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SV Xio 09-20-2012 10:29 AM

Taking a team into the competative scene need 1800+, dedicated, and skilled players
I have been play since 3 months after beta and haven't taken this game seriously until just recently. I realized after many years of playing that I feel that I can utilize my skills and talents to advance to the next level with a team of 5 motivated and dedicated players wanting to break out in the competative scene and play against top team like TSM, CLG, M5, Curse, and more. I thank TSM and in extention Dyrus for making me realize that I can make it happen and I myself can lead a team to success. I am in search of 3 or 4 more members that share these same interests to accompany me in making this dream a reality, to take this team to the top. It will take much time and skill building to make this accomplishable but I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I believe team practice, team synergy, and even personal skilling building though solo queue are a crucial part in making this team a success. My current elo is in the 1800s, I was in the 1900s and almost into the 2000s elo. I don't find that elo always defines your skill and tend to focus on synergy but I'm looking for higher elo players who take the game seriously and play to win on a higher level of play. This means I want players whose elos are around me or higher (1800s and up) Some finals notes: I am currently looking into buying a gaming house next summer (location currently unknown), working on a Team Sylvinity website, and have a Team Sylvinity facebook page to keep in contact with one another or just team updates in general. So to anyone interested in working with me and others in making a team please contact me through facebook as Austin Castelvecchi, the Team Sylvinity facebook page, or through LoL chat IGN: Sylvinity X. The other possible team members as of now are Basically Chaox and Kirion if you are curious of their elos or playstyles. Also, I'm open to new metas so please inform me of any new metas, ideas, or positive input you have for this team. I only want dedicated players who are gonna practice with the team consistently and strive to improve. Practices are generally 3PM to 9PM Central daily and are required if you wish to be on or stay with this team. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Also watch my stream on twitch.tv/sylvinity_xio. Again this is a competative team, not just a ranked team. Come here with the skill and determination we need to take this team to the top.

Team Sylvinity
Recruiting competent, reliable and reserved players!


Own a level 30 account
Own at least 75% of runes
Own at least 75% champions
Own a headset w/ microphone
Own a copy of Skype/ Ventrilo
Own a good gaming computer


Have a flexible schedule
Take constructive criticism
Remain focused throughout entire matches
Knowledgeable of champions, counters, creep timers, etc.
Don't have an ego, a negative attitude or be boastful


Players with dedication, motivation and commitment within western and central USA.
Players with humility, positive energy and team player-like qualities
Players with consistent productive chatter and constructive feedback


Pushing high Team ELO rating
League of Legends tournaments
Growing together with the family (Team)


Team Sylvinity was formed on the idea that skill and teamwork are not the only necessities in great teams. Humility plays a pivotal role in what makes a great team. Through humility, team growth and progression may be achieved.


To submit an application, please post within this thread with the following format:

Name or Nickname:
Location (State):
Role/ Position (Primary):
What makes you a potential recruit for Team Sylvinity:
Previous experience in competitive gaming:
Are you and your computer in a secluded environment for consistent matches:
Please type anything else you'd like to share:

You will be contacted in-game after review of your application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Thank you for your interest!

SV Xio 09-20-2012 03:19 PM


Von7 09-20-2012 06:27 PM

Wow bro, you wrote alot lol. :(

Haizinator 09-20-2012 06:47 PM

Name or Nickname: Haizinator
Age: 23
Location (State): TX
Availability: (CST) monday-wednesday 7pm - midnight, thursday-sunday 3pm-whenever .
Role/ Position (Primary): ADC
What makes you a potential recruit for Team Sylvinity: I know every champion and how they work. In my ranked stats I have wins with 74 different champions which makes me quite knowledgeable of the game.
Previous experience in competitive gaming: Just some CS 1.5 tournaments and other various FPS, none in a MOBA.
ELO: 1640 atm
Are you and your computer in a secluded environment for consistent matches: I live alone.
Please type anything else you'd like to share: I did carry myself up to the 1800's a while ago (just look at my MF stats) but as of recent everyone thinks they can play adc and basically unless I am first or second pick it is pretty hard to really get many games in as adc. So lately I have basically been trying to learn other roles better and I really can't carry hard like I did with my favorite role of adc.

EREnko 09-20-2012 06:54 PM

Name : EREnko
Age : 20
Location : Canada
Availability : 7 days a week from 4 pm to what ever time we stop playing
Role / Position : Support / Jungle
What makes you a potential recruit for Team Sylvinity: Been a gamer since my young ages, I excelled at WC3, currently playing Lineage 2 and being in the top 5 players. Looking for great players to push a 5s team in LoL
Previous experience in competitive gaming: Kind of answered in the last question, but yea whenever im playing a game im aiming for the top and in this game we need coordination / skilled players and I feel like filling one of your needed slot
ELO: 1614 top rating is 1711
Are you and your computer in a secluded environment for consistent matches: I got my gaming room like evry dedicated gamer ;)
Please type anything else you'd like to share: Looking forward of playing with talented players and enjoy LoL as a 5 man team.

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