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The Burning Waffle 09-22-2010 05:10 PM

A Night at the Show [Open RP]
-Feel free to roleplay as a champion but please don't steal one already taken. The reason as to why we are rp'ing as champions is I'm not sure what we should quite define as the standard RP characters. Custom champs available if approved. Summoners are also available, but your role is limited to bystander
-Stay in Character (OOC posts put in parentheses)
-At the start of your post please put what champion you are RP'ing as in parenthesis
-No God-modding (for obvious reasons)
-Seeing as this is a collection of events leading up to Sona's show, random events can happen
-Be respectful of other people's posts
-Don't retcon other people's posts unless they are obviously not serious.
-Do not control other people's characters (non player enemies can be described)

Current Champion List:
(Gentleman) Cho'Gath, Zilean -The Burning Waffle
Garen -Koragon
Master Yi - Dracorya
Summoner -Munchlord, K D Bonez
Rammus -Unhinged
Malzahar- Die4769
Shen- Ninjamonkeys
Dreadmane -PhantomChaos
Kog'Maw -Undead Mantis
Twisted Fate -NinajFridge
Taric- Elif Thade
Warwick- Declovissi
Teemo- Mattimeo1912
JoJ Journalist/Youmuu -Reira Kashuld
Vladimir -Zer123
Kassadin- Roberick
Swain- Ejacu1337
Annie -Lolily
Jax- Masonry
Pantheon- AbominableToast
Karthus- SlovakAttack
Sona- Ronyo
Twitch- Idiotard
Blitzcrank- Gary teh Snail
Lux- Captain Kris
Shaco- H Minnow

Setting: The day before the newest champion rumored to join the league displays her skill

Cho'Gath eagerly grabbed the first passing citizen, pulling him into the alleyway where he stood, and consuming him before the man even made a sound. Following his meal, he looked at the mess he'd made and saw a flyer on the ground: "Sona: The Maven of the Strings! Playing a show that would bewitch even the most fearsome of the Void!" Cho'Gath took this as a challenge, however one he took with respect, after all one does not show up to a prime event blood soaked and nude. He hastily threw on his suit, carefully placed his monacle and top hat as to not fall in the event of combat, and prepared his pipe. "Tonight will be entertaining" he thought and grinned to himself.

(I know cho is bound by the league, but i'm taking a little poetic license)

Koragon 09-22-2010 05:13 PM

(Mind explaining the rules?)

The Burning Waffle 09-22-2010 05:22 PM

(sorry for forgetting, wanted to get the idea out of my head lol, and yes i borrowed the rules from amidst the ruins, but they are slightly modified, and they do work well)

Koragon 09-22-2010 05:57 PM

(I will take the role of... Garen.)

"Hmm... Sona the Maven of the Strings eh?" Said the powerful Might of Demacia. He looked eagerly at the poster, observing the new champion to join, "Well, it seems that I may have a new challange in store for me, I wonder what powers this girl possess." He smirked as he slowly strided through the streets.

The Burning Waffle 09-22-2010 06:12 PM


It was a rare occasion indeed, Cho'gath took great pleasure in strolling freely amongst the people of Demacia, all of whom recoiled in fear. He delighted in knowing he had such a standing above the mortals, grinning with sheer glee. Glee in which was shot as soon as he saw the glint of Azure armor. Many times had he been cut down by the Demacian champion, and many times had he feasted on him. He began to quicken his pace and tried to walk past foe

Koragon 09-22-2010 06:15 PM

Garen knew all to well the figure which stood before him.

"Would you like some more tea... Mr. Cho Gath?"
Garen lifted his sword, pointing it at the figure.

The Burning Waffle 09-22-2010 06:19 PM

"I am not here to fight today good sir, merely to observe this Witch of the strings who claims to captivate and bewitch anyone. As a gentleman I cannot take this challenge lieing down! and if you are to impede my right to accept it, then so be it sir!" gradually raising his voice until he was shouting coming very close to rupturing the eardrums of the innocent bystanders

Koragon 09-22-2010 06:26 PM

"You lay a hand on her beast, I will cut every talon of yours that dare come to impede Demacia."

Garen lay back his sword, heading towards the location of Sona.

The Burning Waffle 09-22-2010 06:36 PM

Cho'Gath grins and proceeds to walk alongside his foe "Perhaps for the night we shall be companions, we all know the summoners are fickle and put us as allies from time to time, why not establish a cease-fire until we learn of our new comrade and foes abilities?"

Dracorya 09-22-2010 06:38 PM

( :) Master Yi for me)

Master Yi pondered from his hidden shadowy corner at the confrontation between the Demacian and creature of the void. The Wuju Bladesman's interest had been pique when hearing that a native of his homeland was playing a concert in Demacia...else he'd have never set foot in the city. He felt so enclosed in the perfectly kept and neat Demacian streets and buildings which were so unlike home.

He felt a pang of sadness at the thought of his beloved isle. It brought back the painful memories of all he had lost...but...

His visored gaze followed Garen as the warrior kept a hostile glare at Cho'Gath. Deciding it would probably be in his best interest to keep an eye on this incase trouble ensued, he silently followed them, keeping to the shadows as to not be seen.

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