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POOTERSS 09-21-2012 02:07 AM

The POOTERSS story
The POOTERSS story:

I have been playing bd zilean since about 1 month after dominion came out(so about oct 2011).

The first month I spent playing dominion(sept 2011) was spent experimenting with the champs I usually played on sr(kassadin,morgana, leblanc, etc).

I had just started playing League of Legends in August of 2011, so I was still a novice with regards to the game in general.

I had played zilean a few times on sr also, and slowly came to the realization that dominion at lower elos was just a game of 1v1 bot(occasional gank), everyone else run to top and have fun trying to kill each other. My win rate playing like this was about 49%(almost exactly an average player)

I was getting bored of this playstyle, so I made it a point to try to playing a champ I knew had great speed, Zilean. The idea I had in my head was to solely focus my strategy around capping points, and just ignore trying to kill the enemy champs unless absolutely necessary. I started playing games where I would just ignore top(others would go there anyway) and hit the opponent's mid from time to time when they were getting lazy. I would do whatever I could not to try to kill champs, but to distract them, take away their time, and make it easier for everyone else on my team.

It was hilarious the first few games of this strategy. I was laughing so hard as 2,3, even 4 members of the enemy team tried to catch me in vain. Or they would get me, I'd ult. Then when I ressurect, flash away and avoid death. In the meanwhile, we'd go from a 2 cap situation to a 3 or 4 cap. Games of Zilean going 0-9-0, 0-10-0, and even 0-14-0 in victories were commonplace.

Teammates would rage about how I wasn't helping, making the top fight 4v3, and getting them killed. Which was true, but they would also not even notice during their raging how we were winning more often than average.

Slowly, playing this strategy, my win rate started to rise. I was now winning about 53-55% of my games, and my elo was about 1500-1600. It was difficult to endure all of the rage from both my teammates and the enemy team, as I was reported/threatened of reports nearly every game(nov 11- jan 12 approx). Then, when I was about 1600 elo in Jan 2012, I got banned from League for 4 days. Probably after a game where we lost.

I then decided that if I wanted to keep this playstyle going, I had to keep my teammates happy. That's where the "stay positive" message came from. During every game after my return from the ban(it was like a 4 day ban), I typed the message "no matter what, stay positive" at the beginning of the match. I would type in motivational comments like "we can do this" and "we can win this" to hopefully prevent teammate reports. Slowly my elo started climbing again, I learned to adapt to angry teammates, and I think the reporting died down. My win rate was now around 56-57% playing only this strategy.

This lead to the "dodge period" of Feb 2012-March 2012. During this time, I had climbed to about 1800 elo, and was beginning to cause dodges in draft mode dominion. I was playing draft mode at the time because I thought it was what the best players did. Everyone started dodging me, so much so that a thread was started in mid Feb 2012 about Zilean dodging.


This led me to start playing blind pick instead, and it was nice since the queues were faster.

I continued employing my strategy, and adapting it slightly to the improved skill level of the competition. I improved my rune and mastery pages to what they are now, and also improved my item choices(I kinda forgot what they were before). Eventually, with lots of skill, luck, and positive thinking, I broke 2k elo, win rate about 58%.

It was around this time that I got into a very memorable match in March of 2012. This was a game vs Nekrogen and MMKH, two of the top 10 NA dominion players based on dominion elo. Here's a link to the thread that resulted after that game.


After this game, dominion changed. It wasn't a fluke that this POOTERSS was winning games somehow; he actually had some insight on the inner workings of dominion as was somehow able to grab victories from the jaws of defeat again and again, outwitting many top tier challengers along the way.

Players higher elo than myself started to realize again that movement speed was paramount on the map, and that a new tactic could be employed to defeat "superior skill" players.

I got recruiting by Point Defense following this game, and I ended up winning a tournament playing with Sauron, Nekrogen and crew, NESL 26 I believe.


So everything was going good. But then, one match threw everything out of whack. The next tournament I got to play with +5 was Dominate Dominion #2 in mid June 2012. The first two matches were devestating examples of high pressure bd play in action.



However, we knew the 3rd match, the semifinals, was going to be different. PECS was a strong team, they had InFeed, Painkillar, and other players who now are known as being the best within the community. Despite the fact that at this point they were not as established as us or BP bandits, I think we went into the game a little nervous.

Semifinals vs PECS DD#2


The results of this remarkable game caused Sauron, Nekrogen, MMKH, to stop believing in the mobility meta. I stopped playing with +5 in favor of other players, and eventually quit the team to make my own. +5's decline can be rooted from this match, Sauron's leave of absence from the game, and other Point Defense negatives. Remeber, from about Dec 2011 until this match, Point Defense was regarded as the strongest, best Dominion team by far. After this match, BP Bandits, PECS and other teams started dominating the dominion scene.

However, despite that loss, I have continued to play in blind pick and try to refine my game. I've made my own team, and I have to admit its more difficult than it was with +5 =)

From this game onwards, I've slowly continued to build up my elo and raise my win rate to 60%.


354-236 as of Sept 21, 2012. My elo was 2241 based on data from 6/12/2012. It is for sure much higher now, probably 2300.

I've come up with a few different strategies to deal with "counters" to the strat, and continued to stay near the top of the echelons within the dominion community. I'm one of the only named players of Elalya/Talith PA's dominion tier list("stay positive" tier), and my name has been turned into a verb within the dominion community("pooting", "poot"). It's been a fun ride, and I hope to continue having fun playing dominion my way =)

naotasan 09-21-2012 02:33 AM

Please tell me the story continues.
That was a great read and the videos were awesome to watch!

DaRatmastah 09-21-2012 05:48 AM

<3 poot

FOODFOOD 09-21-2012 06:33 AM

<3 POOTERSS. I'll always remember that game Duelpower and I ALMOST got to be on your team before someone queue dodged.

Where does your name come from?

Nyx87 09-21-2012 06:59 AM

Interesting story. When i first stumbled upon you in Dominion i raged so hard because you made no attempt to let the team know what you were doing. I think that is something you should have tried to work on, and could have avoided your first ban. I do like that you tell people to stay positive now at least, because you now spread the idea that no matter what, being positive can change the outcome of the game, which it can.

There are still ways to improve your strategy for higher Elos and tourneys games(I believe i have already mentioned it to you). Either way, good luck in your future endeavors.

BeefJerkyHunter 09-21-2012 07:06 AM

Meh, high mobility and self-displacement abilities have always been paramount in LoL. Nothing new, but this was a nice read nonetheless.

TCWA Tigerbite 09-21-2012 07:21 AM

First post I read all the way through that was more than 3 sentences in a long time.

Psi21 09-21-2012 08:02 AM

meh, all your method of play does is make the game no fun to play for your team and the blind team of randoms chasing you around the map.

And bring up the names Elalya and Talith PA in your post doesn't echo well in my mind. After all the girl Elalya's came up with some wacky tier list (can't find the post) that Talith PA followed like a lap dog. Only to have a much better Tier list a week or 2 later from Sauron that everyone praised which took a more realistic view on how Dominion is played. And the true value of champs and their roles.

IDontWasteFood 09-21-2012 08:38 AM

I played with you once and we won somehow 1-0, as close of a game as possible.While it was a crazy game and a different experience with that tactic, something about playing dominion, a team game, with the attitude of your way only, does not sit well with me. I mean you go into solo Q with randoms and employ your strategy onto them. What if they have a different strategy? What if their characters dont work well with zil? What if like you, they have their own way of playing and thats AP jarvan with no boots or some ****. Is it right for them to play how they want, in a team game that requires co operation? I would think you'd be better off forming a team that works well with your strat instead of hoping the next 4 randoms will compliment your strat. I mean your essentially the guy who picks an AD carry when the team needs a AP or tankier champ no matter what. Just some thoughts.

Infirc 09-21-2012 08:39 AM

quite the interesting read, when dominion came out i used to Poot with Janna a lot after i deemed my favorite champion: Lux as a Dominion troll pick and sadly said goodbye to her, needless to say i really enjoyed it i cracked up every time i did it but when real life issues got me way from lol and i came back to see priscilla's was no longer in th game i stopped the pooting (which i called backcap because i sure as hell didnt know who you were on my 4 months of abscence), it is really cool to see someone that kept believing on it and makes it work :), Keep up the good work :D and Poot to the infinite and beyond .

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