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Emperor Titus 09-07-2012 04:36 PM

A Day in Bandle City ((Open RP))
Even if Valoran suffer from the last five Rune Wars, Bandle City remains untouched. The green temperate climates in the Yordle Land remain alluring and many humans visit the city as a vacation spot. Bandle City is the "pint-sized superpower" that dominates all of the Yordle Land but on all of Runeterra, it is just one of the eight city-states that has joined the League of Legends. Bandle City one of the few governing bodies of Valoran that follows democracy. Its relationship with other city states has been relatively healthy, though they share small tensions with Bilgewater. Major diplomatic achievements have been made in Bandle City, the most recent is the alliance between Demacia and Bandle City, accomplished by the Iron Ambassador.

The military of Bandle City, compared to the other city states, has yet to make a mark in Valoran history. Because of the lack of famous heroes coming from the Yordle Land, many misconceptions arise that Bandle City's military is a joke. But like any other city state with a standing army, air force and navy, Bandle City has it and will present it. The city state has warded the entire Yordle Land from threats and every tribe, nation and city in the Yordle Land has looked up to Bandle City for defense. Recently, the arrival of new League champions and the rumors of the Sixth Rune War and the Void-Shadow Isle invasion has forced Mayor Dennison Jadefellow to increase its defense budget, making Bandle City a potent military power outside the Sablestone Mountains.

Having become something of a tourist attraction in recent times, the pint-sized locals are generally friendly towards all visitors, so long as they're prepared to stoop to get through doorways. To outsiders, the whole thing seems like some sort of fantasy getaway and the yordles, ruthless businessmen that they are, are quite willing to exploit this for profit. Everywhere there are little open stores selling yordle-made goods, techmaturgical appliances, and Teemo and Heimerdinger themed merchandise. Visitors can even pay to take a tour of the Bandle Secret Services Office (within reasonable bounds) to meet Tristina, Teemo, and a gaggle of adorable little scouts attempting to follow in their footsteps.

Yordles are more social than the other species of the planet. Some humans can go without talking to anyone but an average yordle needs lots of social interaction. Their culture depends on moral standards and sometimes carefree atmospheres. Many nations in Valoran rates the city state of Bandle City to have one of the most polite, if not the most polite societies and cultures in the world. Even amidst all the conflict in Runeterra, Bandle City and its culture remains the way it always has been - quaint, charming and full of positive energy. The sound of chattering yordles and chuffing machinery fill the air along with the smell of baking and icing sugar. Each of the many small houses that line the uneven streets are covered mutually with ivy or needless mechanical parts, and more than a few of them have a tree intentionally growing through the roof or window.


Central Plaza of Bandle City:
At the Central Plaza of Bandle City, yordles and sometimes other species of the world commune with each other, talking about their daily lives. A fountain is in the middle of the city, giving finesse to the residents and to visitors alike. The central plaza is usually clean but now it's filled with news from the League of Legends, funny tourist posters, and advertisements from Yoshi for any species to join his fleet.

In the center of town is the fabled Mothership, a strange construct of steel and glass that seems to have served some kind of techmaturgical function in the past. It remains to this day a treasured landmark amongst the denizens of Bandle City, even if in recent times it's been shifted slightly from it's original position. There are many posters at the site showing visitors exactly how it used to look, though it takes a good eye to spot the difference.

Blomgrun's Smithy:
A bit further down, the blacksmithery in Bandle City is well known for excellent repair and construction of not only yordle-made, but foreign weapons and armor. Blomgrun, her father, was Bandle City's finest smith. Sadly, he died delivering a priceless helm to the generals of Demacia. His daughter, Poppy, took over and ever since, became the famed Iron Ambassador of Demacia and Bandle City.

Yordle Junior Summoner's League:
A new addition to Bandle City is the Yordle Junior Summoner's League, a training facility for those studying to become summoners. The place is pretty empty right now, since it hasn't really caught on yet, but like most other places it's open for tourists to browse, if just so that they can chuckle at the tiny summoning tables.

Commando Academy:
This is the place where the Bandle City Army, Navy, and Air Force commune and meet. This serves as the main base of the Bandle City Scouts, readying to defend its homeland from any invader or terrorists. The Mayor of Bandle City, currently Dennison Jadefellow, leads the entire military in times of war. Usually the military would be consulted by the generals and admirals.

((If you really notice, I integrated the original post in the old "A Day in Bandle City" thread with this new one. Credit goes out to IlexAlderwood for the original thread.))

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
((OOC: Follow the general rules here.

1. Keep it under PG-13. I don't want to see crude things Rated R movies would usually show.
2. Follow the general rules of roleplaying.
3. No sudden invasions please...
4. HAVE FUN! This is role-playing so that we can imagine ourselves into a world of Valoran! :D


Here we go, the stage is set. Anything you want added to the city, you can post it and I will add it to the original post so that people can see what is in the city in the original post. I will also give the suggester credit for it.))

Ask the Megling 09-07-2012 05:23 PM

((There was a Day in Bandle City thread, but it died. Thanks for the reboot.))

PuniMage 09-07-2012 05:34 PM

((Veigar plan to steal Mothership 3.0 will come.....))

Ask the Herald 09-07-2012 06:17 PM

{{ Why make a second? What was wrong with the first? Just go bump the original, instead of wasting forum space with another iteration of the same thing. }}

Emperor Titus 09-07-2012 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by Ask the Herald (Hozzászólás 29051611)
{{ Why make a second? What was wrong with the first? Just go bump the original, instead of wasting forum space with another iteration of the same thing. }}

((I technically didn't know...but it was buried somewhere and I am not going to bump the other one again. :( That and I put my heart and soul [lol not really] into this.

Don't get mad at me! D: There was no "Day in Noxus/Ionia/Bilgewater". I thought that half of Valoran wasn't used so, I decided that 62.5% of Valoran should be used! ))

CoreOfBandleCity 09-07-2012 09:17 PM

Core sat in a shaded area in the plaza, watching his fellow kind walk by, going about their business. He observed the Navy recruiting table across the way, seeing the occasional yordle stop to pick up a pamphlet or talk to the man behind the table. Core grumbled, muttering something about the Navy.

He looked down at the book he held and took some notes in silence.

Emperor Titus 09-08-2012 11:12 AM

Yoshi, sitting behind the table next to the fountain, shouts out to the oncoming visitors and yordles.

If you want adventure, epicness, and glory, come to me! Just participate in one mission!

Iron Ambássador 09-08-2012 11:17 AM

((By the way, you could add some attractions to the main post, things like the Commando Academy, the main base of the Bandle City Scouts, the Junior Summoner Training Facility that the first version of the Bandle City thread had. Maybe even Blomgrun's old smithy, even though he is not alive anymore. ))

Emperor Titus 09-08-2012 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by Iron Ambássador (Hozzászólás 29068652)
((By the way, you could add some attractions to the main post, things like the Commando Academy, the main base of the Bandle City Scouts, the Junior Summoner Training Facility that the first version of the Bandle City thread had. Maybe even Blomgrun's old smithy, even though he is not alive anymore. ))

((Yea, sure! I'll try to find the old Bandle City thread and paste whatever is there.))

Iron Ambássador 09-08-2012 11:31 AM

Poppy appears from the teleportation station placed outside Bandle City, one of many placed outside the many capitals of the different states by the League. She salutes at the guards at the gate and walks through the city streets nodding at the occasional pedestrian waving or greeting her on her way to her father's old smithy.

She steps inside the smithy, looking at the mess the floor still is. Filled with projects left unfinished by Blomgrun's assassination even after Poppy had spent hours finishing projects. Sighing, she steps through a sidedoor in the side of the main smithy, stepping into the living quarters of the building. She moves to her old bedroom, taking her armor off and changing into a casual outfit consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, placing Whomper next to the armor. She walks to the living room and lies down on the couch, looking at the ceiling thoughtfully.

((If anyone feels like it, they're welcome to visit the smithy and commission something. Would give Poppy a distraction from her thoughts :3))

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