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Omniknight04 09-22-2012 10:07 AM

@Riot In game team speak??
So, I got approved to beta test Dota2... I played one game and I think it is terrible. However, I loved the idea that during the one game I was in, I was also on a team speak with my team. I also liked the fact that they have an audio voice that calls mia in addition to the pings.

I would love to see these 2 features introduced to LoL! Other than that I find our game far superior. If this has already been brought up a million times, sorry for bringing it up again I did not look to find out how many times, if any, others addressed this.

Soul Relay 09-24-2012 06:06 AM

there are three problems with that, that I can see:

One there are some really annoying people on the internet that will make bad calls and bad plays if there is a team speak then he can put more influence in then he should be able to. Not only that but it just opens a whole new Pandoras' box of trolling and villainy. Not to mention how hard it would be to review tribunal case with audio to sift through as well.

Two a person who refuses to participate would automatically be branded as a detriment to the team despite his actual skill level or him making good pings, and calling mia in chat. It would create a standard that you have to potentially put up with annoying kids on team speak just because you didn't have your friends on for a premade and wanted to play a game.

Lastly despite there already being a minor issues with people who don't speak the same language just calling mia and pinging isn't hard for a foreigner to do. If you introduce team speak those people are at a natural disadvantage because of the prior mentioned point 2 about people who don't use the feature.

I mean there is a reason that vast majority of people don't use team speak in team fortress 2 despite good team work being essential in the game and I admit it's not as crucial in tf2 to be coordinated but it sure does make a tangible difference.

Larseus 09-30-2012 04:42 PM

This would be annoying in my opinion because it would remind me of playing COD on a console with all the kids or jerks swearing at you or some one and talking smack. It's bad enough to see it in the in-game chat let alone having a vocal person yapping about how you or some one else sucks. I use vent and play with friends so I don't have any issues not having an in game voice program. Just my opinion.

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