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GrignardTS 09-21-2012 07:54 AM

I'm tired of facing Diana, Darius, and Jayce bot
So tell me a champion I can spam to get out of this ELO range that people feel the need to abuse this OPness.

Not so much Dianna, but she's in the same category.


Please don't suggest one of these three...lol

Infirc 09-21-2012 08:03 AM

:O but Diana says f.. you to Darius,
for Darius: Nunu Yorick and Urgot
for Diana: Urgot and Nunu do well
for Jayce: not sure, i fail miserably with him so, hope the enemy Jayce is me?..

edit: Jax pretty much screws over them too, although the Darius vs Jax is an even match up

Genericke 09-21-2012 09:36 AM

Jayce. He's fun, and you will win.

Whoops, didn't notice the Jayce in the title. #1 reading comprehension!

Warrrrax 09-21-2012 10:48 AM

Try Nunu. He spams owwie snowballs at long enough range to hit all 3 of those annoying champs youve mentioned. He even spams for free while beating on creeps. Bonus!

His Consume does a ton of damage and pushes nicely, and heals him for LOTS.

His permanent movespeed/AS bonus is quite nice and ensures he can escape most ganks due to his toughness and snowbally goodness.

Ult is not super helpful but sometimes you can pop it in the bushes and they will walk right into it. At the very least it will instantly counter any size creep wave push.

Start with Hextech Revolver. Dont even need boots to start. Revolver heals you for snowballing, and heals a LOT due to consume 'damage' done to minion. It makes him ridiculously hard to kill!

From there work on Tanky AP. Abyssal sucks now sadly and wont affect your snowball most of the time. So instead, you will need an alternative for MR. Lichbane works great eventually as endgame. Aegis is good general defense. Chalice isnt really needed but Grail is a pretty strong item with its 40MR, 90AP, and the CDR. Its better offensively vs an Odins for example.

You already have high health so want some good defenses. You can decide how you want to go offensively (Lichbane, or witsend triforce ADish, or whatever), then decide how much offense vs defense. This is totally champ-dependent. You dont wanna go ADish vs Darius...instead you snowball the hell out of him. So Heart/AP is gonna hoze him pretty good. Ditto with Jayce. Diana has burst and engage which you can't really escape so you might even consider ADish vs her so you Snowball her and beat the **** out of her when she engages...since she has no real Disengage.

Just stay balanced and don't go tons of MR then they swap and you wind up vs Panth bottom with 0 extra armor and 4 negatrons or something.

Dont overlook CDR. Faster snowballs and munchies is gonna be better than tons of AP for boosting them cost effectiveness wise. Frozen Heart vs AD folks, Deathfire Grasp, Morellos, Athenes, Ionic Boots, Hextech SWEEPER... all good options.

BeefJerkyHunter 09-21-2012 11:40 AM

It'll be difficult upon trying for the first time, but Nasus is a formidable competitor against those champions in specific. Well, at least I've had success with Nasus against those three.
Jayce will be the most difficult to deal with though as a melee. Stupid hammer bash is faster than your auto-attack most of the time.

TCWA Tigerbite 09-21-2012 12:01 PM

Just wait till you get out of that "ELO Hell" range. Then you'll have to play against those OP champs controlled by players that know what they're doing. See how much fun you have then. ;D

GrignardTS 09-21-2012 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by TCWA Tigerbite (Hozzászólás 29501527)
Just wait till you get out of that "ELO Hell" range. Then you'll have to play against those OP champs controlled by players that know what they're doing. See how much fun you have then. ;D

I'm out of ELO hell...lol. Before Lolmatches died I was 1800.

I want to get out of tryhard hell.

Nunu is teh winnar!

Tryhard Hell (trahy hahrd hel)
The ELO range in which League of Legends players are not in the Top 100 players, but good enough to spam over powered champions (or try hard to) and obtain higher than a 50% win rate, thereby inflating their true ELO.

Risemix 09-21-2012 01:52 PM

Gringard there is no such thing as "true elo." Your elo is what it is. >_>

Anyway, I imagine Darius counters are the same as they are in SR (Ranged guys like AD Malz, or maybe Ashe... I dunno).

larkhill 09-21-2012 02:12 PM

i have good and bad news for u...

there is only 1 elo range that does not spam op champs and thats the 1400-1600 range. this elo range is good enough to not be low elo but still dont abuse things to get to high elo. you'll regularly see only 3 or 4 revives in a game and very rarely any of the op champs. besides jayce, the op champs are actually not very fun to play.

tryhard hell starts at around 1600. you will see an op champ or 2 in every game and most people have revives. 1600-1900 is by far the most frustrating elo range to play in.

high elo doesnt get any better though. some high elo players spam op champs and many are very good at them. if u thought mid elo jayce players were annoying, try a high elo jayce who can actually aim well and knows what to build... it sucks

jayce bot
there are many champs that can stalemate vs jayce (ranged + sustain) but countering jayce is another story. u need a champion with more dashes then he has knockbacks . thats it. the problem with jayce is that whenever u engage, he will simply knock u back and do tons of dmg doing it. if u try to passive farm, he'll bombard u with EQ. u can either spend ur time dodging EQ, or u can spend ur time harassing inbetween his knockback cd. personally, i find more success with the latter. remember, jayce doesnt really have anything for a defensive cd or cc. all he has is his speed buff. if u have multiple dashes and some cc, u will kill him if u go aggressive.

think if jayce like AP nid. given enough free time and range, she will kill u. but if u get close, u can win.

a good champ to start with his renekton. his dashes/stun are great and he will win in a 1v1 duel if played right. diana also works but she's a bit harder since she's squishy at first and u need really good aim with Q.

diana bot
diana bot is very simple, and yet still hard. theres no good way of saying this... either u dodge her Q or u lose. think of her like the old urgot bot. either u dodge his E or u lose.

now theres multiple ways of dodging. theres flat out moving away from them, which is hard (unless u can predict where/when she used her Q) or u can outrange them. now assuming u cant predict diana's every move, outranging becomes ur go-to option. think of a champ that ur good with that can farm from range (there r plenty) and have some form of defensive ability if u screw up. as u get better, u can start picking champs that can bully diana around

darius bot

darius is easy. he's short range. if u get into his range, he will kill u. dont get into his range. its that simple. like diana, pick 1 of the many champs that have more range and u can win.

alternatively, u can bait out his ult and use a heal/shield to waste the cd. u may die anyway but a darius without his ult is a severely weakened darius.

HaIfhearted 09-21-2012 02:31 PM

GrignardTS, I hate to break it to you, but you can never escape the OP spam.

Even in high elo there exist people who mainly play stuff like Jayce and Kassadin, and the *only* reason they are even in high elo to begin with is because they spam OPs.

Just keep playing normally, and if your skill level improves, so too will your elo.

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