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ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 02:35 PM

One Month Diamond Rush, Journal and Notes that will help players to win ranked.
Result: Diamond ACHIEVED.

Since the new rating system came up, I have been debating with my friends whether we can reach diamond or not, currently we have a guy at 2k and i am sitting at 1937. What we planned on doing is to reach 2.2k and get diamond before the season 2 ends

I haven't lose rating in a day from 1814, and I am planning on just winning one or two ranked games per day, which will eventually allow me to reach diamond if I keep on going for the whole month. Here I will record some of the games, and also put in some notes about how and why we won

Day 1:
Played as Taric support.
While we were in banning phase, we have decided we will have a top nid, then a strong ap mid that can assist a jungle maokai.

After the bans, their first pick went with Malphite. And our first two picks are Nid and Kat. While the enemy counterpicked with Evelyn and Kassadin

At this point we realize that the enemy is trying to use Kassadin to counter Kat. So we still went with AD nid, BUT we lane swap them. AD Nid totally dominate against Kassadin, and Kat top does have a decent escape. Kass is also limited to mid lane only, or his riftwalk will not allow him to gank both side lanes fast enough.

Ezreal and Sona were picked on enemy team, and we decided to go with Graves Taric bottom lane.

Maokai was our last pick because Malphite, Ezreal, Sona and Evelyn all do decent AoE damage.

Before we got into the game, we decided that Maokai will build aegis, while I will build a frozen heart, and Kat will build Abyssal Scepter for all the aura items to be done as quickly as possible.


Early game we tried to do a counter invade, and went straight to their blue buff. Failing to meet them, our maokai turned around and tried to get his blue buff, and ended up as a long struggle as both team try to take the buff and fight the enemy. We manage to hold on to the blue buff, while both teams wasted at least 6 summoner spells (on each side) No first blood.

With the long struggle, both me and graves used all of our potion, the enemy Ezreal is in heavy lead as he can zone and reached level 2 first. Seeing this, Graves decided to first blood and exchange with Sona, so that he can go back to base and buy an extra doran.

Laning wise it wasn't too good for us. Maokai is busy in his jungle as he got slowed from the start, while AD nid is dominating over Kass due to the autoattacks.


Bottom is where the enemy focused on, while we tried to snowball the top kat. Nidalee was making good use of her power, quickly pushed down mid turret and roam around really quick with cougar form. While we were losing bottom lane, we manage to keep enough control so that the enemy cannot take dragon, and manage to shut down their evelyn.


Mid game decided the result of the game, I, as Taric, was once 4/1/3 because bottom tried to shut down Graves, used 3 summoners and killed both of us, but I manage to outplay them with heals and stun, allowing turret to pick up 3 kills. Fed Taric might be bad in some cases, but in this case, it speeds me up on getting those aura items. Ezreal became useless soon after I get frozen heart as he doesn't have enough farm to get LW, while my armor aura with frozen heart and aegis from Maokai is just too much armor for him to handle. Since I am fed, I also got Zeke's. which improved Graves and Nidalee's damage output (It was the best solution as I can't transfer gold to them). Oracle was bought in turns between me and Maokai to shut down Evelyn and wards from enemy team.

At this point of the game, it is close to GG as the enemy lost two major damage output characters, Evelyn and Ezreal. In short, we won the game mostly due to communications and some decision making. The enemy made a mistake on getting me, the support fed as i got a good use of those money on aura items, while the team manage to completely shut down both mid and top lane with a good lane swap.

Rollingson 09-18-2012 02:55 PM

dude nice, i actually enjoyed reading that and you're team thoughts behind what happened keep it up, another good thread by you. bump.

TheOneMillion 09-18-2012 03:09 PM

Good read. Videos next :)

Edit: Also, how does oracles shut evelynn down? I thought hey said it didnt increase the range in which you can spot her.

ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by TheOneMillion (Hozzászólás 29405132)
Good read. Videos next :)

Edit: Also, how does oracles shut evelynn down? I thought hey said it didnt increase the range in which you can spot her.

I suck at making videos, unless someone want to edit them for me

As for the Evelyn part, we did saw Evelyn in stealth form with Oracle, but didn't break her shadow walk. I am not sure whether that is a bug or what, but it helped us about 200 range of vision.

Duhizy 09-18-2012 03:33 PM

is this duo q or teams?

ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by duhizy (Hozzászólás 29405777)
is this duo q or teams?

Nope, solo queue at 1900+

ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 04:31 PM

Day 2:
Played as Ryze, Lost.

Pretty awful game, Ezreal and Nunu lost bottom against Vayne and Sona, then proceed to blame me because I backed off after blewing Vayne's cleanse and flash in a gank. Top lane chogath won against Irelia with my ganks but Morg pushed onto the advantage on bottom. Team comp wise both teams are good, but we got outplayed hardly and lack real dps.

Early oracle on Skarner was put into really good use, only able to pop one and he cleared almost all of our wards, Skarner did a great job on getting that map control.

Note to self, Stop playing Ryze, you never have any luck with Ryze in ranked (like 10% win rate with him, lol)

------------Game Ended-------------
Played as Taric, Won

Team comp:
Our team, TF, Skarner, Ezreal, Yorick, Taric
Enemy team. Zyra, Leona, Xin, Graves, Chogath

To start off, we were planning on getting TF and Noc in the beginning for the global control, then our jungler wants to go with skarner, so we went with TF, Skarner.

We stacked on top of each other in the river bush at the beginning, fear that the enemy will invade as they have crazy AoE damage with one AoE knock up, and AoE snare. Xin's damage is really scary if we can't kite them. They didn't come from river, however, instead, they went all the way around from top lane and took our blue side blue buff. Yorick got ambushed and lost first blood.

Seeing Yorick got ambushed, we rotate straight to the enemy blue buff. Enemy Leona tried to slow us down with Graves but not able to stop us. Graves went straight to bottom lane afterward while Leona recalled to heal, which resulted in 2v1 on bottom for a good 50 seconds, making bottom lane turned into our favor.

The enemy Xin was really good and was able to stomp TF with Zyra. Our Skarner manage to save the turret from being pushed down, but we lost dragon control.

But due to Graves losing that bottom so hard, Leona has no use in a losing lane. I warded out the dragon while TF warded the bottom river, this completely shut down Xin as he can't gank from the river. We were able to keep zoning Graves and Leona and heavily damaged their turret to the point where we can take it whenever we want to.

Soon afterward, a TF gank comes after the enemy turret resets the minion wave into the middle of the river for us. Graves did heavy burst with Leona on TF and us, the AoE almost took all of us down, but we manage to survive. Xin and Zyra then comes in one by one try to take down us, but was kited with exhaust and stuns from me and TF, 0 to 4 trade

After that, even though Yorick wasn't winning top, we have dominated bottom lane, with a strong map control. We quickly pushed down bottom and mid turret, and proceed to roam as we please. There are a lot of small fights at this point, but due to we are ahead from turrets and gold, we manage to pull even further ahead.

As this is 1900+ elo, with proper wards and oracle from me and skarner, the enemy has no way to come back anymore. A slow but steady push resulted in enemy surrendering at 22 minutes, GG.

--------Game Ended------------
Played as Taric, Won

Our team: Ezreal, Taric, Riven, Udyr, Karthus
Enemy team: Morde, Graves, Lulu, Lee sin, Mundo

Everyone was happy with what they can get in the picking phase, once again I picked support as I know I totally outplay all the support at this elo.

With enemy picking up Graves and Morde, we picked Ezreal and Taric. Our mid was asking for Pantheon but sadly the other 3 of us don't have him, so we gave him Karthus right afterward (my fault for letting him down since I asked for taric qq)

We immediately started the discussion on shutting down Morde. Morde often push the lane, and even though karthus can push lane as well, usually he can only start pushing when he receives the second blue buff, which will be 7 minutes into the game. To counter that, we picked Udyr, who can quickly gank by level 2 or 3 depend on his start (usually 3 though) and because Morde lacks an escape, we completely shut down that lane.

Seeing us picked up Taric, the enemy went with Lulu support, which deals decent magical damage, thus the reason why they want to take Lulu, since her ult can save Graves from getting caught, and magical damage is good against Taric.

Starting the game, we rush to purple side (we are blue) tribush, and attempted to invade enemy red buff. Mundo went out of the bush and met 3 of us at the corner (Note: Hugging the wall right next to baron will allow you to do crazy ambush like this) . As he didn't expect us to be there, we stunned him with Riven and Taric and exhaust right after. First blood

This then turns into a strong poke war in between middle and enemy wraith. As we have Ezreal and Karthus who are really good at poking, we forced the enemy morde to recall at 100hp with our poke, Lulu also recalled as she drops to the lower 200s. This also allows our Riven and Udyr to successful steal the enemy Wraith before moving back to our blue buff.

With everything set. Morde and Lee was behind as Lee's jungle got stolen and Morde was recalled to heal. Morde missed about 20 seconds of experience, not too much but enough to make the differences, while Lulu was about 35 seconds late to the lane. Once again, with Taric I zoned Graves out of the xp zone, this is one of the important step that allowed us to dominate the bottom lane just like the last game.

Soon afterward as Udyr hits level 3 after finishing his Wraith, a gank on Morde set Karthus even further ahead in mid lane. At this point bottom lane is screw because Lee Sin cannot gank as he is behind on level, and both me and Ezreal made Graves lost about 2-3 minions per wave with our zone and poke.

The game turned in 6-1 pretty soon, with every lane winning. The enemy Lulu seems to be pretty newish to support, about a 1700 support level, but that is enough to cost that bottom lane. Her speed buff is often used on Graves to help him to kite us, but that also sets her up for us to jump on. We manage to end the laning phase pretty soon. Lulu got 0/4/0 during the lane and ended the game with 0/6/3.

Map control is ours again. We kept all the enemy blue timer after the first one, and it was disappoint when I got my Oracle because there are only 2 wards on the whole map, probably one of the reason why they lost as they have zero map control.

Even though with all the advantage that we had, we didn't attempt the baron. We tried to push steady. The enemy put up a 4v3 siege up top for about 1 minute, but because they took too long and don't have ward, Riven, Udyr, and Karthus was able to push Morde and Lee Sin into me, we then killed Morde and Mundo as he tried to slow us but got chain stunned by Udyr, Taric, and Riven.

The game ended before 25 minutes, because the enemies know that they cannot come back from a 21-6 advantage at this elo.

ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 07:46 PM

Day 2 completed.

ExecutionerK 09-18-2012 09:32 PM


lastchancexi 09-18-2012 09:50 PM

ExecutionerKen, reading these and having your thought process seen out is just amazing. You are the clear MVP of these forums. Don't stop posting.

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