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Deimus144 08-21-2012 01:32 AM

The Edge
NOTE: Chapters are uploaded every Thursday.

The Edge

6 months ago

It was done.

As Nocturne's soldiers pushed the many bodies of summoners away from their masters path, the eternal nightmare looked to the portal that lay at least ten feet away from him. It spun with a crimson color mixed with Nocturnal black. It awaited the true king of the shadow realm to enter it to his kingdom.

His soldiers each knelled, chalky white eyes staring onto the ground. Their pauldrons adorned spikes as sharp as the talons of a dragon. Their armor as black as the night. A small opening was showing in their chest which showed their frail, shadowy bodies. Poor creatures. They have not consumed any essence since he was taken from the Shadow kingdom to the land of Valoran.

The champions stared in disbelief at the eternal nightmare. The events that transpired were unpredictable. Not even Zilean could see this coming.

As for Nocturne, he did not look so good. The summoners were torturing him before his dark army appeared and caused the genocide of the summoners. None of them were left.

Nocturne looked at one of his soldiers.

"The Kingdom...."

"As you left it, my King." Replied the being with a rasp voice. "We gave away our essence to the people so they may survive longer. However, not many of the soldiers were able to make it."

"Were they buried?"



"My King." Asked another soldier. "What of them?" He points his gauntlets finger towards the champions.

"Leave them," He replied without looking at the champions. "They are of no threat to us."
The soldier nods.

Nocturne's chalky white eyes stared at the portal.

It is done. He can now go home.
He closes his eyes.

With a roar that shatters the heavens themselves, he leaps into it. His army followed.
And the portal closed with a tremendous explosion of dark energy.

Present time

The sparks flew among the leaves.
No fire.

Lux cursed herself as she again tried to start a fire within the dark shadows of the Demacian castle.

C'mon, c'mon. Don't do this to me.
It fails again.

Please, just light up!
It fails yet again.

Son of a bi.....!
The sparks light up immediately.
It seemed these days that saying 'please' never worked. Only when you swear someone, or in her case something listens.

Upon the kindling, Lux put her knife back in her left boot and started to feed it with the pines and branches she found during her daily trek around her home.

When it had enough to consume, the flames pulsed waves of heat.
She brings up her knees to her chest and brings up her hands to face the flame.

The land has been decimated ever since the league was destroyed. Noxus and Demacia clashed while Frejlord plunged into civil war. The Rankor entered almost a week after the beginning of the sixth rune war, going into a frenzy on all. They had no allegiance to anyone but themselves and the Solari. Piltover and Bandle city could not stay away from all that was happening and were both dragged into the battle. The battle continued on until the void and the shadow isles attacked. The war seemed to never end.


A crack of a wooden stick from the corridor pulled her out of her thoughts. She grabbed her baton from her belt and was ready to battle.
A Necromancer appears, with a boar on his shoulders.

"You should really consider using a password, Deimus. You scared me out of my wits." Lux said, relived.

"Sorry." He said in a deep voice. "Hope the meat will make up for it."
His crimson eyes stare at the small sack that lay beside the lady of luminosity.

"Found anything useful?"

"Well, a tinderbox that I decided to save for another night and some gold coins.

"The gold should do us some good." He said, placing the boar beside the fire. "The Mercenary's will give us some food in exchange for it."

"Don't they care about survival?"

"No. They still think some city state is being built."
They sat in silence as Deimus roasted the boar with his good hand.

"What do they call it?"


"The city state. What do they call it?"


'Lux fans attack me.'

"WAIT! ITS NOT A PAIRING!" Or maybe it will, time will tell.
They draw back, but their eyes are wide open.

Okay Moving on!

"So I am back. If you all know me then hello again and if not........ then go **** yourselves."
'You guys attack me'

"I was just kidding!"
They draw back, but still have their eyes on me.

"So anyways, this is my first fan fiction after a month of absence from league. Show some love by destroying that like button, and I will see you all soon."

'Jaykoboy Shoots me with a crossbow along with a group of haters'

Deimus144 08-22-2012 12:38 AM

Bump. Reviews are appreciated!

Chapter 1 will be up by tomorrow. Tell me what you think of this from the prologue.

HuggableZombie 08-22-2012 10:12 PM

Despite my deep hatred for Lux, I'm intrigued. Glad to see you haven't completely given up on writing.

Deimus144 08-23-2012 01:27 AM

Thanks for the comment, Huggablezombie!
I wish I can hug you, but I dont want to become a ghoul. No offence.
'Whispers' But I might give you an appearance in the story........


Official Summary: In The Edge Story line, after the sixth rune war and a major revelation on Nocturne and his origins, Lux is trying to survive with a necromancer: Deimus Underdark. They will have to work together if they want any chance of survival. Along this road, they will meet old friends, as well as enemies. The story itself does not side with either Noxus, Demacia, or any of the city states. In the story, all bonds with their homes are shattered from the war, and their will exist no original Demacia VS Noxus or yordle's rage against humans or that kind of stuff. This takes place in a post apocalyptic world. It is about how they survive and live together.

Chapter 1: Dreams
3 months ago

It seemed as if the battle will never end.

Lux shot an orb of light at an incoming voidling. She then fires another in the form of a bola to two shadow creatures. The Demacian's were having a very hard time defending their city in front of these abominations. The voidling's were crawling out from a portal on the ground in the dead center of the light city. The shadow isles army was coming in from the outskirts, attacking them aggressively.
This was a very hard decision. If they fight the Shadow isles first, then the Void will take the city. But if they fight the Void first, then the Shadow isles will take down their barracks and leave them vulnerable to future attacks.

They were cornered and weak.

Ducking to dodge a magic bolt, Lux scans the area for the source. A dark mage from the isles, clad in dark robes with seething green eyes enveloped with an aura that stretches out of its hood. Its skeletal hands obscured by the blackest magic.
Channeling her energy, she sends out the familiar anomaly of light at the mage. He recoils from the blinding light as it struck the area. Taking her chance, the lady of luminosity throws out another bolt of light. It strikes the creature square within the chest.

The mage staggered for a while before floating above the crowds.

"Oh no you don't!" She said, rising above the crowd as well, her golden hair blowing in the breeze.

The creature cries out a curse with a screeching voice and fires a dark green bolt filled with malice. Lux dodges it and fires another lucent singularity, hoping to blind the dark mage. However, it 'sidesteps' and fires a barrage of bolts. The blonde throws out her baton and pulls it back for her shield in time before the bolts reach her. Infuriated, the mage screams and charges towards her.
She smirked.

"I got you now."
She clenched her fist, charging her magic within it.

None had expected the darkness that filled the sky, or what came next.

Present time

Lux bursts her eyes open.
Rising, she wipes her sleepy eyes and looks around.

It was still night time, about four o' clock in the morning in her prediction. The fire she made earlier was still kindling, yet more softly. It left of a small light on a certain person.

Deimus was a strange one indeed. His hair stretched to his shoulders and ended like fangs of a wolf. His crimson red eyes were something Lux had seen before, but never could remember where. His right hand was covered by a bracer from an injury he had during the war. His body was thin and pail. It surprised her he was able to kill that boar with no scratches at all. He lay by the fire, sharpening his knife, with an amulet hanging around his neck on his black shirt.

"Nightmares?" He said without leaving his eyes from the fire.
Lux was startled for a moment there.

"Yeah." She replied.
He nods in understanding.

"Me too." Lux was surprised. "What was yours about?"

"Well, during the war four months ago."

"The event?"


"I can understand."

"And yours?"

"My sister."

"That sounds nice."

A long moment of silence went between them.

"I... I'm sorry to hear that."

"There is nothing to be sorry about."

"How... How did she die?"

"Long story."
And if Lux heard it, then she would understand too.

They stayed silent for the remainder of the night.

Okay so I know this was short but I had no time was in a rush, so I promise that Chapter 2 will be a bit more longer and will have more action. Plus, There will be a guest appearance! Who could it be!? Read and review, show some love by stabbing that like button, and I will see you all soon.

Note: Cookies for those of you who understood the 'Film in which guy has short term memory loss and tries to find his wife's killer' reference! I dont even remember the films name.

Deimus144 08-23-2012 11:57 PM

Just Bumping my way here!

Reviews please!

Deimus144 08-25-2012 02:59 AM

Chapter 2: Scure

1 Hour ago

Deimus had faced shocks in his life.

The first was when his sister was killed by Noxian troops. She never deserved it, and they left him with no family. His cold personality rose from that incident. The second shock came when he was chosen to become one of the Lichbourne's, a society composed of high ranked necromancer's who see to the affairs of the military. He refused. The third shock came when, while studying at the bleak academy, a girl came up to him and asked him out on a date. He refused. All these times the shocks were light, nothing special.

Today, Lux shocked him with one sentence that made him freeze:

"Hey, how about we hunt together? Just for today?"
She is asking for a date. A ****ing date in a post apocalyptic world!


Vaulting over a rock with his good left hand, Deimus raced through the fallen buildings interior. The once proud Demacian palace that belonged to Prince Jarvan IV was now ruin. The smell of dead bodies, however, never seemed to intoxicate this once mighty castle. The golden walls that sent a glitter to all who enter has rusted with time in the past two months. The armory, if Lux was correct, lay somewhere hidden underground. To reach it however, he must first descend through the debris and pass through the traps. If he makes it there without burning or getting killed, he can gain more equipment for his daily hunts.

Sadly, She was coming along.

Now, Deimus had lived a life alone. No family, no friends, nobody was there to give him love or companionship other that his sister. He chose this rood, it was no one's fault but his own. And he could care less. But since the war and 'The event', he had to work with Lux. He would be the hunter, and she would be the scavenger. He collected food, while she collected useful things. They would meet at night fall. She would start a fire for the meat he collected, and then they would sleep. Or, honestly speaking, she would sleep while he had....... Business to deal with.

Getting behind a wall, the necromancer surveyed how far back he left Lux through heavy pants.

"Okay. I left her behind half an hour ago. She could not possibly get here anytime so...."

"Hello." Came that cherish voice from above him.

That *****!
Taking a deep breath, He looks up.

"Why did you come in the first place? Your supposed to be the scavenger."

"I got bored." She said, shrugging as she floated to face him. "Beside's, the boar you caught was a lucky catch. So, we will need to hunt together if we want to catch some big game like that boar."

"You'll slow me down." He grunted.

"I was chasing you in the air this whole time. You never left my sight." She replied, proudly.

"Well, then you'll get in trouble and I will have to save you, wasting time."

"I have been in thousands of league matches, and trust me I know how to avoid danger. Beside's, I can take care of myself."
Deimus gritted his teeth. Seem's he will never convince her out of this.

"Fine, you can come." He said sighing. Before Lux could say anything, however, Deimus raises his finger. "But no funny moves." The lady of luminosity nods her head in approval.

This was going to be a long day.


The dungeon's were not the most welcoming of places.

The torch flickered in the shadows that stretched from the corridors to the carved walls. Staring at the darkness felt like living in oblivion. The smell of toxic dust was at every turn, forcing Deimus to put on a black scarf. Lux had went ahead of him to inspect the traps. Deimus wished he had worn his cloaked armor now. The cold felt like death touching his skin.

Shaking his head, the necromancer grabbed the amulet that hung around his neck.

Rose is dead, Deimus. Focus on the task at hand!
He regained concentration when he sees the former Crownguard awaiting him at the opening of a long hallway.

"This is were the traps are?"

"Yes. This is the only way into the armory. I came here when I was given a tour by Jarvan during the war."

"Why would he give you a tour during a war?"
Lux was about to answer, but changed her mind.

"Nothing special." The Noxian nodded. "Now, the tiles that trigger the traps have the signs of other nations. Avoid those and you will be okay."

Deimus almost took off had he not noticed a crucial fact.

"Lux? Did you know that there is dust all over the floor?"
The Crownguard looked on with him in silence. They stayed like that for quite some time.

So now they have a situation.

"I think at the end of this hall is a switch that turns off the traps."

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

"Thing is, I cant float in here."

"Why? Just why? Just why the hell can you float in broad daylight......" The realization hit him.

"So, what are YOU waiting for?" Lux allowed a triumphant smile form.

"Lux," He said, raising his finger with his head down in defeat. "You owe me big time."

Taking a deep breath, Deimus took a hesitant steep forward.

His foot makes contact with a tile. Nothing.

He takes another step. Nothing.

He takes a third step. Nothing.

He takes a fourth step, and an axe swirls from the right wall towards him.
He dodges, grabbing it with his left hand.

"That was close....."
Another step sends a massive row of arrows at him from the end of the hall.

"Look out!" Lux threw her baton at Deimus, managing to give him a shield before the red tailed arrows pierced him. Pulling it back, she places it back in her belt.

"Are you hurt?" She asked worryingly.

"I thought you said you cant use you powers in here!"

"I said I cant float. Some of my powers are still present."
Growling in frustration, Deimus continues moving.

"So far, nothing too serious. I can make it."
Another step activates three large axe's that swinged from side to side.

"Are you ****ing me!? **** this ****!"
He jumps past the axe's and tumbles to the end of the hall, barely missing.

Getting up, he immediately shuts down the traps with the blue tipped switch.

"You should see the look on your face when the axe's showed up." Lux laughed.

"I could have died!"

"No. Your too strong to die."
Deimus rolled his eyes.

At least she gave me that much credit.


What was before them was indeed a sight.

The underground altar was large. Very large. The chandelier hung on the ceiling, burning with and emerald green color. The rows of seats were decorated with skulls on the sides and emeralds of simmering dark power on the back of each rows seat. The carpet that led to the alters end was written with runes only Deimus could understand. He knew this place. But was not supposed to be here. Not in Demacia. Or rather under it.

This was a Necro Alter.
But there was only one difference that shattered the bonds of the Noxian necromancy with that of this alter.

A sword stood on the table at the end of the alter, pulsing with dark magic unlike anything either Lux or Deimus had seen before. The handle was a rams head, with green and black steam simmering from its eyes. The blade was covered by what seemed to be solid black lava plates, covering a destructive magic that's aura could be felt from the alters very entrance.

The rams eyes stared at the entrance, as if it were waiting for them from a long time.

"You never mentioned this place, Lux."

"I never knew about it."

"Do you know what this place is?"


Better not tell her. Thought Deimus to himself. It would break her heart to find out her home worshiped Necromancy.

He took one last look around before turning his back to the Necro Alter.

Turning around, he looks at Lux.

"You said something?"

"No. Why?"

"No reason."
But even after they left, even after collecting the equipment, even after leaving this all behind, it still called him.

It still called his name.


The Alter was quiet, except for the sword that still ever called his name.

DEIMUS. It called. DEIMUS.

A right bracer covered hand grabs the handle as the dark being laughed menacingly.

So.... The new character was a sword.......
Damn. :D

Ok so hoped you enjoyed this part. Read and review and show some love by sending that like button to the hospital.

Thank you all.

AerithRayne 08-25-2012 11:20 AM

Interesting concept. I'm intrigued enough to come back for more.

For a review of the story, I'd like to have a bit more on my plate to judge. If it is alright (read as "won't upset you"), I could point out some grammar stuff to clear up your story a bit. Nothing major, though, so no worries.

I wish you the best of luck with your writing :D

Deimus144 08-28-2012 07:57 AM


Just wanna say chapter 3 is 75% complete.

Here is a Hint:
'Everyday their shuffling'

Deimus144 08-28-2012 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by AerithRayne (Hozzászólás 28637337)
Interesting concept. I'm intrigued enough to come back for more.

For a review of the story, I'd like to have a bit more on my plate to judge. If it is alright (read as "won't upset you"), I could point out some grammar stuff to clear up your story a bit. Nothing major, though, so no worries.

I wish you the best of luck with your writing :D

Hey no problem! I can always use a hand!

To be honest, the idea came to me when I watched a few zombie apocalypse films like zombie land and from playing dead island (That game is awesome when you play as Sam B.) I am happy that you like it, it will get better and better. I promise to all of you.

'Suddenly, Zombie haters attack me'


HuggableZombie 08-28-2012 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Deimus144 (Hozzászólás 28727918)
Hey no problem! I can always use a hand!

To be honest, the idea came to me when I watched a few zombie apocalypse films like zombie land and from playing dead island (That game is awesome when you play as Sam B.) I am happy that you like it, it will get better and better. I promise to all of you.

'Suddenly, Zombie haters attack me'


My zombie colleagues are raising their expectations.... >.>

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