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Osaaka 09-16-2012 05:24 PM

The Forum & league itself
I find people are just becoming annoying and stupid ( no offence the hand full of people that are fun to talk to and don't derp around every game ) I join a game of league to play with some randoms make some new friends on league 95% of the time I regret playing a game without the players I already know becaue I just get ******* who can't tell the difference between a Vision ward and a Sight ward... Now I know not everyone is like this but every time I get a game my team seems to be like this...

Also on the forums the people probably don't play the game much because I'm seeing threads saying buff syndra, Syndra under powered, omg syndra worse than karma, trundle is bad, karma is bad, vieger is the worst ap carry, darius is balanced, Make more teemo skins, jax isnt op he doesn't need nerfs.... THE LIST GOES ON... I swear if you people played the game with some common sense you could see what is OP and what is UP what needs fixing what doesn't NOT "HEY A NEW OP CHAMP LETS GET THEM A BUFF!" or "I THINK Jax NEEDs BUFFS GUYS HE's SO UP!"

FINALLY I shall say this, the skill of players has dropped and the level of maturity of players has jumped out the window.



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