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deskscaress 08-29-2012 10:51 PM

Tri-Divisional Fall Frenzy
Severity Gaming Tri-Divisional Fall Frenzy 2012

Tired of high-elo teams signing up for low-level League of Legends tournaments for easy prize money? Looking for more of a challenge for your up-and-coming team? After a larger scale prize than just Riot Points? Severity Gaming is proud to announce an upcoming tournament for all League of Legends players!

Date: September 28 - September 29, 2012
Time: Friday, 6:00pm-11:00pm Pacific; Saturday, 11:00am-4:00pm Pacific

The Severity Gaming Tri-Divisional Fall Frenzy is a tournament catered to three levels of players: Casual, Competitive, and Professional. That's three levels of competition played at the same time - three brackets, three prize pools, three winning teams. As a gaming community, Severity Gaming hosts players from all three of these levels, and we want to bring all sets of players together as one interactive community. But by keeping tiers of players separate, we intend to preserve the competitive and pure nature of 5v5 League of Legends. You won't have to worry about your team getting stomped by higher-level teams if your team isn't as competitive - and you'll still have a shot at a cash prize. You won't feel like your time is wasted if your team has to play less-experienced teams for 3 hours before an even match - and you'll be playing for more than just Riot Points.

The SG Fall Frenzy will feature all brackets shoutcasted by experienced casters as well as up-and-coming voices on the scene. Popular shoutcasters "RAPiD" and "Nuggles" from LegendCommentaries will be shoutcasting the upper brackets live on their respective streams, and you can catch some of Severity Gaming's own staff casting the Casual and Competitive brackets. No spectacular play will go unobserved - a professional highlight reel from each division will also be produced so if you make a big play, you can post it for all your friends to see.

Already enticed? Here are the signup links for Casual, Competitive, and Professional brackets. You need to give us your team name, your roster, including subs, which bracket you want to enter, and then use the provided link to pay the entry fee. Need more info? Keep reading for further details.

We want Competitive players to have a reason to practice and improve so the amateur League scene can grow. We want Casual players to play toward a real, monetary prize that can't be snagged away by smurfs. We also want Professional players to give the best possible performance so fans can have something to buzz about. With that in mind, each bracket will have its own separate prize pool. Casual players will be fighting to take home a piece of a the cash pool, Riot Points, and the legendary Triumphant Ryze skin - as well as the chance to play a shoutcasted ARAM match against up-and-coming professional team and winner of multiple Go4LoLs, Legion Gaming, on a stream with thousands watching. Competitive players will have another cash pool to dip into as well as swag and products from our sponsors to help them keep gaming into those late-night practice sessions. They'll also get an ARAM showmatch against the #1 US-ladder-ranked professional team, unRestricted e-sports - don't worry, we won't disqualify you for having a fun-oriented match! We want to set a precedent for the way tournaments are run, in a competitive manner but with room for the lighter side. Now here's some of the finer details:

Casual - Casual players are those summoners that have attained level 20 or higher, but have not reached an elo above 1300. Casual players are eligible to play in the Casual bracket as well as the Competitive and Professional brackets; if you're willing to pay the higher entry fees and don't feel like your elo represents your skill level, we don't want a number to hold you back! Regrettably, we will not allow summoners below level 20 to play in this tournament - this is to prevent higher level summoners from creating smurf accounts just to win the prize pools in the Casual bracket. There will be no limit to how many Casual teams are allowed in this bracket.
Competitive - Competitive players are those that have achieved 1300 elo but have never reached 1900 elo. Competitive players are eligible for both the Competitive and Professional bracket but cannot compete in the Casual bracket. The Competitive bracket will be limited to 32 teams.
Professional - Professional[/color] players are platinum-level and above players. If you've attained 1900 elo, you are not eligible for any bracket except Professional. The Professional bracket will be limited to 16 teams.

Entry Fees and Prizes
Casual - in order to build a reasonable prize pool and prevent no-shows (which lead to bye-rounds, which lead to wasted time and less fun), the entry fee for Casual teams will be $6. However, the first 8 teams that sign up will have their fee covered by Severity Gaming. The expected cash prize pool will be $350. Additionally, Riot will be providing prizing in the form of Riot Points for all players on the top 4 teams. Perhaps most exciting of all, the winners of the Casual bracket will get to play a live, shoutcasted ARAM match against Legion Gaming, recent 3rd-place finishers of the IPL Showdown and winners of multiple Go4LoLs.
Competitive - the Competitive bracket will have an entry fee of $25 - just $5 per teammate. In order to promote this bracket, the fee will be dropped to $15 for the first 8 teams that sign up. The expected cash prize pool will be $800. Riot will be also be prizing this bracket with Riot Points for every member of the top 4 teams. Last but not least, the top-placed team from this bracket will get to face off in an ARAM showmatch against the currently #1 ranked team on the North American ranked ladder, unRestricted e-sports.
Professional - get your sponsors amped about this tournament, because the entry fee for the Professional bracket will be $55. As a show of good faith that you'll put on a good show for the fans, the entry fee will be lowered to $40 for the first 4 teams that sign up. We hope that the higher-than-average entry fee will promote the highest level of competition and lead to the most satisfying prize-pool possible. The expected cash prize pool will be $1000. Top finishers will also be receiving Riot Points and swag from our sponsors.

Info and Details
While we'll try to update every post in every location where we advertise this tournament, your best bet will always be to check the posting located http://www.severitygaming.com/ffinfo.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, feel free to post on the Severity Gaming forum at this location: http://www.severitygaming.com/ffinfo. If you have questions related to the Casual division, the admins for that bracket will be "SG Harain," "SG Renzler," and "Poseidon." Concerns for the Competitive division will be addressed by "SG Evilol" and "Glacture." Professional players can reach "SG guitarasaurus" for clarification on anything tournament-related. All admins will have the same information, but lessons that other amateur-run tournaments have taught us that multiple administrators will allow for the most expedited responses to any inquiries.

Feel free to check out our website at http://www.severitygaming.com! We've got ventrilo services and many features for several games on our site including guides and forums - we're striving to be a gaming community for all levels of players with all types of online games.[/li][/list]

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Severity Gaming is proud to announce that the SG Fall Frenzy will now have additional sponsorship and swag from AeroShots.

AeroShot Energy. An air-based boost of energy that starts working right
away - anytime, anyplace.*

AeroShot Energy.* Works. Fast. Anywhere.* Be On.

AeroShot Energy. The Energy of the Future is Here.


Both the Casual and Competitive brackets will be receiving prizing from Aeroshots in the form of massive amounts of units of products. First and second place of both brackets will get enough product to share with all your teammates and get hooked on the next big thing in energy products!

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SG Delacour 09-24-2012 08:46 AM

bump :D

SpiritOfTheTrees 09-24-2012 01:09 PM

Saw for the competitive bracket you have 12/32 if you guys dont mind us playing gimme a shout we all fit but our mid is 2k. Let me know asap and we can get paid and registered today!

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