ward...usually. I have learned that if my support has not enough sense to ward buying a wriggles is usually enough. I know where to ward just I am not sure how many I can manage to buy without inhibiting my builds.

I know which items work on what champions. I also am familiar with what most champions abilities do and when the enemy might use them..my problem sometimes focus too much on what they might do and lose sight of what they're currently doing.

I have no idea what rune pages to use...I have 20 rune pages with no idea what to fill them with...

lastly I have a temper...working on it irl.

Final notes: Sadly I have went on a spending spree looking for an op champ to carry me out. I own 100 champions and play all lanes.

tyvm for the non trolls who want to honestly help. I sincerely appreciate your attempts to help me be better.
sincerely, a desperate player.

Sephïroth 09-29-2012 10:05 AM

Wow you sound exactly like my friend IRL. Minus the wanting to get better about his temper and game part.

As far as farming goes, you want to be as close to your tower without minions taking aggro. Your support should do this for you, but if he doesn't just take the damage and keep them there.

If you need to go back and are full, attempt to push the lane during a cannon minion, because the tower will get rid of him and your other rows will not push as hard, making you miss less exp/cs.

Do not use cookie cutter items for any champion. Frankly, other than ADC usually every item you get can be substituted in the right situation. Even ADC, After IE you may want to get something besides a Phantom Dancer.

Runes are really preference, I've personally bought almost every Rune and keep trying them out. Use what works best.

As far as your temper goes, just try asking yourself if you've ever done what you're angry at. That is my friends problem, he does the exact same thing they do and he rages them for it.

Some people need a bit of rage, and warrant it. Don't rage because of a first blood. Hell, don't rage until they are 0/7 and 30 cs, or they obviously are doing something dumb.

BorisGump 09-29-2012 10:24 AM

let me tell u about freezing and pushing the lane. u should freeze the lane when the minions are near the turret but arent taking turret fire this forces the enemy to be in the "gank zone" and makes it hard for him to cs and also makes it harder for him to duel u.

do not use this strategy if ur laner decides to roam, instead just put a ward and push his lane so hard that he is forced to come back or lose as many turrets as u can take.u can also push the lane if the jungler lacks presence and the enemy laner is terrible at last hitting under turret such as pantheon,swain,fiddle, other. i hope this helps u with understanding freeze and pushing lanes. this strategy is mainly top lane advice since thats my main role.

as for when to duel it depends on who u are and who ur facing. its great to harass jax when u are a stronger pre 6 champ like gp because he doesnt have enough dmg to trade back. to harass enemies u must understand all champions is all i can say about that. u must also consider the snowball factor which can lead to winning or losing a lane depending who gets that first kill. so study ur champs and all their matchups. good luck and have fun

jadelink 09-30-2012 01:06 AM

I really wouldnt buy a wriggles as an ADC in order to ward. You are much better off buying a couple of wards yourself. The wriggles just wont let you keep your damage output on par with the other ADC, and you can get pressured out of the lane.

If you like passive play, then you can either learn when to be aggressive, or you can chose characters who are favored by a quiet farming lane (typically those with a weak early game and strong late game).

Your last hitting skill means that ADC, and top would be easier for you to do well at. (Mids can make up for lack of last hit skills with farming spells at least half the time).

Help your jungler guard jungle and leash if you are in an adjacent lane to his start. This means the ganks come earlier, and in a gank you know you are supposed to attack. If you can last hit, and not push your lane, it will stand out for easier ganking.

Keep up the wards. As for the raging, try breathing deeply and relaxing the tension in your body, even if you lose, your less angry and tense, you have a more pleasant game.

Best of luck.

Anzell 09-30-2012 01:32 AM

I agree that a wriggles has a time and a place as an ADC, you just need to think it through.
While a wriggles can sound like a good item to build, making one could set you back from other items a little too much when you could have just purchased a few wards.
Many people think you're a troll if you build it, they are just blind to the benefits it can really give you.
Besides making it easier to farm if you are having last hit troubles.
The armor and life steal can help you stay alive if you are getting harassed more than you and your support can handle.
If your team comp has a jungler that also builds wriggles you could set up a early dragon kill and have the wards to do it safely if communicated correctly.

As for runes I saw it posted above. Try new things, 20 pages gives you a lot of options, be creative.

EyeHearShapes 09-30-2012 01:42 PM

Try different roles. When i started ranked i played almost exclusively support, i got fairly good at it although i noticed that i wasn't good enough at it to win a game by myself for my team. So i tried different roles like jung mid ect . I was terrible at first but as i played the more i got better also playing different roles taught me how different positions act in situations and where the jung could be. The most important thing i find though is to communicate and to so to speak "chop of the finger to save the hand". Alot of times people are going to get caught or make a poor decision. Around the 900 elo it seems people feel they should rush into a bad initiation to try to help, i find its sometimes better just to let the enemy get a kill , rather then risk getting aced.

onDuBz 09-30-2012 02:20 PM

Cool thread with pretty good advice so far. My input has to do with the temper. We all want to win, but you need to ask yourself, why are you getting mad? This is a team game and you can't control how well your teammates do, etc. So ultimately, the ability for you to win and perhaps even do well (to a point) is dependent on other people (not you).

Yes, it is a simple concept, but I find that most people struggle with the control aspect here. If you're having a temper from it, realize you're grasping to this idea. You have a fraction of the control necessary to win. In other words, it is not your fault unless you're a laning phase feeder or failing in all the team fights. GL!

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