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Armageddal 09-28-2012 12:31 PM

A Question for Riot: Bumping
Hi there.

I'm quite experienced with a variety of different forums, but I have found the League of Legends forums to be rather odd in one way. According to the Forum Code of Conduct, found in the General Discussion forum, "Threads need to be constructive and have a clear topic. Subsequent replies need to also be constructive to ensure that the integrity of that topic isn't compromised. Bumping a thread without adding additional relevant information is not considered constructive."

I have never encountered a forum in which bumping one's own thread actually breaks the Code of Conduct. Sometimes it is frowned upon because it makes the first-page life of other threads shorter, but it is still accepted. If thread owners don't bump their thread, it will die. The majority of forum viewers will not scroll through several pages of threads when browsing the forums. Even if someone searches a specific topic, the chances of them posting on that topic are fairly slim; drawing on my experience of the League of Legends forums, I would estimate that I get a post on my thread for every 100-300 views, depending on the topic and length of the thread. Every time my own thread passes across the front page, it gets about 100-150 views. Once it hits the second page, I get dramatically less views. Once my thread is off of the first three pages, I get roughly 10 views a day, and I would attribute that to the fact that my thread shows up on Google if you search "AD Malzahar".

*Note: "... without adding relevant content..." This is a problem, because any relevant content that is added will usually just be edited into the original post, so as to keep all the relevant information in one place. So, bumping one's thread by adding relevant content is not a very good way of bumping.

I understand that if everyone, or even 20% of the forum community, starts bumping their threads, the first-page life of a thread will be dramatically reduced; however, it also means that thread owners who take the time to care for their threads will be rewarded with more views. To limit the speed at which threads are bumped, and to reduce the amount of 'Bump" posts, I would suggest that you add a button that bumps one thread without replying to the thread. To limit the bump rate, place a time limit on how often you can use the button.

*The basis for this idea comes from my experience with the Jagex forums (the developers of RuneScape).



CaterpillarCake 09-28-2012 12:52 PM

agree good idea

edit: the general discussion forum is a complete mess btw, you should try to do something to fix it.

Armageddal 10-06-2012 05:55 PM

Ironically I am bumping this thread to try to get Riot to answer this.

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