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PentaAsian 09-27-2012 11:01 AM

Perma-Support on Ranked?
So I am at the ELO where I am nearly perma-support. I will not say what ELO I am at for the simple fact that the comments will most likely be different depending on what ELO I say I am at. If I would like to just play that 1 game of not support and not get flamed at the beginning because I didn't call out what role I want to play, is their anyway to convince my teammates that I am most likely better at that role than the person who wants it?

Totallity 09-27-2012 11:37 AM

Why don't you call what you want? It is pretty simple, you will get flamed if you don't call it and then try to force someone out of that position later and imo rightfully so. Communicate with your team beforehand. If it is because you are waiting to see who they pick then try to communicate that beforehand, not after.

TheUnburned 09-27-2012 11:40 AM

Here's what you do:
1) Enter champion select
2) Check your position
3) If you're first pick, declare what position (and usually the champion as well since you have no need to counterpick) you're going outright, e.g., "Going adc, Ez" (first pick should generally be bot lane to avoid counterpicking, so if you want to go mid, ask someone to switch champs with you; this may not be a possibility in low ELO since I'm in a similar situation)
4) If you're 2nd-4th pick, state your preferred positions (2 or 3), e.g., "Prefer top or mid, jungle if we need." Make sure you pay attention to what the players below you said, so you're not taking the only position that somebody else can play well. That's just bad for your team.
5) If you're last pick, it's usually a good idea to fill in a role that your team needs. That said, you can still state your preferred positions so your team knows what to leave open for you. At the very least, state any positions that you outright CAN'T play well enough for ranked, e.g., ("Hey guys, I'll take what we need, but I'm best at mid and top. I really can't support well").

You'll usually get one of the two main roles you want this way. If someone below you in the pick order demands a position because they "called it first. mid or feed.", just take your position anyway. Pick order is enforced in draft/ranked; if they don't like it, they should play blind. Of course if they ask NICELY about it, then you're better off giving up the position you want for the sake of your team.

Of course you also want to pick champions that synergize well with each other, as well as countering the enemy, so a lot more communication than this is required. But I think this is a good basic way of going about it in draft and ranked.

Lord Puppy Fury 09-27-2012 11:55 AM

I generally try to fill in which means I end up playing A LOT of support (like, 3-4x more games with Taric than with any other champion). When I play with friends they'll often offer to cover the support role so I can play something else. Try to queue with friends and ask them to give you a break from support now and again.

TheUnburned 09-27-2012 01:45 PM

Something I forgot, most players in ranked (including high ELO) will keep a copy of their preferred positions in their clipboard (copy it from a notepad file and have it ready to go). Then, when they enter champion select, they simply paste it into the chat. That way you don't have to deal with "called it first" people when you're one of the first picks.

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