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JohnnyOmega 09-20-2012 07:18 PM

☆☆☆ I Just Bought TEN Rune Pages ☆☆☆
Now tell me how to use them! What configurations would you recommend? Also what am I missing from my line-up?

Level 30 currently unranked

Goal: Become an all-rounder who can play all roles equally well.

Current champions intended to use for future ranked games:

Twisted Fate

(going to add more)

Shesocold 09-20-2012 07:39 PM

First thing I would recommend is Armor seals. they're cheap really powerful and good on everyone.
Next I would get armor pen marks since they are used by junglers ADCs and AD bruisers also gives some extra damage to an AP carry's basic attack which is better than nothing lol. then I would go scaling MR glyphs because it gives everyone extra survivability in teamfights when attacked by magic damage and it is a great glyph on ADC and bruisers. And with quints I would recommend flat AD because everyone except AP carries and supports use it, but it still helps with last hitting for the AP carry early game.

What I run:
ADC/bruiser: armor pen reds, flat armor yellows, scaling mr glyphs, flat ad quints
jungler: armor pen reds, flat armor yellows, attack speed glyphs, flat ad quints
Support: flat armor reds, 5 flat armor yellows and 4 gp/5 yellows, 4 mr per level glyphs, 5 flat cdr glyphs, flat hp quints
AP carry: magic pen reds, flat armor yellow, flat ap glyphs, flat ap quints

all of these rune pages are very general and don't work with all champions in those certain roles but should benefit any champion put in that role.

nwsm 09-20-2012 08:04 PM

If you don't know what runes you need you probably could have been fine with just like 4 or 5 pages. Basic ad, ap, support.
You don't need runes to become a good player.

etharian 09-20-2012 08:29 PM

Props on making the effort. And hopefully u achieve your goal. Nice to see someone who WANTS to play all the roles. You will end up specializing in one or another. And your champ list should be super flexible because of nerfs and buffs. As for runes use the first reply as a basis for buying. Armor seals and scaling Mr glyphs r standard for almost any role. Good luck and have fun!

Directw 09-20-2012 08:34 PM

you are asking help and not even bother say "Please"?
Good luck on getting any helpful tips
I know I am not giving any >_<

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